What is your biggest vice according to horoscope sign?

Whether it's crisps, chocolate, cigarettes, or talking about politics - each of us has some vice.

Vice is not a problem. The problem is the weakness that feeds it! Vice is merely an indication of major problems. And while we fight them in every way we can, astrology can help us here very much. Find out what your biggest weaknesses are and how to alleviate or overcome them.


ARIES: Battle with words

The moment you think somebody has stepped on your toes, you snap at everything. And that's not the way to solve the problem. Now you have grown up (although you are a baby of the zodiac) so you have to learn to calm down and solve problems diplomatically. True warriors keep their enemies close.


TAURUS: Self-indulgence

Stop referring to eating the whole box of ice cream as ‘loving yourself’! It's not love, especially if you’ve been doing it three nights in a row. Be realistic. When someone hurts you, it's difficult to deal with it. If you need a day of isolation, that's fine. And it's typical for your sign. But don’t let these feelings ruin your whole week. Work more on yourself.


GEMINI: Fierce debates

Not everyone needs to hear your opinion about the last text you've read, especially if they disagree with you. Let them be. You are able to engage in a conversation that you have only superficially heard (and you don’t know what’s it about) fiercely debating, striving to earn yourself a tap on the shoulders all day long. Stop being so pushy. Otherwise, people will start avoiding you.


CANCER: Your mother

Cancers are either very closely connected with their mother, or she gets on their nerves, and they think she’s ruined their lives. Either way, her disapproval is ruining your life, but now you are an adult, and you need to stop bothering with what she thinks. It's time to set your life according to your own rules.


LEO: Flattering

We all want to be popular and accepted in the society, but you push these things to a new level. If someone knocked at your door at 3 in the morning and said you were pretty, you would happily let him in the apartment. And you would talk to them just to see 'where it could take you'. Where could this take you, Leos? Into murder, darlings. So, step out of it. 

What is your biggest vice according to horoscope sign?

VIRGO: Nothing past the order

Ok, you're on your third date, and you finally invited him to your place. Things get heated, and he's ready to get to work, and just when you took your clothes off... wait, is that photo on the wall straight? If you don’t fix it, there is no way to go on. And that my darlings is the reason why you haven’t had sex for a long time! Learn to be more relaxed and more flexible.


LIBRA: Decisions, decisions, decisions...

You are having dinner with your friends, and you just got the menu. And then you can talk for hours about what to order. It seems trivial, but my dear, that's a big problem. The choice on the menu is great, but everyone can find something for themselves. And the same is true in the game we call life, and you Libras can’t make a decision. Stop dealing with things that are not important.


SCORPION: The word 'no'

You are a real master in planning, taking detailed steps, and just when you have achieved the desired goal, you can’t understand that someone said ‘no’ to you. You will try and do whatever it takes to get the answer you want, even pull the hair off your head because of nerves. Accept the fact that not everything can be the way you want it. And it’s not the end of the world.


SAGITTARIUS: Disagreeing

Sagittarius is an optimist to the extent that he becomes a dogmatist and a blind man to reality. They will be convinced that it is on the border with extremism. But, thus, you exclude every possibility of experiencing a lot of other things, which in the end you really want. In other words, it's time to diversify your ideas and beliefs.


CAPRICORN: Challenges

You obviously do things the hard way. Or simply, you try too hard. Relax, book your vacation, take up yoga classes, and treat yourself to favorite chips occasionally, just like the rest of us do. With your behavior, you exhaust everyone around you. Therefore, it's time to take a little break.


AQUARIUS: Problem to be solved

If somebody complains to you to have a problem, you will start salivating just like a dog when thrown a bone. Whether this problem is a major humanitarian crisis or just a broken iPad, you will get to the problem with both hands, and you will not let it go until you are declared a hero. Your life mission will be to serve the mankind in any way, but you can’t help everyone. Learn to set priorities and everything will be fine.


PISCES: Sadness

Deep sigh of people around you can really make you sad. Even if it is your own good will, you must be prepared for several 'snake bites'. This is the price you will pay in order to make others need you. Tip: You will be much happier if you surround yourself with HAPPY people!


What is your biggest vice according to horoscope sign?