What is your temper according to Zodiac Signs: Virgo is a perfectionist, Pisces is emotional

Aries is peppy, Sagittarius is free – minded, Pisces are irrational and too emotional at the same time.

Each of 12 signs has some particular traits that characterize their nature.



Always striking and ready for action.

The planet that rules this sign is passionate, fiery and energy charged Mars, and those characteristics are transferred to people born under this sign. Aries people are always ready to do some actions or intense reactions. Usually, on the first contact, they leave a striking impression, which is fine by them as they do not like to sit aside. Their performance is self – assured, or well pretended to be. In love, Aries is characterized as fiery and insatiable.



Practical and persistent 

Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by the Venus. These are practical people, with both feet on the ground and unshakable strength of will. Stubborn as they are, they refuse to give up on defined goals. Even if they decide to let go, Taurus will do that to show to others that they let it go to avoid conflicts. Taurus appreciates comfort and enjoyment, as well as beautiful and expensive stuff. Taurus will often reproach the materialistic side of Aries, but only because they want money to buy expensive things for themselves. The pleasure and the enjoyment are what are looking for in love and sex.



Communicative, challenge lovers

Gemini is the sign of changeable nature. They are ruled by Mercury, which brings them a strong intellect and interesting ideas and theories. Cheerful by nature, communicative as they are, they can be misunderstood: people consider them as superficial and frivolous.

The people born under this sign enjoy the role of entertainer and love to fight for a place in the spotlight. They are in need of new challenges to open the new horizon.

A flirting is what they like in love.



Emotional and sensitive

People born under this sign are very emotional, and this is the most prominent characteristic of the Cancer. By instinct is how they first react to each event, and only later by the intellect. Later, when to analyze the situation, they will change their first decision if they conclude that is not all right. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and it seems that all its lunation and changes are transmitted to those born under this sign. Because of that, the changeable mood and the change in energy level are constant and different from day to day. The reaction is the same when talking about love, and often they regret that.

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Leo does not like compromises.

Leo is a Fire signed ruled by the Sun. Therefore, people born under this sign are very dynamic and full of life energy. They have a strong need to leave the impression on the people they meet. If Leo is shy, the reason might be a bad experience in the past which convinced him that sometimes it is better to stay aside. Extreme strength of will is what they have. They do not like compromises. Generous in love.



Perfectionist in every occasion

They highly appreciate the order and the discipline, and that is what they are. Being very ambitious, and because they believe in honest work, diligence and details, they will get down to work and do the job without any delay. These are the keywords with which the Virgo character can be described.

Virgo is an honest realist, and that is the way they are towards themselves and others.  While others are looking for excuses, Virgo will find the way to reach the target. From others, Virgo requires a “lot of” .

In love, they are good players and without compromise. 

What is your temper according to Zodiac: Virgo is perfectionist, Pisces are emotive, Taurus is persistent


Indecisive and charming

People that are born under this sign are ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of charm, comfort, and beauty that affect people to be communicative and charming, full of ideas with a broad worldview. They will, at first sight, conquer their interlocutors, and are not born to be single. They have a hard feeling for justice and are understanding of other problems. They immerse themselves into other people's emotions forgetting their interests. As a consequence of constant weighing,   shilly – shally is a bad side of Libra. 



Always from one extreme to another

This sign is ruled by Pluto and Mars, and this is where the complexity of characteristics is seen because this is the only sign where the fire and water mingles. Due to that, Scorpios are persons full of contradiction – passionate in one moment, and in other cold and untouchable. Neither the influence of Mars, nor the impact of Pluto will not prevail, and because of that, their main characteristic is a wander from one extreme to another. They have a small number of real friends. From a partner, they require to give themselves entirely not only physically.



Impermanent nature of cheerful Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet that is always associated with good luck and openness. Due to that, the persons born under this sign are optimistic with cheerful and positive nature. On one hand, they are idealists and enthusiasts always ready to help. They always try to take the best of life and will never miss a good party. They like to hang out, to travel and are extroverted and direct while communicating. When talking about love, they are not so skillful and have a cautious approach to relationships.

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Cheerful and decent people

People born under the sign of Capricorn, are ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility, diligence and conservativeness. Because of its influence and the influence of the element of earth which rules this sign, Capricorns are people on whom one can rely. Their character is unyielding, hardly breakable, and when they decide something, it is hard to make them change their mind.  At the moment of a battle on the business field, they are capable of putting a family and private life apart.  In love, they are careful.



Bravely goes through life

The character of the people born under this sign is defined by two ruling planets - Uranus and Saturn. The courage and the independence to defend their opinions are given by Uranus and the seriousness by Saturn. Aquarius does not like to follow the group; he has his opinion about everything and is often skeptical regarding anything. Often characterized by others as tactless due to criticism from someone else's point of view. Sensible towards injustice. When in love, s/he can be very sensitive and kind toward the loved one.



Emotional but sensitive when criticized.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by irrational Neptune and free-minded Jupiter. A combination of these two planets defines the character of this sign. People born under this sign are kind and warm but extremely emotional. Everything that happens in their lives is experienced through their heart and emotions, and only after with mind and logic. Pisces is very sensitive when criticized, and bruised if feels unaccepted. Unpredictable mood swings are driving mad all around them. When in love they completely give themselves in. Sometimes they turn out to be naive and reckless.