HOROSCOPE: Once they stop loving you, LEO turns into a dictator, CANCER cries...

Find out what horoscope says, how does each sign behave when their relationship is in a crisis and it's coming to an end.

If you recognize the subtle signs on time, you might as well find a way to overcome the problem.

Aries: Lack of passion

If you are dating a person born in the sign of Aries, and you notice that they no longer look at you with the same flame in the eyes as they used to, it should be the first warning sign. Lack of passion is generally the main reason for the break-up with the Aries, and you will notice this if your man turns head to see other women, or if a woman flirts with the opposite sex.

Taurus: When they stop cuddling

When Taurus loves, he feels the need to constantly touch his loved one, to hold her hand and feel her presence constantly. As soon as these small signs of tenderness disappear, know that he's losing interest. If he's no longer calling you pet names in a cuddly voice and addresses you by name, not the nickname, it means that his emotions are disappearing.

Gemini: Terminated communication

Gemini often behave like children in a relationship, and when the games stop, and a smile disappears from his face, then you should reconsider your relationship. When they lose interest, they don't feel the need to communicate and are not so sweet and funny as they used to be, but very arrogant and rude.


Cancer: Lack of romance

Cancer is a sign that rarely leaves, he sees each love as predestined. You will notice that your relationship is in crisis when you realize that he does everything to make you mad so that you leave him, not the other way round. He will object to every little thing, and be more closed and fall into a mild depression.

Leo: Dictator attitude

Leo will, as soon as there is a crisis in a relationship, start to behave dictatorially, his demands will be growing, and he will give little. He may be very stubborn and spend much more time with his friends. Leos are not malicious, they will probably even mention several times that they are bored and that they want to have fun, so you should try to go out together as often as possible, with a big group of people.

HOROSCOPE: Once they stop loving you,  LEO turns into a dictator, CANCER cries, and CAPRICORN gives killer looks and makes you feel guilty

Virgo: Hair splitter

When a Virgo starts often complaining that they feel bad, about pain in the stomach or a headache, you should know that there is something he wants to tell you, but can't. These are the first signs that your relationship is on wobbly legs. Virgo can get angry for something trivial, and may give quite cynical comments on your appearance or behavior.

Libra: They will become insensitive to your problems

If your relationship is in crisis, you can be certain that Libra has already found a replacement. Libras are never alone, they always go from a relationship to relationship. If you notice that your partner has 'neglected' their looks, that he doesn't take care of their appearance in your presence, it should concern you. Also, little Libras, no matter how cute, when there is a problem in a relationship or if they are emotionally dissatisfied, can be unusually cold and insensitive to every problem you may have.

Scorpio: Lack of intimacy

Be sure not to hurt Scorpio, she will wait for the moment when you least expect it to get revenge. The first sign that your relationship is in crisis is a lack of intimacy, that is, sex and passion. Jealousy and constant accusations are also warning that Scorpio is unsure of their own, and your emotions as well.


Sagittarius: Absence

Never question Sagittarius' sincerity. They are very charming and love to flirt, but that doesn't mean that they are unfaithful, just that they like intellectual stimulation and conquering. Don't deny him his freedom, if you do that, you will lose him.

Capricorn: A cold look

If a Capricorn starts making you feel guilty for your different actions, he's making a greater distance than usual, and says no to your every proposal, know that he is dissatisfied. He will never say it openly, but his cold look will. 

Aquarius: Leaving without explanation

Imagine this: you have a wonderful relationship, everything works perfectly, but then all of a sudden, your partner born in the sign of Aquarius doesn't call you anymore. This will certainly happen if your relationship is in a crisis.

Pisces: When they close themselves to others

Pisces don't know how to cope with problems. If there is something that bothers them, they withdraw and seem a bit not interested, and not just for you but for everything.  They often drown their dissatisfaction in alcohol or by having secret affairs. They do not talk much and hope that you will telepathically sense how they feel and save them from their misery.


HOROSCOPE: Once they stop loving you, LEO turns into a dictator, CANCER cries, and CAPRICORN gives killer looks and makes you feel guilty