Lilith or the Dark Moon hides the dark side of every woman

Lilith is Adam’s lover, the one to whom male heart belongs, more fatal than Eve.

Lilith is known as the Dark or Black Moon, but also as the Moon and as an inseparable part of a woman's nature. In Mesopotamia, in ancient times, she was known as the queen of death, who ruled the underworld. She later received connotation of sexuality in the period of Sumer civilization, when she played the role of Ishtar or Inanna. In the mythology of ancient women on this planet, it can be seen that she had a warrior, strong male nature, and was strongly controlled by sexual energy. It is certain that her status was extremely powerful and stronger than the status of any man.​

Biblically, Lilith is seen in the image of a serpent that awakens Adam and Eve in Paradise, giving them the feeling that they are naked, and creating the need for cognition, which is going out of a deserted garden and entering the field of sexuality and entering the field of everything that is in the roots of the entire civilization. The very characterization of Lilith as the snake is actually identifying Lilith with the primary energy of a snake or dragon that covers the whole earth and represents the main code and cause of all the happenings.​


It is the real object in the sky that moves along with a group of asteroids. The Dark Moon Lilith, is the Lilith that our most famous astrologer Dupor spoke of, which represents the fictional body between the Earth and the Moon, but in the spectrum of the Moon. It's the body that some people claimed they could see in the sky. Its influence is very interesting.​

Black Moon - Lilith is very much in astrological use and it is included in every astrological software. It is much slower, its cycle lasts for almost nine years (8 years and 10 months) and represents a completely fictitious point in the elliptical path of the Moon around the Earth. Since this is a calculated point, its average position is mostly used, the so-called ‘mean Lilith’. There is a ‘true Lilith’ too, but it is much less used in practice.​

Finally, there is that part of Lilit which is related to Algol, a woman who was raped and killed, and which certainly represents a symbol of dramatic passion and hatred. In Hebrew mythology, Algol is identified with Lilith.

Lilith or the Dark Moon hides the DARK SIDE of every woman

By observing these 4 parts, we get one picture of all the levels of Lilith. It is part of the Moon that is rejected or taboo, or something that the world created after her does not accept. It is the dark side of the soul or the sins that the soul bears. Each of these 4 levels speaks about the depth of the problem, so that when you get the mythological understanding of Lilith, one can get a picture of these 4 objects that everyone carries inside.

The oldest story of Lilith says that God created Adam and his first wife, Lilith, from the earth.

During the primary creation, when the first beings were created on the Earth as a male and female principle, the woman was equal to man, even more precisely, it was a very matriarchal model. Lilith ruled this planet so superiorly that there had to be interventions, otherwise men would have difficult fate. Lilith was described as a witch who had the power to fly. The story has it that Lilith's problem was that she wanted to be completely equal to man in everything, she wanted to be equal or stronger than him. If he tried to force her into something, she would fly away.

Seeing this, when Adam fell asleep, God made Eve out of his rib, and she was made to suit him in everything. The second creation came from Zeus, Jupiter. Chronos created Lilith before him, but Zeus introduced the new order in which he placed Adam to be the first, changing the code above all for a woman.

Eve becomes Cancer, and symbol of Cancer represents ribs. Not accepting to subdue, Lilith is rejected and goes far away, enters a relationship with the king of demons, with whom she has hundreds of children. God sends three angels to talk her out of it and urge her to return, but she refuses. After that, according to the story, her children were starting dying. God punishes her by making her children die constantly. Due to the pain she carries, she begins to kill other children.

This is a part of the story about Lilith, about all the problems she has - the rejection, of children, about all her miscarriages, about every unborn child.

Lilith is an ancient woman, ancient Moon, ancient and in that sense, primary woman, much more closely related to those women who were exterminated during the Middle Ages because they had a special relationship with nature.

The relationship between Adam and Lilith becomes a relation from Scorpio’s 8th house, for everything that is rejected and what we don’t like. Everything that has been pushed away, every woman who has been rejected, in any way, carries the symbolism of Lilit, ex-wife, a woman left, hurt, deceived, in any way the other woman, because she is never good enough to be the one.


Eve represents a certain equity between Adam and Lilith. She is a kind of inter-solution. Eve represents a female model specifically designed to help men survive and the entire male principle to function on this planet, because Lilith was too strong.

She is very strong, and this is her planet. If it weren’t for Zeus’ intervention, it is quite certain that there would be a completely different story on this planet, and it could not function the way it does today.