How Zodiac signs influence their environment: Aries shocks by his impetuosity....

Believe it or not, your Zodiac sign can affect the way others perceive you

No matter if you are controversial or not, find out in what way your sign shocks people around you


Aries will shock you by his impetuosity, impatience and contemptuous attitude towards people's advice. Even if he/she manages to listen to your 'drivel' about diplomacy, s/he will do things his/her way. And to his boasts business partners, will tell everything s/he thinks of them, no matter what. If you're dressed up for the night out with an Aries, you'll be shocked when s/he opens the door in a tracksuit holding a screwdriver in one hand, and a bottle of beer in other. So what? It is not the end of the world; you'll manage to get to that premiere on time.


You'll be shocked by his/her main traits-perseverance or indolence (depending on a situation) and persistence or stubbornness. Again depending on a situation they're in. You can wait for days, even months for him to do what he/she has promised. It is hard to make them move, but once they do you can't stop them. When a Taurus admits, over a drink in a café, that he/she has a secret crush on you, you'll be completely shocked. And if you work in media or some important institutions, you won't be able to get rid of him/her.


Shortly after they charm you by being charismatic, talkative, informed, smart, intelligent and direct, Gemini will start to shock you. He/she turns into a person who never stops talking, uses slang, sleeps with his/her mobile phone under the pillow, stares at a TV  while you perform a striptease for his/her eyes only. But, the worst thing is that s/he has to move their car just when the dog should be fed, or the washing machine filter cleaned.



While you think your Cancer is busting a gut on work, s/he calls from an unknown number (his/her battery is off) from a pub where s/he's gone with friends in order to relax a bit, because weather changed several times that day, and s/he's read that the ozone hole gets bigger. His/her credit card was declined when s/he tried to buy something for home, and his relatives are bothering him all day. S/He was so driven up to the wall but s/he didn't want to disturb you because you are shocked anyway.


The better question is when you won't be shocked by a Leo? S/He is always ready for 'great deeds', in his/her favor of course. And for a pleasure s/he's willing to share with you. And since you're never there, when s/he gets an invitation to a fashion show, a movie or theatre premiere or a tennis game, s/he will not wait for you. You might be shocked when a female Leo informs you that she's going on a vacation with her friends and male to a beer festival.

How Zodiac signs influence their environment: Aries shocks by his impetuosity, Aquarius by coming home on time....


Oooh, yes, Virgo can shock, even being so classy, restrained and rational. You'll be shocked by that rationality, and knowing that's not all, you keep telling yourself that your Virgo's reason brings you down to earth every time you get overly enthusiastic, and keeps you from any reckless action. And what about sensibility? A Virgo will shock you with it, especially if you're delighted with a delicious meal s/he cooked or a repaired interphone. He/she will look straight in the eye as you praise him/her, but that's what he/her was waiting for.


So sweet, yet so shocking. You can hardly believe you ears when she says on the phone that she'd spent your money on fabulous shoes. And a handbag. And few accessories. She's always been trendy; that's why you liked her in the first place. If you object, you're considered ungrateful, you almost don't deserve to be her partner. Although being sulky, your Libra loves you so much that she is ready to forgive you, especially when you're that shocked.



Although s/he would rather tell everybody what s/he thinks, especially of those not worth of her attention, s/he will not shock the one s/he loves, but everybody else. S/he will do that very subtly, though, so skillfully that everything is going to depend on him/her. If you could peek into the world of his imagination, you would be shocked to see that your Scorpio dreams about the time s/he was young and had nothing, no career, no money, not even that SUV in the garage, but was in love- only, not in you.


You can bet that s/he will shock you if you are his/her partner. You're not just anybody, after all, a Sagittarius have chosen you to make your life better and more interesting. He will raise your adrenaline level as soon as you get into his SUV, or when he says he wanted kids with you, although being old enough to have grandchildren (or already have). Female Sagittarius wants a new car; she enjoys traveling. A plane could do too; she has already figured it out that you have a secret credit card, the one you thought she'd never found out about.


You'll be shocked when a Capricorn, in the heat of making business plans and representing ideas, suddenly says that s/he wants to publish an almost written novel or a love story, to finish a painting, to compose music, become a fashion designer or to go on a vacation with you/he will prepare everything for the trip to Paris or Spain, buy tickets and find out everything you should know. Still, you only live once.


Is it even possible that an Aquarius can shock? Well, yes, of course, s/he can, especially when s/he suddenly comes home on time, and you, as luck would have it, decided to skip the lunch and go to meet with friends. You send a message, an Aquarius appropriately responds. Of course, you're wondering what is behind all this. Nothing, an Aquarius has sprawled on the couch in front of a TV, watching his/her favorite quiz. The phone does not stop ringing, but it is on mute.


Pisces shock when they seem confused, and when they are, and when they pretend to be, so you got the urge to shake them a bit. But, you're already shaken by a business decision they'd made. But it turns out that Pisces wanted to shock a business partner, not you, so stop worrying. In the meantime, your female Pisces caught someone's eye, while seemingly distracted male Pisces can attract anyone he wants. Who is shocked now?

How Zodiac signs influence their environment: Aries shocks by his impetuosity, Aquarius by coming home on time....