Stable, responsible and caring – She is the BEST woman of the whole Zodiac!

She leaves no one indifferent! Her greatest strength lies in the two winning qualities she possesses - sensitivity and patience.

She has mild nature, but that does not mean that she can be manipulated. She has a strong opinion on many things that can hardly be changed, and if someone tries to ‘test’ her boundaries, it will awaken her fire temperament.


She is - a woman Taurus!



However, this lady avoids showing her temper, because in her life she strives for balance and security. She loves nature and most of all she wants to live in the pleasant and colorful environment. She is not an adventurer and does not like to take the risk, which is why she does not know how to deal with sudden changes.


She works better in routine and uniformity, which is why she almost never requires major life changes, but they are caused by some external factors. Still, no matter what experience her life brings, she quickly learns from them and very likely will not repeat the same mistake twice.


Taurus dates, relationships and marriage

One of the most committed and most loyal horoscope signs. She never cheats in a relationship; it is very important to her to get to know her partner completely and be sure that she chose the right one before she makes a commitment and enters a serious relationship. And once they do commit, it's probably forever.


The man who wants to win her must be ready for a lot of courting and seducing because this is the way to this woman’s heart. The one who succeeds in winning her will get very much from her, because the woman born in this zodiac sign has in nature the urge to take care of others, which is why she will try to give more in relationship, as long as her partner is loyal and faithful and gives her a sense of security and protection.

Stable, responsible and caring – She is the BEST woman of the whole Zodiac!

Many who had this experience describe woman Taurus as an enchanting mistress. In love, she gets along best with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.



Taurus friendship

Do you have a friend who wrote you ‘best friends forever’ in your primary school year book? If you are still best friends after all these years, it's likely that this friend was born in the sign of Taurus. She takes her friendships seriously, nurtures them, and unselfishly dedicates herself to her friends and remains loyal to them.


In return, she expects the same loyalty from a friend, and if so, the friendship will last forever. Luckily she does not need a horde of friends, her motto is ‘quality before quantity,’ and this applies to most areas of her life, not just friendship. She will ignore people she doesn’t like rather than start a fight with them.

Stable, responsible and caring – She is the BEST woman of the whole Zodiac!