Why do other people hate your sign? Horoscope has got an explanation!

While some people find it uncomfortable to be near Cancer, others can't wait for Capricorn to make even the slightest mistake, and here's why.


You are usually on the move, trying out new things, having new experiences, and accordingly you change. That's why people have contradictory feelings about you. Most of them regularly monitor your posts on social networks but in public they roll their eyes at them, but deep down they envy you.  


Others see you as a tedious and petty person who deals with superficial things. When you post a picture of your fashion combinations on Instagram, in addition to that everyone can see tastefully arranged and perfect background. You have the power to create a masterpiece from the plain messy bun, and that is why people envy you.


Most people think that your playful personality is only a mask. You are always in good mood, talkative and smiling, so malicious people are glad when they have rare opportunity to see you sad and dissatisfied.


You are so intuitive that you can read other people's emotions without a problem, which is why people in your environment sometimes feel uncomfortable. They don't like you because they feel that you can see through all their lies.

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You are full of great ideas and you never lack creativity, which is why people at the same time admire and envy you. You most annoy those who are unhappy with themselves and their lives.

Why do other people HATE your sign? Horoscope has got an explanation!


Virgos are particularly focused on the task to get to know themselves well - their fears, desires and longings. That is why others think that you are selfish so they don't like to spend too much time in your company.


Libras are well known for their charm and are very amusing. However, that is precisely the reason which can sometimes annoy others because you insist on being always in the spotlight.


Other people admire your dedication and passion very much. At work, you are always perfect, so colleagues at the same time want to work with you because they know that it will certainly be a job well done, but at the same time they want you to disappear because they know that all the credit goes to you.

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People simply adore you because of your optimism and a great sense of humor. However, you are often so optimistic that people simply gloat when something doesn't go according to your plan.


You are patient, ambitious, and make smart decisions. You seem so calm and perfectly still that people become insecure around you, and then they are relieved when they see that even you can make a mistake and question yourself.


You don't care about what people from your surrounding think about you. Everyone says that they are not interested in the opinion of others, but they rarely think that, however, this is not true for you. Your originality and independence frustrate your surrounding so much that they look forward to you to stumble.


Your compassion and sensitivity are a real treasure. Because of your gentle nature, people who are prone to gossiping feel bad so they are glad when they see that you are also prone to small sins.