Zodiac signs and attractiveness: Aries are lively and impulsive, Cancer is very emotional

If you like simpler, calmer people, then the Gemini are not for you!


The following list is dedicated to energy that certain zodiac signs radiate so that you can find out in advance if spending time with them guarantees a good time. 

Aries: One minute people

They are known as very direct players. It isn't a problem for them to share their opinion and ideas with others, but also to take it all straight away. Still, the problem with them can be that they always expect to hit the bull's eye. So, count on the fact that Aries is always in charge and that he will take you wherever he wants to go. 

Taurus: Romantics

While the Aries are lively and impulsive, the Taurus prefer to wait for a little. Making a plan of going out to a restaurant with them can be quite frustrating. They are very reluctant, but when they realize that you are the right person for them, prepare yourself for a long foreplay. If you like romance, the Taurus is your man.

Gemini: Talkers

They will use all their intellect in order not to be boring. If you like simpler, calmer people, you may be shocked by their juicy, seduction monologues. However, if phone sex and dirty talk turn you on, you've found the person to talk to...


Cancer: Lovers

The Cancer is very emotional, which means that sex for them is not purely mechanical and physical action, but they expect the poetic act of beauty and love. If you want to take off your clothes in front of a Cancer, prepare yourself for an intensive ride. Or a couple of them...

Leo: Narcissist

Passionate and adventurous nature of Leo can hardly be surpassed. His imagination in devising ways to satisfy him is infinite. These cats were born to dominate. They don’t hesitate to show their confidence. Play with him can be unforgettable, but be aware that your pleasure comes second. 

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Virgo: Disguised nymphos

You would be surprised if you knew that shy, indecisive Virgo likes to play in sheets behind closed doors. The reserved behaviour of this earth sign does not affect their inner desires. Once they get to know you and trust you, beware - you will not have a moment of peace ... 

Libra: Experts 

They are real artists when it comes to love schemes. They search for the perfect harmony with their partner, enjoying every detail. They pay a lot of attention to romantic moments-  lingerie, slow music, scented oil massages.

Scorpio: Love magnets

Fiery, licentious Scorpio is the horniest sign of the Zodiac. Since their love energy and magnetism is impossible to ignore, you can get burned easily by going to bed with her. While you are living the moment of your life, her approach to love life 'love it and leave it' can be very painful for you... 

Sagittarius: Don Juan

Expert in the art of seduction, with him everything is about hunting. They train their powers by coming after the object of their lust, which helps them face their own skills...


Capricorn: Slow sail

He may look like a rusty lover – he slowly makes the first step, he is patient to the very limits of tolerance. Be patient with him and you will be richly rewarded.

Aquarius: Toy collectors

If you like the idea of velvet box full of shiny, slimy things that run on batteries under your partner’s bed, Aquarius is the right person for you. They are always willing to experiment in order to gain mutual satisfaction... 

Pisces: Old-fashionedly faithful

Similar to Cancer, Pisces will always appreciate more emotional connection during sex than the physical one. Passion, love, attention, patience - all these things are in the game when you have a Pisces lover. Still, you will probably have to do most of the work yourself. Pisces are very lazy. They might take advice from Aquarius and make things interesting.


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