DETERMINE YOUR INTELLIGENCE: There are 9 types, and which is your strongest suit?

Intelligence is the ability to deal with new situations. This is the most common definition of this human capability.

The word itself comes from the Latin word of inteligere which means to understand or comprehend. In reality, we can’t simply identify a person who is more intelligent than another person. It is customary to refer to IQ as a reflection of one's intelligence, that can define an individual person as more capable than others in a certain situation.


But the number alone is not enough to succeed in life.


There are nine types of intelligence:


1. Linguistic (verbal) intelligence


Linguistic intelligence implies emphasized interest in words and the way words are used in reading, writing, and speaking. It also includes enjoying word games, foreign languages, storytelling, creative writing, or reading. People with developed linguistic intelligence like to read books, comics, newspapers, write poems and stories, and generally don’t have problems with public appearances and giving speeches.


2. Music intelligence


People who have developed musical intelligence, besides the fact that they love and enjoy music, better understand rhythm, melody and sound motifs, easily remember melodies, feel the difference between different instruments playing at the same time. They also enjoy activities such as singing, playing an instrument, listening to music and willingly going to concerts.


3. Logical and mathematical intelligence


This intelligence implies easy knowledge and application of numbers and mathematical concepts, finding patterns and ease of noticing relationships, causes and consequences in science. This kind of intelligence comes to the fore in: solving problems and riddles, solving mathematical tasks without writing, using computers and learning computer programs and languages, presenting facts using maps, and finding solutions in detective stories. What links all these different activities, and which is a key element of this intelligence, is the logic used as a means of solving the problem.


4. Spatial intelligence


What is specific in this intelligence is that in this case it is about learning and thinking in the pictures. People who have emphasized this type of intelligence better remembered faces than names, they like to draw or sketch their ideas, they enjoy composing and disassembling things, they notice the style of dressing, cars or other things from life, they most often draw, notice the shapes in the world around them, they enjoy watching movies. Some people express this intelligence through activities such as fine art, photography, film or design, while others express themselves through architecture, modeling, construction, or inventing.

DETERMINE YOUR INTELLIGENCE: There are 9 types, and which is your strongest suit?

5. Physical and kinetic intelligence


This intelligence is more present among those who express themselves and their abilities by using their bodies, which means they think and learn from the body. These are people who love movement and physical activity, easily and quickly learn physical skills, enjoy participating in sketches or theater pieces, they are successful athletes, skilled in applied arts, knitting and sewing, modeling, they have good coordination of the movement, dance elegantly, perform magic tricks and similar.


6. Interpersonal intelligence


Interpersonal intelligence expresses the ability of people to easily get to know people and make friendships, enjoy watching people and analyze their body language, enjoy group activities and lively conversations, well organize activities for themselves and others, know how to awaken interest among others for joint work, they care about what is right and what is wrong, they pay attention to how others feel, care about other people and find ways to help them, because this intelligence allows them to understand others.


7. Intrapersonal intelligence


This type of intelligence implies the tendency and ability of people to turn more to themselves, because they know themselves well and have a good idea of who they are and what they can. People with whom this intelligence is more developed are more aware of their feelings and can better understand themselves than others can. They are capable of setting their own goals, think about their experiences and learn from them, spend time thinking deeply about what matters to them and think about their future. They prefer activities that they can perform themselves.


8. Naturalistic intelligence


This intelligence is present with people who love the nature and environment in which they live, observe nature wherever they are, have good memory for details related to the places where they’ve been, love animals and plants and easily recognize them, have the ability to understand different situations and cope with them or in different places, take care of their natural surroundings, enjoy walking or camping in nature, show interest in lakes, rivers, oceans, fish and everything about nature.


9. Spiritual intelligence


This intelligence involves the sensitivity and capacity of a person to deal with deep questions concerning the human existence, such as the meaning of life, who we are, why do we die and how did we come to be.

DETERMINE YOUR INTELLIGENCE: There are 9 types, and which is your strongest suit?