HOROSCOPE: CHECK OUT IF YOU ARE THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS - This is how man imagines his ideal woman

Heart of Aries will be conquered by a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, while Virgo men will be won over by the girl next door.


His weak spot are strong and independent women. He loves it when a woman says openly what she thinks and when she is able to overcome any challenge with him. Success and ability are the greatest aphrodisiacs for men born in the sign of Aries.


Fun and feminine woman who knows how to give support will be interesting to Taurus. If she manages to shake him up a little, and be very feminine in doing so, Taurus will fall in love like never before.


Intelligent, creative and humorous women will attract the attention of restless Gemini. It is important to know how to fascinate and surprise, and the one who manages to do that will win his heart.

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This man will be conquered by a woman who is completely devoted to him. She also has to be a little bit of everything - vulnerable and passionate, and if she makes him feel like a man who protects and helps her, Cancer will want to stay in this relationship forever.


Leos are attracted by reliable women who like going out and showing themselves to the world. Leo will be won by a woman who is sure of herself and who always represents herself in the best way. She is not just beautiful, but also intelligent, fun and successful.

CHECK OUT IF YOU ARE THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS: This is how man in each horoscope sign imagines his ideal woman


Man Virgo falls for the 'ordinary' girl next door. She is beautiful and intelligent, but she doesn't like to stand out too much. She is gentle, rational and tolerant when it comes to his outbursts. A woman who will win the heart of a man Virgo mustn't be too emotional, or show too much enthusiasm, because this definitely does not attract Virgos.


He is looking for the perfect woman. When he meets the right one, he will do everything to make this relationship last. Man Libra usually likes women who look good, who are fun, intelligent, self-confident and good psychologists.


Scorpio wants and seeks the best woman, and if he chose you it means that you are the best possible choice. Scorpio will fall for a woman who is smart, sexy, adventurous, passionate and independent.

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For Sagittarius to fall in love with a woman, she has to act stimulating, energetically and to fascinate him. She must make him think and always set new challenges. Women who attract Sagittarius are mostly beautiful and provocative.


It takes a long time for Capricorn to lose head over a woman, and he will fall in love with a woman who is self-confident and knows what she wants, but is not intrusive. She must also be sexy, but within the limits of good taste, and have her life - career, hobbies, interests and dreams.


She must have something special, but she also has to show that she is vulnerable. Aquarius will like a woman who doesn't care about the opinion of others. She will do whatever Aquarius wants, and that is exactly what the Aquarius fall for.


This man loves to love and loves being loved, so that the woman who will win him must have a big heart. Pisces will fall in love with a woman who is kind, generous and open. She also has to be gentle both with people and animals. Man Pisces is usually art lover, and his chosen one is a woman who also appreciates art.


CHECK OUT IF YOU ARE THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS: This is how man in each horoscope sign imagines his ideal woman