The worst husbands according to Zodiac

When you find out which Signs of the Zodiac are the worst male marriage partners, you'll be baffled!

 They are kind and warm people, good for everything else except for calm wedlock. With these grumpy and nagging people you won't be happy!




Living with male Cancer is not easy, despite the belief that Cancer, as the Zodiac sign, represents warm people. This type can be categorized into two groups: the first group belong to mans who like their home, but are strenuous, pedant and complaining. The second group belongs to the passive ones, lazy and uninterested, who get married only for their own benefit that is going to insure them an easy way to get money or good position in society.

Certainly, this type is interesting and nice, but only when he chooses to be.

On the other hand, any Cancer husband, no matter that type it belongs to, spend much more time in his home than any other man. He fosters deep traditional feelings for his home and family and has a lot of qualities which also refers to this sign wife.

Although male Cancer loves his wife and children, in essence, he is never fully pleased: he always finds something to complain about.

These people are very sensual, looking for constant erotic stimulation. In general, if their wishes under their roof are fulfilled, they become loyal. He is also fearful so, when possible,  he avoid risks.


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The worst husbands, Zodiac signs



Achieving marriage harmony and successful life is the hardest thing with male Scorpio. The only possible way to accomplish that is when his wife lives in his shadow and blindly follows him through his path. He doses not tolerate dominant women in any kind of way. He has the typical old-fashioned spirit, in home he is tyrant as much as in other perspectives of social interaction. His love reactions are so strong and extreme that sometimes he is inclined to be aggressive.

However, this sign still has few chances for happy life. Firstly, he is often very successful in his career and by working hard is very capable of sustaining himself,  his wife and his children that he adores. He is also very possessive and jealous man. In fact, no matter how much love and care he receives, he will always have a reason for doubt and constantly will believe that his wife and children, as well as his business partners, work against him. Although he usually imagines, in some way it will be his main cause of success.

Somewhere deep inside, his feelings for his wife and children are very noble, but he will never truly learn how to express them. Because of his selfish love, lives of people around him will become a living hell. His desires are big as well as the satisfaction that he seeks.


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This type of man needs wise and tactful woman. This is, in fact, characteristic of all husbands, with the difference that male Sagittarius are kind of nitpick and are prone to notice mistakes and bad sides of his parter. He was not exactly „born“ for marriage. His has a huge interest in the world. Male Sagittarius is human in nature, and because of that he will often participate in volunteering for social organizations and in solving practical problems of his community. In every aspect, he is a public man. His megalomanic nature will often make his own life look small and not interesting. If his tastes change, he will not see the reason to continue with showing his sympathy for a specific person. Even if he doesn't mind anything about that person, he sees love and life only as part of a sports game. Of course, he is „strong“ in marriage. His wife should have wide awareness and should be freed of jealousy and kind of featureless, even if that is not in her own nature. She will have to be a real artist to keep following him and please his interests.

It's not hard to live with these men. But, because of their lack of sensations, big impatience for anything restricted or limited, Sagittarius wife will have to expand her aspects so she could be on the same level with his husband. They have passions for sport and adventure. They are cheerful, interesting guys who experience love as fortunate. All their feelings and desires are directed to fast and instant action.