Psycho test: Are you obsessed with your ex-boyfriend?

Do you cross to the other side of the street when you met him and spit three times or camp out on his street and wait to meet so you can greet each other by nodding accidentally?

1. After the break-up you find a rebound in the company of a guy who is:

a) a spitting image of the guy you broke up with.

b) any cute guy to take your mind away from him.

c) complete opposite of your ex.

2. How do you feel if you want to go to a cafe or a restaurant where you often used to go together?

a) Sad and nostalgic, but you won't avoid this place.

b) It's a neutral zone. If you met him, it might even be fun.

c) It's a restricted area. This town is not big enough for both of you.


3. What do you do when you feel a sudden urge to see him?

a) You will make up a reason to write him an email, for example ask him for advice about the best places for holidays because he loves to travel.

b) You'll allow yourself a little stalking on Facebook, and then you'll call a friend who will talk you out of it.

c) You will control yourself. The moment you break up, the guy is removed from the friends list and his phone number's deleted.

4. When you're talking about the ex in front of friends and family, they:

a) look worried and ask you if you met someone interesting.

b) roll their eyes at you defending him for treating you badly.

c) support you and point out that you are much happier since you are not together.

5. How many letters, gifts, and other mementos did you keep after the break-up?

a) Nothing. You returned him a bunch of stuff, and the rest sold or gave away.

b) Photos from holidays and valuable jewelry that he gave you. Semi-precious stones don't tell the story.

c) Everything. It's amazing how long his shirt keeps his scent.

Psycho test: Are you obsessed with your ex-boyfriend?


Most A answers

Time for a change

Sad love truth - sending e-mails or 'accidental' encounters with him won't make him pray you on his knees to come back. That way, only his ego will grow, and you will block psychologically and won't be open to better guys. Bring back your strength! Pack up all his gifts and letters and make yourself spend 30 days without any contact with him. Remember, the right one will come after you, not make you prove you deserve him.


Most B answers

You are better off without him, honey!

For you your ex is like a candy machine - tempting when there's nothing better, but not good enough for falling in love. You save yourself for something much better and that's why you turn to friends when you are lonely and don't grieve over the memories. However, you appreciate the relationship because of what it was, and this is the opportunity to understand what characteristics you want in a partner, and which you don't.

Most C answers

Secretly obsessed

You think that deleting all of his numbers proves that you are over him? Wrong. No matter how much you suppress it, anger and sadness because of break-up will come back and haunt you. Show those raw feelings, then write down the good things that you have learned about yourself in that relationship. Researches show that it builds positive feelings that help you move on.

Psycho test: Are you obsessed with your ex-boyfriend?