Zodiac signs on Facebook: Scorpio likes to comment, Pisces like to post quotes

Find out how each sign behaves on Facebook and for which purpose they use it



Aries presents himself as being perfect

Arians are very self-centered, so they are those who process their photos in Photoshop in order to seem perfect. Before their friends tag them in a picture, they have to fix it first. Checking the news feed is not a practice, it is a religion- they have to know everything that's going on, who is dating who, how someone looks like... When they get angry, they regularly delete their profiles and get them back afterwards.

Taurus posts photos of food

Taureans like to post photos of luxurious furniture, exotic places and delicious food. They do not like when others post pathetic statuses or songs, but they follow trends and join all kinds of popular groups. They usually don't upload many photos, and they delete other people's statuses, photos and comments they do not like. They like to tag themselves in unusual places. 

Gemini is the most active

Gemini people are champions when it comes to Facebook- they are bombarding everyone with their photos, they post pictures of their kids, partners, they write posts about their emotional state... They are very active, but the thing is that they consider social networks to be just a pastime, not something serious, so they usually irritate people with their posts. Besides that, they enjoy using networks for communication with their friends, so their inbox is always full.


Cancer uses it only to be in touch

A great number of cancers are irritated with social networks, so they avoid them. However, if they use them, their posts are often contradictory- they vary from cheerful and optimistic to dark and gloomy posts. They use Facebook to follow people with whom they lost contact, but even in that, they are not very active. They usually post things that mean to them- children's birthdays, new relationship, marriage.

Leo posts photos

Being very social, Leos like to attract attention on Facebook. Just like Geminies, they bombarding with posts and photos, usually in some sexy pose. They regularly follow other people's profiles, like photos and statuses. With some people, they communicate only through social networks, which are being made only for them. They usually have a lot of friends.

Zodiac signs on Facebook: Scorpio likes to comment, Pisces like to post quotes

Virgo doesn't reveal his privacy

Hypocritical Virgos follow trends and like to be up to date so that they will have profiles on social networks, but they keep their lives private. They will rather post something about actual social and political topics, then on themselves. They are a sign with least photos.  Being that mysterious, they will have many secret admirers and people who send them messages. They will turn off their location because they do not want others to know where they are.

Libra is a voyager

Their Facebook page is nice and colorful, with a lot of artistic and abstract pictures. They like to use filters and look different. They have many friends, but they do not use social networks as it appears. Their favorite activity is blocking people. After going through other people's photos and posts, they come to a conclusion that Facebook is really boring.  

Scorpio likes to comment

There are two types of Scorpios- those who overly use social networks and those who use them only to be in touch with some people. The first type will post everything in order to impress their friends with their witty and smart comments on social trends and situations while the second type has strictly limited setting, so that very few people can see their profile.


Sagittarians are the great comedians

Sagittarians likes those who post funny statuses, take funny quizzes and write funny comments on people's posts or photos. They consider social networks to be just entertainment, although they can't resist posting some of their alluring photos only to please their ego. They have a lot of friends, but they don't take Facebook very seriously. They usually upload photos from their travels.

Capricorn reveals very little

Capricorns take care of what impression they leave, so they won't be pleased if some of their friends post a compromising photo on their profile or leave an impropriate comment. They do not post very often, because they do not want to be those who spend all of their time on Facebook, but they follow what other people do. They use their profiles to promote their and other people's business. They reject friend requests from people they do not know, and they will not reveal their relationship status.

Aquarius use Facebook for fun

Aquarians, just like Sagittarians, use Facebook to post funny videos, photos and jokes. They often send and receive seductive messages. There are periods when they are active every day, and also those when months can pass before they visit their page. They post photos for fun; it is not important how they look like, only that photos are various. 

Pisces like to post quotes

Being one of the most creative signs of the Zodiac, Pisces want their profiles to be unique and different. They will post photos of friend and families, but not single ones; they do not like that kind of attention. They like posting inspiring quotes and their favorite songs.  They can post heartbreaking statuses after the breakup.