Crime Astrology: Gemini are fraudsters, Virgo gets into trouble....

According to FBI statistics, most criminals are Cancers, followed by Taurus. Check out what the crime horoscope will tell about yourself.


Aries is armed

According to FBI statistics, members of this sign have most weapons. If involved in criminal activities, it’s possible that they work under the contract - someone else is paying them for it, whether they are a debt collector, blackmailers or assassins.


Taurus works for money

Taurus is a second sign with the most criminal tendencies. Usually, they are involved in activities that bring a lot of money; whether it is money laundering or theft of luxury items. Most often they work alone to reduce the risk of being caught, and with their benefits they will not brag about. If you catch them in the act, they will repent in the hope to have mercy with the words "I just could not resist."


Geminis is fraudsters

Members of this sign are mischievous in everyday life, but according to FBI statistic, they are at the very bottom in the number of arrests. If they deal with crime, most often are various "combinations" and fraud. They are not those who go around threatening people with a gun; their weapons are false promises. When they get caught, they will try to save themselves, even by disclosing names of accomplices or anything that could help them. Do not be surprised if they lie at that moment.


Most criminals are among Cancers

According to the FBI statistic, most criminals are born under this sign.

They tend to violence in moments of complete psychological distress, and, most often is about a crime of passion or revenge and kidnapping. Since they can hardly control their temper, Cancers are the first who would kill their boss for being fired. After they are caught, they look lost, although still believe that their victims "deserve" it.


Leo is calculated

Among the members of the fire signs, Leo is the least prone to criminal activity. If they are engaged in it, that will be carefully worked out. Therefore, Leo as criminal is very dangerous and cold-blooded. They will not indulge in petty crimes such as stealing, but if they risk their freedom, they do it because of the great benefits or fame.

Crime Astrology: Gemini are fraudsters, Virgo gets into trouble, Libra is the master of corruption....

Virgo gets into trouble

After Aries, the members of this sign are the second one who are carrying or possessing weapons. Like other members of the Earth signs, it is most likely that they will be involved in financial fraud. They can also be burglars and hackers, and general has a good chance of being caught; despite good plans, they remain shocked by the fact they have been discovered, so they confess quickly.


Libra is the master of corruption

Compared with other air signs, most criminals are Libras. They are involved in the tasks of nepotism, corruption, and rigging, their specialty is a commercial crime. They are very thoughtful and easy handle their associates, the people who give them bribes or receiving from them. They have hands on all sides and contacts too and often get out even if caught.


Scorpios are assassins

Scorpios are only ninth on the FBI's list of most common criminals. However, if we look at the average of serial killers and psychopaths, most of them are among Scorpios. They fall in crime without mercy; that makes them ideal assassins, and become involved in crime because of jealousy or hurt ego.


Sagittarius gets  life imprisonment

Members of Sagittarius are third on the list of arrested criminals, but the most common they serve life in prison. They are involved in various scams, take part in robberies and they are very skilled thieves. An interesting fact is that Sagittarius very rarely hurt their victims, which indicates that they are involved in crime for financial gain or even needs.


Capricorn is in organized crime

Members of this sign are very resourceful and versatile criminals. As in other areas of life, Capricorns are very ambitious, but also in criminal activity they "shoot high". Most likely are involved in financial crime, and most of those arrested from the ranks of organized crime are Capricorns. They are good at covering up their tracks and using other people's dirty work services, and when discovered, they are running from the law.


Aquarius is hacker

The original and ingenious Aquarius is not some big criminal; according to FBI statistics of the number of arrests, they are only in 11th place. However, if engaged in crime, the biggest chances are that they will become hackers or sect leaders that will help them to draw money by brainwashing others and getting power. They get involved in crime by the desire for revenge.


Pisces smuggle drugs

Members of this sign are most often associated with drug trafficking, dealing or smuggling. They can smuggle rare animals, humans or cigarettes, and their crimes are always a bit bizarre, even silly. In the list of criminals they took eighth place, and when end up in prison, there they connect with crime mafia and from small criminals they easily become big one.

Crime Astrology: Gemini are fraudsters, Virgo gets into trouble, Libra is the master of corruption....