HOROSCOPE: These three signs always ruin their relationships

You cry after the breakup. Your emotional life is not just a regular horror movie in color; it is the ruined Roman empire of love relationships!

 You may be imagining things that someone may have put a curse on you or that there's your voodoo doll lying somewhere, and that may be the reason you worry you'll stay alone forever. The reason for this are not envious relatives as you may suspect, but the Stars! If only you had been born a couple of hours earlier, maybe by now you would have changed two husbands and gave birth to five children,  but what can you do, this is your horoscope.


You see yourself as a strong, self-aware and ambitious girl, but men see in you a woman who is self-sufficient. You undoubtedly attract with your charm and open-mindedness, but the person who is in a relationship with you feels as if he is constantly on a test, you are setting new challenges over and over again in order to see how far he is willing to go. He often feels as if you are in competition, because it is in your nature to prove that you can do everything better, smarter and faster, so he often feels to be in your shadow.


Your talkativeness was sweet at first because there's nothing worse than a girl who just keeps silent and blinks, while staring at her man, but you really overdid it! Woman, you do not shut your mouth, your boyfriend probably speaks only when you make a short breathing break between two smaller monologues.

And then you wonder how could he have left you when you’re so perfect, hey, you’re one of a kind, you don’t cast pearls before swine! Yes, he does call you occasionally for pleasure in bed, because the sex was awesome, but as soon as you start bossing him around ‘ Put your leg there, that arm here, now slow down, no, speed up, you can’t do it like that, let me show you’, you just remind him again why he left you in the first place. And you could have shut up at least for a little while... 

HOROSCOPE: These three signs always ruin their relationships


It's great that you are smart, interesting, funny, but girl, this doesn't help you keep the one you want. And do you know why? First you play the queen on the top of the iceberg, extremely sustained when it comes to showing emotions and just when the poor thing gets used to your behaviour, the total twist is coming.

You turn into an insecure girl, who seems to be on some drugs. During the day you send him 163 cheesy texts with love stickers when you call him you use baby talk and sound like a mentally challenged 5-year-old, and when you see him, you jump on him and start kissing him as if he has just come back from the war. So what if you are kissing him, to you it seems as if it's been three years since you last saw him, even though in real time it's been barely 16 hours. And that control freak gene, at first, sent him a message 'Come on, let's play a little.

You're a domino lady and I'm your slave', but outside the bedroom you're driving him crazy, but not in a good way. Imagine yourself being examined every day by a guy about where you are, who you're with, what you are doing, when will you get home and similar nonsense, you would also run away as fast as you can after a while, even if he were the love of your life.



You are not looking for a boyfriend but challenge! You are not interested in, so to speak, normal men. You say they are boring, but you would gladly pass them over to your friends. You never fail to pick a guy with more or less visible defect in his head, and emotional unavailability comes for free.

You look at them as on your own experiments- you find them wrecked to pieces, and you want to repair and heal them.

You are neither Mother Teresa, nor they are little birds with broken wings whose wounds you should be healing, and certainly not Frankenstein's brides to create them according to your imagination.

At the end of the story, when your boyfriend recovers a bit and decides to leave you, you complain that he is an ungrateful scum because you've been trying so hard to get him on his feet, and he does that to you.

Remember, has he ever asked you for your help? Wise head once said: 'Honey, you have to be your own personal hero, because everyone else is too busy saving themselves'. Instead of doing your best to try and help the crippled men, help yourself or you will be forever wondering why you are the glue for idiots and why is one and the same story always repeating. 


HOROSCOPE: These three signs always ruin their relationships