How members of horoscope signs take rejection: Gemini will not let anyone make them feel sad, Libra can accept "no" for an answer without a problem

Each horoscope sign handles rejection differently, and while some simply ignore 'no' as an answer, others get insulted, mourn or plan vengeance.



Stubborn representatives of this sign have momentary, pretty immature reaction when they are rejected. They find it hard to control their emotions, so they may as well scream, cry or make requests. They will be giving their reasons through that yelling, so if it's a firm 'no', they will be incredibly insulted. Still, it won't last for long and they will quickly accept that there is nothing that they can do, so they'll switch to something else they want.


Rejection, especially 'no' in situations in which they didn't count on it will upset members of this sign primarily because they don't want to change their plans, so they can't stand inconsistencies. Their pride will result in stubborn silence and accepting rejection in general,  but basically, they have only two possibilities- either they will distance themselves from the person who refused them due to being hurt, or they will try to do everything to pressure him into changing his 'no' into a 'yes'.


As much as they want something, members of this sign thanks to their optimistic nature will not let anyone make them feel sad for long. They may be upset for the first five minutes, but then they will just shrug their shoulders, conclude it's not their loss because they have the moral victory and won't waste their energy on reassuring or begging anyone.



Members of this sign are prone to passive-aggressive reactions to rejection. If they hear ‘no’, they will try to have things their way with a fierce discussion by accusing the other side, and leave dramatically by slamming the door. This is not the end, just because they are forced to accept rejection, it doesn’t mean that they will give up on their desires. In addition to that, they are capable of holding it against somebody for months, and even years.  


A member of this sign can never get used to rejection as if they haven’t passed that stage as a child which they should get used to the notion that they can’t have everything they want. If somebody close to them rejects them, they will turn to emotional blackmails like ‘ I could do that for you..’. If it is somebody that can’t stand up to, for example, your boss, then you will generally accept it, and after that ‘bad-mouth” him in every way possible. 

How members of horoscope signs take rejection


Not that Virgo handles rejection easier than other signs, but the members of this sign simply have a different tactic. The thing is that it is easier and nicer for them to convince themselves that everything happens the way they imagine, so after rejection, they will conclude that it is the wisest, and best for them, and the fact that they are right will ultimately be proved and they will turn out to be winners. Besides that, it is important to them not to show the others that rejection hurt them because it seems to them that then they become subordinate.


This is one of the rare signs who truly can accept "no" for an answer without a problem, but only if the other side can provide some arguments, as well as desire to make a compromise. Members of this sign don’t like unresolved situations and resentment, and if a specific rejection really hurts them they won’t be able to keep it inside, but they will say straight away and explain how they feel.  


Representatives of this sign may not look so persistent and stubborn as they really are because at first they will accept rejection peacefully. The truth is, they will be all the time waiting from the sideline, subtly provoking and making it clear that they were right with their request of any kind – friendly, business, emotional. Also, they will remember who turned them down and why, and wait patiently for the opportunity to return the favor. 



Members of this sign are distinctive when it comes to rejection, it depends mostly on the day and the mood they are in when it happens. In some cases they will just shrug their shoulders and decide there is no need bothering over it. In another situation they will be the most stubborn people on Earth who will do whatever it takes in order to get what they want. In any case, they are willing to accept what they have to, because they understand that rejection and failure is an integral part of life.


If a representative of this sign wants something, he will direct all his efforts to getting it. Whoever gets in his way and refuses him, turns into a challenge that he has to overcome. He will not respond loudly and noisy, but this refusal will torture him at nights until he comes up with a new plan to get on his own. Best of all is that he will wait for so long to make it happen that nobody will care anymore but he will feel moral satisfaction.


If you refuse Aquarius in something, he acts like a spoiled child, even though he would never admit it. They see no point in arguing, they will get angry but act as if nothing happened and just walk away. No matter whether refusal comes from a boss, parent, partner or a friend, they are not able to behave normally until they are not angry anymore, which can take quite a while, and by their distancing themselves it seems as if they are trying to prove they are right.


Saying 'No' to a representative of this sign brings them the feeling of failure as if they did something wrong... regardless of where they hear 'no', at work or in private life, they won't be angry but rather sad or disappointed, especially if something big is in question. Pisces are not too stubborn and they won't insist on what they want, because to them it's not important just to 'win', they will also be wondering  how much the other side cares and if they respect his or their opinion.

How members of horoscope signs take rejection