Horoscope: Is your Zodiac sign optimistic or pessimistic by nature

Aries paves the way for himself, Taurus's optimism lies in their strong will and the faith in their capacities, Leo’s optimism can't be easily shaken

ARIES – You pave your way through the life, without getting upset that you could be beaten or even defeated. That is life; you say to yourself and keep walking. In the moments when your optimism is a bit shaken, counting to ten can help; it will make you stop and listen to your inner voice that will always tell you that you're a person worth of respect and won't let you go off the track. Your motto is: ' Tomorrow is a new day'.

TAURUS – Your optimism lies on your strong will and the faith in your capacities, talents and knowledge. You possess the power to fascinate the opposite sex, which makes your self-confidence to be at a high level. You possessive nature, however, can be an obstacle in you love, family, friendship and even professional relationships. If you suspect that someone wants to take away something from you, you start to doubt yourself. In moments like that, walks in nature, or by the river or in a creative ambience might help.

GEMINI – As long as you have different possibilities to do the job you like or to be in a relationship with a person you love, there is no place for pessimism. Your optimism is shown in your great desire for change because you can't stand to be bored, or to be alone. You are intelligent and capable, witty and flexible, so you will always find the bright side.  Your optimism originates in your courses nature, the constant pursuit for new ideas and your need to socialize with people.


CANCER – Everybody thinks that you're too caring, but, in fact, you experience things very deeply, so it is almost impossible for you not to worry about real or imagined insults or threats. You can overcome that if you change your attitude towards your environment. Stop worrying what others think. Although you do care that people you like have a good opinion of you, it is most important that you're honest with yourself.  No one has to agree with your life attitudes.

LEO – Almost nothing can endanger your optimism since you enjoy in life realizing that it consists of positive and negative experiences. Besides that, you highly respect yourself. Still, you have your weak points that are, in most cases, love and children. However, you manage to take the best even from the worst situations. When you feel overwhelmed with pessimism, remember that 'the world is a stage', and that you have the main role. Go shopping or for a coffee with friends and you will be a proud Leo again.

Horoscope: Is your Zodiac sign optimistic or pessimistic by nature

VIRGO – Due to their innate perfectionism and criticism, you often have a problem to look at the bright side of life. You always see the glass as half empty rather than half full, because you cannot fight your analytic nature. You are sometimes tired of those dark clouds that hide the sun. Still, once you try to find the bright side, you'll realize how stronger you feel, both mentally and physically. Then your extraordinary sense of humor comes to the surface.

LIBRA – There is a great battle between bright optimism and dark pessimism inside you. Luckily, dark periods are always shorter than bright ones, although they can put you off the track, cause arguments and break-ups. If you're in a bad mood, you should try to delay those of your duties that can worsen it. When you're in high spirits, use that time to do everything that requests responsibility. Don't seek for comfort in sweets and fridge, remind yourself of your achievements, work out in a gym or go hiking with someone you love.


SCORPIO – You cannot see hard and unpleasant times indifferently from what they are. You, also, possess enough strength and determination to find your way out. When you feel that a bad mood overwhelms you, focus on the positive things in your life. In the beginning focus on the life itself, then at its meaning, love, sex, a job that fulfills you. The one, who loves so faithfully and passionately, whether being inspired by emotions or work, cannot be a pessimist.

SAGITTARIUS – It could be said that you have invented optimism, one of the main traits of your sign.  But even you are not immune to occasional life kicks that bring bad mood and grim moments. The best way to regain self-confidence and optimism it to stand up to whatever you don't like, to whatever can discourage you or get you angry, such as human weakness, ignorance, injustice, and prejudice. Nothing can cheer you up more than a possibility to provide yourself with everything you want.

CAPRICORN – If you want to enjoy life, you have to focus on its bright side, but you have already realized that.  That’s how Capricorn people, usually in their middle age, turn from gloomy kids to very satisfied individuals who appear to be much younger than people their age. Although your innate realism never abandons you, you can be the greatest optimist, with both feet on the ground and the spirit up high. People often ask you for advice, and you'll find yourself, as the biggest optimist, trying to cheer up and comfort them.

AQUARIUS – You can enjoy life, and you see beauty and hope in everything. You are energetic and imaginative, curious and optimistic. Finding an Aquarius among pessimists is hard. Although you're not immune to disappointments and difficulties, the hope and your positive attitude will prevail. No matter how the blow is hard, you always manage to stay upright. You are encouraged and stimulated by art, nature and pets. So, whenever it is possible, you should share your life joy with others.

PISCES – It is easy to hurt you since you are over-sensitive and prone to mood swings. In the moments of the greatest sorrow, you make plans how to pull through. As long as it doesn't include indulgence in food or going to bars too often, everything will be OK. Try to avoid people who want to abuse your kindness, generosity and also gullibility. The presence of the loved one can help.