CALCULATE FATE NUMBER: Very influent number in numerology, which is like a kind of reduced natal chart

The text contains precise instructions on how to calculate your fate number, and there are interpretations for it too. You need less than one minute. Numerology, as well as astrology, represents means to discover the hidden codes of our inner world, which are rather neglected in modern days.

Astrology does this by calculating the natal chart and by precise observation of all the houses and planets in them and their mutual relations. Numerology, on the other hand, is complementary to astrology, it observes only numbers and their meanings, writes portal

These two sciences together, with the interpretation of tarot cards, represent one whole. Astrology, for example, doesn't pay attention to the influence of names, which is certainly strong, while tarot and numerology include symbolism of the name, even a nickname because with some people nickname carries greater energy than the name itself.

Now we are going to deal with the calculation of fate number, the most influential number in numerology, which is like a kind of reduced natal chart.

Fate number is calculated by adding all digits of your date of birth.

If someone was born on 11/04/1988, they need to calculate the following – 4+1+1+1+9+8+8=32 – then go on adding numbers until you get a one figure number– 3+2=5. So, the person born on 11/04/1988 has fate number – 5

Calculate your fate number and look at its meaning

Number – 1

This is generally a good fate number. People with fate number 1 often become very prominent in society, especially in the second half of their life.

Other people often consider them lucky because they achieve what others have to work hard for without effort, but destined ones are true masters of planning and forecasting. Their motto is - why would I water the garden when I can wait for it to rain - but they rarely make mistakes in judgment, and when they do, they suffer consequences just like everyone else, only the predestined ones don't get too upset about it, but learn a lesson and next time assess better and more accurately.

Others see them as very kind but stylish and posh, so they don't approach them openly, which is good for predestined ones because they are real leaders and tend to be surrounded by the people who can accompany them. They affect other people very positively; they tend to bring them to the surface and inspire their confidence.

They may become politicians, but also artists, however, these both will be accompanied by ambition to rise above the average and do something first, create something new. In that they achieve success especially if they were born in the months of strong Suns (May, June, July). They function best when they are leaders and organizers, but they can adapt and be part of the team, even though they will always aspire to create their own organization or get at the head of those already existing.

Number – 2

Two is not considered a good fate number, but it's not ominous. People who have two for their fate number may lack determination in life, which is why they fail in many things. For these people it is important to examine their other numerological aspects as well as astrological ones in order to be able to overcome the blockade of suspicion that won't let them rise above the average.

Twos are family types and they maintain strong family ties. They restrict themselves to a narrow circle of people, relatives and close friends, but in these established boundaries they are sovereign rulers and are full of confidence. Hardly anyone can compete with them there.

They love water and good company, so they are ideal companions when you are traveling on vacation. They are willing to neglect some obligations if they get the opportunity to enjoy good company and good atmosphere.

They have very strong intuition and easily read other people no matter how complex they are. They love nature and herbs, so they are often involved in something like that because they have a tendency to help people. These are people who are not good loners, but if they are in a group of real people, their contribution will be indispensable.


Number – 3

This also isn't good destiny number, mainly because it makes people work hard, but people with predestined number 3 are also strong and durable, so they tolerated these efforts well.

People with number three are very cordial, charming, generous and reliable, but they can show off with their wealth, all in order to show it in the company of people, but also to enjoy. They easily make friends, and in a company of friends often like to act as priests.

They have strong intuition and expressed imagination and know how to express themselves in writing and orally. They love history and social sciences, and may be good politicians. If life makes them go astray, they are ready to earn money dishonest way.

CALCULATE FATE NUMBER: Very influent number in numerology, which is like a kind of reduced natal chart

Number - 4

This is not good destiny number and usually brings heavy and sudden changes in life. Therefore, people with predestined number 4 are often suspicious even when there is no reason for it, and because of that they may miss various chances in life.

Four is the number of karma and it should be seen that way. Fours are overloaded with karmic obligations and responsibilities, but they have the strength and stamina to respond to it. The only thing that can distract them is the lack of motivation, for their hard work often goes unnoticed and unrewarded. What is important for them to know is that it is all being recorded on their personal karmic account and that no effort is wasted, looking from a higher perspective.

Fours are thorough and don't make decisions quickly. They always take into account all the difficulties that may arise and somehow naturally expect that they will occur. That is why they are often perceived in society as pessimists.

Number – 5

Five is extremely good destiny number and brings great happiness to the one who has it. Fives are creative, wise, have strong intuition and deep inner insights.

Good fortune follows them through life and they can easily get big money in a prize game or quickly earn big money through risky business investments.

They are very good with words so they often become speakers, writers, storytellers, but also politicians, actors, lawyers ... They often have the possibility to live abroad as well as opportunities for business trips.


Number - 6

This is not a good destiny number, but mostly because it has too emphasized emotionally-sexual side. In life they often have love problems, which binds them in other plans.

For predestined sixes it is important to understand what they want when it comes to emotions and the opposite sex, so they can release their energy.

They are usually well off financially so they don't have to worry much about existence. They have close relationships with family and often take care of family members in need of support. They do it hard and diligently and accept it as their obligation.

They are interested in the hidden and mystical things which can be bad if they start building secret love relationships, but it can be very good if they turn it into a hobby or business. That is why they are often into astrology, mysticism and similar things that can bring spiritual peace.

Number - 7

Very good destiny number that brings happiness and affection from others. Seven will be loved by everyone who gets in touch with them.

They have many talents, but they wear and show them in a modest way, and that makes them especially favorite in society and gives a human warmth that we rarely meet.

They have a calming effect on others so they are great diplomats and peacemakers. Their mild approach to people shouldn't be confused with indecisiveness because sevens don't have a problem making decisions.

Their intuition is expressed, especially in dreams. Their dreams are original and full of messages that give sevens special wisdom. Many solutions of life problems sevens find exactly in dreams, and they are also prone to daydreaming, which serves them as pastime and recreation.

Number - 8

This is not a good fate number and brings karmic mess. Often there are unprovoked hostilities that are the result of karma, so one can't find a solution.

It is necessary for eights to work on themselves on their spiritual development in order to understand their fate and put it under their control.

If eight manages to overcome all the challenges of destiny, deposited experience starts to work in their favor and brings them recognition, wealth and high social position. Then they leave a mark in society and leave prosperity for future generations.

Number - 9

Predestined nines are neither in bad nor in a good position when it comes to fate, but a lot depends on them and their strongest traits.

Life usually leads them along the spiritual path and for them it is best to follow it. Otherwise, they can easily get involved in a network of illusions and lose the compass.

They love and appreciate life, their own and of the others', and that is why they often choose professions through which they can help people.

They are gentle and modest, and they express their aggressiveness verbally, through discussions and arguments, but not directly. Their whole life is illuminated by some kind of a divine aura, which leads them to enlightenment.