Bizzare things that happen to us while we sleep

Every day, from the moment you wake up, your brain absorbs a variety of information • Fortunately, while you sleep, your brain sorts the information and forgets things that you don’t need to remember. There are some things you definitely didn’t know ...

1. Erasing useless information.  Every day, from the moment you wake up, your brain absorbs a variety of information. Fortunately, while you sleep, your brain sorts this information, and forgets things that you don’t need to memorize.

2. Your eyes move quickly. Your eyes are moving at high speed, at the stage of sleep known as REM phase. This is the phase in which dreams appear, and your eyes react this way as a response to the experience of changes in scenes or concepts within dreams. It is associated with brain activity, which explains why even a blind person experiences such movements while they sleep.

3. Loss of weight. You don’t consume anything; you're sweating and breathing so you can lose some weight, especially if you sleep enough every night, which means 7-8 hours of sleep. In fact, during sleep, the average person burns about 60 calories per hour. It’s not much, but it makes us happy anyway.

4. Paralysis. During REM phase of sleep, which is the stage of deep sleep, in which dreams actually appear, muscles in your hand become temporarily paralyzed, which is good, especially if you dream of hitting someone. Some people can wake up and not be able to move for a few seconds to several minutes, and this happens in cases when the brain wakes up before the body does.


5. Troubleshooting. Although you might think that your brain rests while you sleep, it is actually working on solving problems, which you have been worried about during the day. One theory of why this is so includes dreams, which are very visual, and allow us to think ‘outside the box’ and thus solve the problem. 

Bizzare things that happen to us while we sleep

6. We don’t feel smells. Maybe you woke up this morning with the sweet smell of coffee and croissants, coming from the kitchen, but this smell didn’t wake you up because the sense of smell doesn’t work while we sleep the way it does while we are awake, even when it comes to most intense scents.

7. Dreams repeat. Many people have recurring dreams, and if that's the case with you, it’s time to find their deeper meaning, because such dreams represent unsolved problems that we face in real life.

8. A sense of falling. This sense is experienced by 70 percent of people, and it can be the result of the remaining day energy, which wasn’t used.

9. We dream more dreams. In one night we may dream dozens of dreams, which seems incredible because in the morning we usually don’t remember them.


10. We grow. Discs in the spine, which act as cushions between the bones, regenerate during the night and become bigger because they don’t bear the weight of the body like they do when you are standing up. But everything goes back to the way it was when you stand up.

11. The explosion in head. Some people may wake up suddenly after a loud noise, which is similar to the sound of an explosion or the feeling as if their head just exploded. This is a kind of twitch when the body still hasn’t come to the stage of paralysis. Shhhh! In the dream, we can also talk, walk, send messages, but also get sexually excited. In fact, in greater activity during REM phase of sleep, we need more oxygen, and this is reflected in improved blood circulation throughout the body.

Bizzare things that happen to us while we sleep