Main qualities of horoscope signs: Aries are passionate and self-confident, Scorpios are intuitive and attractive

For thousands of years man has looked for signs and knowledge in stars.

Astrology was carefully studied in 2000 B.C. by old Indians, Mayas, Greeks, Chinese, and Arabs. And not only that, it was used as means to study human characters and motives, just like Carl Jung researches.

With the help of observing and analysis it was determined that there is a correlation between movements of celestial bodies and life on Earth. But many people observe astrology in different ways. Some are skeptical; they say it's not a science, some swear in it, stating strong arguments to prove their thesis.

According to astrology, spiritual satisfaction and peace can be found based on your qualities. Besides that, you will find twelve different astrological characteristics and recommendations that will help you find your inner peace. 


You are passionate, dynamic and self-confident, and you lead exciting and often impulsive life.

How to find balance:

    Maintaining balance: - make a schedule and find time to relax.

    When you work, try to be productive.

    Channel your energy with running.

Find balance in relaxing activities such as cooking, reading and     gardening.


You are safe, warm and decisive, but sometimes you can be stubborn and possessive.

How to find balance:

    When you're feeling upset, look for peace in nature.

    Be aware of how your actions affect other people.

    Try to meditate, to focus your mind. 

    Explore the world of scents and aromatherapy.


You are intelligent, versatile and a lively person, but on the other hand you can be nervous and inconsistent.

How to find balance:

    Don't work too much

    Have a balanced diet and don't skip meals.

    Learn how to relax your nerves with herbal oil and hot baths.

    Learn breathing techniques.



You are caring, intuitive and protective soul, but you often fight mood swings and the impossibility to relax.

How to find balance:

    Don't forget to take care of your needs; it is not selfish and it is good for your well-being.

    Practice meditation and yoga.

    Live in harmony with the rhythm.

    Learn how to set limits.

     Get rid of everything you don't need.


You are a brave, creative and dedicated person, but you want to issue orders and don't have much tolerance. You always want to be right.

How to find balance:

     Develop the ability to listen, so you can enable others come to the fore.

     Every day, take time for yourself.

     Avoid spicy and greasy food that takes away your of energy and shifts the balance in the body.

     Drink plenty of water.

Main qualities of horoscope signs: Aries are passionate and self-confident, Scorpios are intuitive and attractive


You are analysts, practical and hardworking, but you know how to overdo it with perfectionism.

How to find balance:

    Give up the routine and be spontaneous.

     Simplify things – to yourselves and others.

     Exit the brain and turn on the body.

     Accept the negative.


You are romantic and idealistic, but sometimes naive, too indulgent and indecisive.

How to find balance:

 Make a list of things you need to do - it will help you stay organized and avoid stress.

     When making important decisions, list all the reasons 'pro' and 'con'.

     Show your feelings through song, picture or yoga.

     Enjoy, but in moderation.


You are passionate, intuitive and attractive, but you can also be jealous and obsessive.

How to find balance:

    Practice calming techniques when you are under stress, such as deep breathing, visualization, and similar.

     Try hydrotherapy as a way of calming mind and body.

     Forgive others in order to avoid endless disputes.

     Always look at the big picture and don't get lost in details.


You are honest and well-intentioned. You have a sense of humor and philosophy, but you are often optimistic for no reason, you can be irresponsible and mischievous.

How to find balance:

     Use sport for directing energy.

     Learn how to find a balance between optimism and reality.

     Engage your life.

     Learn how to control your feelings consciously.

     Find joy in small things.


You are witty, practical and disciplined, but sometimes on the verge of fatalism and pessimism.

How to find balance:

     Break the bad ties and surround yourself only with positive people.

     Think about your values and dreams when making decisions.

     How does your inner dialogue affect you? If it is negative, work on your self-esteem.

     Relax body and mind through practical exercises.

     Remember that happiness is a choice.


You are inventive, you have a free spirit, and you're always friendly, but you can be unpredictable and emotionally unstable.

How to find balance:

    Be authentic.

     Make a schedule of your activities, so that you find time for yourself.

     Cherish vulnerability and the fact that it makes you stronger.

     Be aware of the present.


You are a sensitive, imaginative and compassionate person, but you can also be mysterious and unreliable.

How to find balance:

    Get rid of everything that causes you stress.

    Don't feel sorry for yourself and avoid the role of a victim.

    Give freedom to romantic mind, but be sure to come back to Earth.

    Learn to find a balance between left and right hemisphere of the brain.