Love horoscope for NOVEMBER 2017!

The secret relationship for Scorpio, a new love for Gemini!


Ruler of Aries, Mars, is in the house of relationships, so it's absolutely clear what your priorities will be in November 2017. Your better half and everything related to love life are prominent, you are motivated and challenged at the same time. The fact that Mars goes through the house of relationships indicates that you will be the person who does everything for a loved person or your loved one and you will have the will and strength to take things in the desired direction. You can succeed because now there is a special connection between Venus (the planet of love and ruler of the house of Aries) and Mars. This works in your favor. It can also represent gain through money, goods and common interests.



November comes with a tempting offer: in Taurus’ house of couples, there are Sun and two beneficiaries - Venus and Jupiter. Above all, Venus is the planet of love and ruler of Taurus. Such a setup of the planets is promising and can be a very happy period for love and marriage; it can bring satisfaction and a harmonious relationship. This is a great opportunity, but it’s up to you whether you will and how you will use it, because of the ruler of the house of couples, Mars, is in a rather unfavorable position. If we take into account that Mars makes a reciprocal reception with Venus, there are more opportunities for you to use and get the best out of every situation. You have quite a good cards in your hands, but it's up to you to play them. Perhaps you should be more decisive and brave.



With Mercury, the ruler of the Gemini, placed in the house of couples, November emphasizes the importance of relationships. Life in two becomes more significant and more active. Interest in a loved one (if you are in a relationship) or desire to find a new love comes before everything else. In the last part of the month, it becomes more apparent when the Sun enters Gemini’s house of couples. You might experience something particularly intense with a person from work or with a person with whom you share obligations. Whatever the case, it seems that during November there will be a strong connection between emotions and obligations. It is not impossible for you to start an affair with someone from work.



During November 2017, the house of pleasure for Cancers is full! Here the Sun shines in all its glory. There are also two beneficiaries, sensual Venus and Jupiter. When these two are together, they can only bring good things! It's a good period for romantic dates, to start a new love story, perhaps even secret relationships or experiences that you will always remember and recollect with a smile on your face. Now you will discover something you didn’t even know about yourself and that has been hiding in you, related to your longings and desires in love life. On the other hand, transits during November 2017 are favorable for expansion of family and children.



Situated in the house of eroticism in November 2017, Mercury is naughty and prone to experimenting. He wants something exciting, but he does not want to lose his head. Expect passionate events in the last decade of the month, when the Sun appears in that house. Also, November 2017 is generous, comfortable and stable when it comes to Leo’s family and home: Venus and Jupiter promise happiness and fulfillment when it comes to home, support of parents, gifts or other valuable items for the home. In the first two decades of the month, intimate life is better than ever, and you will feel comfortable in a relaxed home atmosphere with a loved one.

Love horoscope for NOVEMBER 2017


Talking and traveling ... enjoyment and fun! During November 2017, the ruler of the house of couples, Jupiter, is in the house of communication and movement and is accompanied by Sun and Venus. This is a positive combination that can bring confirmation of love, engagement, sensitive and sincere messages and successful arrangements. Because of love you could travel or meet someone who will mean a lot to you. But this set up of planets also hides a trap: you could fall for false promises, or you could promise something that is not in accordance with reality. And another very important thing: do not mix money and love interests. Except for that, everything else is good and positive.



During November 2017, the ruler of the house of couples of Libra is in transition through Libra, which means that love is coming your way, it looks for you and awaits you. All you have to do is watch carefully around yourself and notice the signals that are sent to you. You will be more inclined to make a move first, because Mars does such things and requires action, but it is in your interest to attract attention, to seduce in a more sophisticated way. Whether you are in a relationship or want a new relationship, everything related to love life is in the first and most important plan during November 2017. Communication, common views and attitudes, intellectual compatibility are still important for things to go in the right direction. Money is also important to you.



During November 2017, you will have enough good reasons to say that you are the happiest person on the planet. Venus, the planet of love, which in this case is the ruler of the house of couples, is located precisely in Scorpio and, on top of everything, it makes a great conjunction with Jupiter, the Great Fortune. There is no better combination when it comes to love, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life! It's time to enter a new relationship, to strengthen the current one, to conquer, or to reconnect with someone. The stars are on your side in November 2017 and after you discover what you want and what awakens your passions - go! You have great chances to get what you want.



Mercury, the ruler of the house of couples of Sagittarius, enters Sagittarius on November 5, 2017, and has many good intentions. You will be more interested in your partner or your relationship, you will want a more intimate relationship and greater closeness, and you will want to do everything with a loved one. The Sagittarius is known for being prone to freedom and independence, but this has now been replaced by the need for communion, co-operation, and understanding. On the other hand, you could go through a period in which you will analyze your love life more carefully, and it is likely that by the end of the month you will end up with questioning, which will result in making new conclusions or decisions. For some, there is a possibility of entering a relationship that is secret or forbidden.



Venus, the planet of passion and love, is in a passionate Scorpio and is located in a favorable house, and has a good company of Jupiter, the Great Fortune! It looks like November 2017 offers a lot of things in the field of love. Love opportunities open through social events, which means that you can meet your better half by attending a social event or gathering for common interests, goals, hobbies or entertainment. During November, communication, cooperation, contacts with foreigners and intellectual and cultural goals will be important to you.



Happiness comes through two beneficiaries - Venus and Jupiter and is directed towards the ruler of the house of couples of Aquarius, Sun, during the first two decades of November 2017. It almost seems like as if a good fairy is trying to ease the way and direct you towards happiness. But, you are also required to put some effort and flexibility. If we look at things from another angle, love life intertwines with professional, with ambitions, social status or fame. The goals are quite big and require a lot of steps. For most members of this sign, there is an opportunity to achieve success through joint activities or your partner will achieve great success. The last decade of November 2017 is more neutral and more relaxed.



Mercury, the ruler of the Pisces’ house of couples, is located in the house of career and prestige during November 2017, along with Saturn. The issues of the couples become delicate and in some way official or related to career or social status. In the last part of the month, the encounter between Mercury and Saturn in some cases can bring bad luck, challenges, frustrations, or in other cases, greater awareness and decision making. However, there are places where love will flourish completely, through intellectual, cultural or spiritual compatibility, and it can be related to distant places or through the Internet. Traveling can be romantic and for love.

Love horoscope for NOVEMBER 2017