WOMEN OF ZODIAC and expectations in marriage: Gemini want the full package, and Libra to be cherished

Woman Cancer is full of love, Woman Leo has to be desired…

Aries women are temperamental

Member of this sign will always support her partner in his ambitions, because she wants a successful man by her side. She is full of energy and organized, and as such she does her best in marriage and she is the perfect wife. The problem occurs if she is not satisfied - emotionally and physically. That's when she becomes frustrated and stubborn.

Woman Taurus wants regular action in the bed

Member of this sign very seriously takes all her roles, including the ones of a housewife, wife and mother, if he doesn't behave rationally according to her criteria, she strives for financial security and to her it's important that people listen to her advice. Regular action in the bed is important, and if she doesn't get sufficient amount of physical attention, she becomes prone to infidelity. She likes joint projects and teamwork.

Women Gemini want the full package

Members of this sign are rebellious and stubborn before marriage, and with the right partner they tend to adapt and mitigate that. However, even then they retain their uniqueness – the role of wife is not enough for them, they want rich social life, relations with extended family ... She is demanding, but whatever she demands she is also willing to provide herself .

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Woman Cancer is full of love

Member of this sign is the epitome of femininity - full of love, tenderness, and loyalty. She wants a warm family, mutual respect and a lot of love from her husband. If she is getting that, she is the best and most faithful woman in the world. But if her husband doesn't take care of the financial security of their family or emotionally neglects her, she will stop to respect him and will become vindictive. If he doesn't respond to that either, she can make his life miserable and gain complete control over their relationship.

Woman Leo has to be desired

Woman Leo always has a plan and wants everything to go according to it, and also that no one is neglected. Her marriage is important and she tends to have a sincere and passionate relationship, and she is willing to sacrifice for it. Action in the bedroom is not high on her priorities list, it is enough for her to know that she is desirable. If she admires and respects her husband, she is very loyal and faithful, and encourages him to become even better together. If her love is lost, she is often unfaithful and uses marriage only as the form that makes her life easier, and dedicates herself to the children.

WOMEN OF ZODIAC and expectations in marriage: Gemini want the full package, and Libra to be cherished

Woman Virgo is a friend

Member of this sign is very analytical and practical, but in marriage she is very sensitive wife and mother. She treats her partner as a best friend, someone who understands him and someone who he can have fun with. It is important to her to have everything 'under control', so she also wants a responsible husband who will consult her. If her husband does something to make her angry, she is prone to being cold and to passive aggression. Out of all the signs, this woman is most prone to 'sex blackmail' - even if she wants it, she will punish her husband by refusing it.

Woman Libra is wise

Libra is attractive and feminine, and her husband is often very weak to her charm. We could say that she manipulates him, but she doesn't do it with bad intentions. In marriage she strives for harmony. She will enjoy doing the housework such as cooking and cleaning, but she will get angry as soon as she notices that she is not valued enough.. She expects her husband to cuddle and nurture her, and she is willing to do the same. She wants regular sex, but her libido is often lower than her husband's - she spends her energy on socializing and various obligations.

Woman Scorpio

Member of this sign takes marriage seriously – she won't enter it unless she is entirely certain that the partner is the right one for her. She will do anything to make her family happy, and on the other hand, she will have a lot of requests for her husband – she expects him to worship her. She's jealous and possessive, but only as long as she cares, if she suspects that he lost interest in her, her pride will work so she may ignore her love and leave. She wants a relationship full of passion and hates routine, so a passive partner doesn't suit her, she wants someone for adventures, travel, going out, fiery nights ...

Woman Sagittarius doesn't like monotony

Member of this sign is passionate, spontaneous, and even demands too much in love- but she calms down as soon as she gets married. She is wise and rational life partner who doesn't crack under pressure and someone who you always want by your side for support and solving problems. She doesn't expect fairytales in marriage, to her most important things are working together and friendship. However, she won't take monotony in bed and when it comes to that, she wants a husband who will try to maintain passion. Children are very important to her, and sometimes she may devote herself so much to them that she neglects her husband.

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Woman Capricorn has a great libido

She has traditional attitudes, and whatever she does she will want to be the best, so life with her can sometimes seem like a competition in which you have to meet strict criteria. She doesn't like unpredictable situations and she wants to control everything that may endanger financial stability. Passion is extremely important to her, her libido is great and rejection is bad for her ego. When angry, she is reserved, cold and calculated. She needs a lot of attention and love to feel secure. In raising children she is a true teacher for life.

Woman Aquarius is playful

Member of this sign is actually simple and friendly, so much that they are an enigma to men used to playing games. For them it's not easy to get married because they love freedom, but if they do it, then they really want it for whole life. They are open with their feelings and need a partner who has his own interests in order to keep her, and her biggest fear is a passive husband who will lock her in a golden cage with his love and attention. As a parent she is unconventional and full of love, a true friend to a child.

Women Pisces are romantic

Pisces are ideal 'material' for marriage - in love they are willing to fulfill every partner's wish, and they will be dedicated to creating a warm home and family. They need a strong partner who will be their support in life, and even though it may look as if he is leading her, energy and ideas of Pisces are the things that move everything. They appreciate romance but not in a typical way, and if their partner neglects them- they will withdraw into themselves and their love will gradually die, and they will think that they made a mistake. They will do anything for children, even get out of a bad marriage, so they don't look false image of love.