Feng shui rule for love

The only exception for 'nothing under the bed' Feng shui rule is when you keep under your bed what is called a 'treasure chest'.

 When we lie in our bed and sleep, our subconsciousness is open and absorbs much more energy, especially energy of the place where we lie- that is why Feng shui most often advises us not to keep anything under the bed. However, there is an exception to this rule.

So, generally space under the bed should be open in order to have an open flow of energy that has to be channelled equally over your body through the night. A bunch of things that you may be keeping under your bed creates confusing energies that your unconscious mind absorbs while you sleep, which is awful. Space under the bed should be empty and cleaned regularly.


The only exception to the 'nothing under the bed' Feng shui rule is when you keep under your bed what is called a 'Treasure Chest'.

That is a specific Feng shui tool for emitting certain wishes and intentions, that is, for opening our unconscious 'self' to possibilities of making our wish come true. 

Feng shui rule for love

What kind of box this is and what is in it?

The quality of the box is important because it will cause bigger or minor energy vibration. Note: Go after the best quality. The firm lid will represent more secure and stable energy, and the open box will have more 'open' type of energy. They are both equally perfect; it depends on what it is you want to manifest.

The material of the box: wood is the base and it holds the energy of acting and growth. Finely trimmed, gold (imitation will do as well), silver or decorated with jewels box will increase the sense of abundance. The one made of glass will enhance the energy of 'clarity'. Woven one suggests natural movement and enhances flexibility. Earth or ceramic one suggests energy of attention and caring.

What to put in the box?

Before placing things in the box, ask yourself: ' What will truly make me happy?' The idea is to find objects which represent those happy feelings that we want to bring into our life.

Put objects that will help certain wish come true in your life in the box: if you want abundance and money, put different banknotes, gold jewellery, golden coins, ducats, jewels, precious stones and semi-precious stones, crystals... in the box. Avoid putting a bunch of coins in the box. If you want to attract love, put natural perfumes, red candles, scented creams and oils.


Energetic influence of Treasure chest will be felt wherever you put it under your bed, but the best place is under your navel. That way you directly and subtly 'feed' with the energy from the box- just like a mother feeds a baby through the umbilical cord.

A treasure chest should be checked and refreshed every three months. 


Feng shui rule for love