ASTRO PROGNOSIS FOR NOVEMBER 2016: Jupiter in Libra brings prosperity and Venus in sextile with Neptune strong love passion

Sun in the sign of Scorpio brings many people great changes, total changes or transformation, or renewal, regeneration, or a complete change of the situation, especially from 10/30/2016, when the new moon will be in conjunction with Mercury in Scorpio.

Scorpio is the sign which brings an encounter with the secrets and revealing secrets. Scorpio is the sign of the end, and after the end of something there is a start of something new. The energy of this sign is great and if we are willing to change, to reject something, or to purify, it is a favorable time to finish with what represents a burden for us, what is hard, and then we are on the right track to good. The best time for this to happen is from 27-30th until 18:38. Then on the evening of 10/30, the new moon is in Scorpio. On that day it is good to visualize new things that you want to happen in November, or to make a plan during the night hours from 18:32, especially in two following hours the changes that you want to achieve in November, related to the house in which your new moon will be in Scorpio.  

Whatever you start, devise or what comes to you on its own at the end of October, from 31st, you should continue throughout November, because it can resolve or completely transform your current situation. Scorpio is also the sign that is related to the crisis, sexuality, great finances, money that comes from others, credit, different social benefits, scholarships, donations, inheritance. It also relates to metamorphosis. 


During November Mars will be in Capricorn until 11/9. Goals and aspirations are realized through greater perseverance and hard work, overcoming the greatest difficulties with persistence and work, as well as self-control. Starting with 11/09, a period begins when we will enter new projects, challenges more easily, prepared for reversals, reforms, whether it comes to your life, or society or science. This period is favorable for innovations, exploring new activities as well as experimenting in something, that will be brought by transit Mars in Aquarius from 11/9.  

ASTRO PROGNOSIS FOR NOVEMBER 2016: Jupiter in Libra brings prosperity and Venus in sextile with Neptune strong love passion

Love is extremely important in the period of Scorpio, but love that is tied to passion, great physical attractiveness, expressed eroticism.

Venus will be in Sagittarius until 11/12, and many will be willing to travel to the other end of the world for love, or at least to another city. Enthusiasm and willingness to spontaneously and freely engage in love and show emotions. Love with someone who is far away is possible. From 11/12, Venus enters Capricorn and strengthens tendency to stability and commitment in love. Sensuality will be increased, and we will fall in love more easily and be more sensitive in love around November 19 and 20th, when Venus will be in sextile with Neptune, and from November 23 to 29, also strong love passion, as well as changes in love. Some will feel the power of love, which Venus will bring in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn.

On 11/12, Mercury enters Sagittarius and communication will be fast, open and direct. There will be more traveling and more communication with people from abroad. The need for honesty in relationships is bigger, as well as hasty statements.


During November, Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra will be in sextile, which will favorably influence the sense of security, leading to greater success, spiritual and material prosperity. Neptune starts moving directly from 20th, increasing faith, idealism, favorably affecting spirituality, art, but also love, falling in love, intuition and creativity, imagination.

Sun enters Sagittarius on 11/21 and the energy changes. The Very active period is in front of us then. Since Jupiter is in Libra, cooperation, connecting with others, especially those who are far away, abroad, with enthusiasm and optimism will bring prosperity. The expansion, progress comes with positive energy and faith in something. This is an important period for learning, because Sagittarius is a sign related to education, morality, ethics, greater knowledge, religion, as well as physical distance and traveling, and spiritual too.

ASTRO PROGNOSIS FOR NOVEMBER 2016: Jupiter in Libra brings prosperity and Venus in sextile with Neptune strong love passion