Seven day challenge: Wake the romance in a relationship

At the beginning of each relationship, while the passion is still great, we begin to wonder whether all this romance and love will remain the same throughout the relationship, for as long as it lasts...

Well, the truth is that passion cannot be eternal if you don't do your best and try various tricks that will improve the quality of relationship and remind you why you are together in the first place. From time to time it's necessary to organize certain 'games', travel and other various interesting things that will include only the two of you.

We decided to help and suggest a whole week romantic plan for couples, in order to regain the lost passion or just renew it. Each idea is simple and you will easily include it into your working week.

Day one

Play the massage game. Watch various tutorials on the Internet and try out different massages on each other. Make sure you make the right romantic atmosphere - candles, ambient music, scented oils ... You will both be relaxed and enthusiastic.

Day two

Write him a love letter that will say why you love him and what you appreciate about him. This old-fashioned way will surprise him, and your words will fill his heart.


Day three

Let this day be a day for kissing. Remember how much you kissed at the beginning of your relationship, certainly a lot - you couldn’t let go of each other. Now, due to numerous obligations, work, children, you don’t remember to take a little time just for yourselves, let alone for kissing (short flash kisses for hi or goodbye don’t count!). Use every moment, second, minute, for a little longer, romantic kiss. 

Seven day challenge: Wake the romance in a relationship

Day four

Make his favorite dish. Your partner must have a favorite dish, which is perhaps a little more demanding to make, so you don’t make it often. Surprise him with that. You know, they don’t say without reason that the way to man's heart goes through his stomach.

Day five

Let this day be a day for giving gifts. You don’t have to buy something huge; the point is that to surprise him with something small that he needs and that he’ll find important. 


Day six

If you start on Monday with this romantic plan, the sixth day should be Saturday - perfect day for a walk or a trip. Go together to a place that means something to you or reminds you of some beautiful moments. Or go to a place where you first met or first kissed.

Day seven

Show everyone how much love him! Hold hands, kiss him on the cheek, forehead, lips, hug him ... Especially when he doesn’t expect it. You'll see how much he’ll change and respond in the same manner.

After this week, you will see that your passion is back and that you can enjoy some small things together and forget about the problems and stress. Love is a miracle!

Seven day challenge: Wake the romance in a relationship