HOROSCOPE: Mars in Sagittarius from March 7. to May 28. find out how it will affect your sign and ascendant

The presence of Mars in Sagittarius during 2016. will happen twice, from 7. March to 28. May and again from 3. August to 28. September.

What does Mars represent in our lives? In astrology he represents will, energy, strength. It is adrenalin, as well as testosterone. An engine in the body that activates processes. 

Strength and power come from Mars. He shows how motivated a person is, what motivates her, how strong is the will, what she puts her strength in. Mars is the result and shows how much a person does out of what was promised and wanted. This is a young male energy, a young boy, young man. Sexuality with men, and even women, and therefore partially love life too. Here’s what it brings to horoscope signs and ascendants.  

Sign or Ascendant in ARIES

Mars will be in this period in your field of abroad and foreigners, in the field of high education, as well as some kind of release. In this period, problems abroad are possible, but also enthusiasm, adrenaline, greater than in our country. Work out of country or work for foreigners. If you are a student, in this period you put a lot of your energy in achieving your goal, related to your studies. You will travel far.  

Sign or Ascendant in TAURUS

In this period Mars will be in your big money field, the field of inheritance, but also a field of some dangers and risks. It is recommended that you control yourself during this period as much as possible because you can enter risky and potentially dangerous situations. You will try to get a larger amount of money, but you will succeed in that only if you expect the money that will come through the Court. You have a soft spot for borrowing money, especially from banks.

Sign or Ascendant in GEMINI

In this period Mars will be in your field of partnership, going public and important encounters and meetings. Also, it is in the field of relationships or marriage. Something will once again, after a long time takes you out of your shell, out of melancholy. The strength comes from a person from your surrounding. A new love relationship is possible, or a talk about marriage if you are already in a relationship. There is also the possibility of activating or continuation of a judicial process.


Sign or Ascendant in CANCER

In this period Mars will be in your field of health, work and some great and self-imposed obligations. Since Mars set in here affects your health, so in this period you can have problems with temperatures, fevers, inflammations or bleeding. Quick solutions will be offered concerning healing (therapy), injections are possible or routine operations. You will have more than a lot of work in your workplace. Headaches.

Sign or Ascendant in LEO

In this period Mars will be in your field of enjoyment, creativity, hobbies, dating and fun. You will be very active in these activities. You have decided to leave your worries aside and use extra energy to please your whims and have fun. However, children will also look for a great part of your attention, but not without reason. You solve the problem with the older child.

HOROSCOPE: Mars in Sagittarius from March 7. to May 28. find out how it will affect your sign and ascendant

Sign or Ascendant in VIRGO

In this period Mars will be in in your field of home and family. Most activities in your life will be happening behind the closed doors. This may mean that you will spend most of your time during this period at home. It is possible to work even from home. Taking care of elderly family members will be your job in this period. Violent family discussions, arguments. Work on house repairs.

Sign or Ascendant in LIBRA

In this period Mars will be in your field documentation, news, brothers - sisters, extended family. Some relationships will be improved, but it is important to emphasize to beware of fights and arguments. Pay attention to what you say and look out for your quick tongue. Some words will hurt you, maybe bad news. Some news will positively surprise you. Use this period to sort out the necessary documentation; a big door will open for you.

Sign or Ascendant in SCORPIO

In this period Mars will be in your field of finances and earnings. Also, this is the field of buying and selling. Adrenalin is focused on earnings, but also on spending quickly. In this period you are prone to purchasing and adrenaline. You will earn a lot, and unconsciously spend a lot too. Tip: Start a business that would be new, an additional source of income.


Sign or Ascendant in SAGITTARIUS

In this period Mars will be in the field of the horoscope that represents you personally. Your ambitions, activities and new ventures. You are becoming very restless, full of energy which is a great power, but also a potential danger. Don’t  rush into decisions that you haven’t thought well, don’t instantly do anything that you might regret later. You will be seducing the opposite sex. You impress with a directness that will certainly come and act as a magnet for others.

Sign or Ascendant in CAPRICORN

In this period Mars will be in your field of unconscious, field where we work to our own damage. Wrong decisions and bad luck are more than possible. Don’t agree to some supposedly good offers, don’t  allow yourself be involved in harmful and useless work, where you will only get used. Think several times what are the motives of people who give you offers.  Everything you foresee, and not react to prevent will result in loss or damage. Take care! 

Sign or Ascendant in AQUARIUS

In this period Mars will be in your field of friends, teams, clubs, organisations that you enter with your own free will. Great potential and will comes from a friend. If you are a member of a sports team, there's success. If you are part of big team projects, there are incredibly interesting and new ideas. You are full of will and plans for the future. Write down ideas you get because there will be so many of them.

Sign or Ascendant in PISCES

In this period Mars will be in your field of work, career, rise in life and realized goals. Ambition is now big and very real. Your effort and abilities will be noticed. You will receive an offer to accept the responsibility that will take you a couple more steps higher in the business environment. You are getting into the role of a leader; you manage a team of people or projects. This is your coming out of the shadow. Good luck!


HOROSCOPE: Mars in Sagittarius from March 7. to May 28. find out how it will affect your sign and ascendant