Zodiac signs and first date: Aries prefer spontaneous romance, Libra likes a concert or dancing

The first date with the person you like is important. However, what to say and do, is a question that troubles many people. Horoscope can help you with that, and here’s how…

Aries— Meeting style: Impulsiveness

Hot blood and passion of the conqueror - the main characteristics of the sign of Aries. Representatives of this sign prefer spontaneous romance. When it comes to dating, ‘rules’ or ‘patterns of behavior’ with creative and emotional Aries don't work. There’s no hint– already at first date Aries looks reserved, which certainly contributes to their attractiveness. This also applies to intimacy. ‘No intimacy on the first date’ - is out of dated and horrible stereotype for impatient Aries. They fall in love with a partner quickly and easily. They just love ‘haunting’: a flurry of messages, e-mails, agonizing waiting at the door - attention when they haunt someone makes them happy. The most important test for them - routine in a relationship.

Taurus— Meeting style: Traditional

Taurus will choose the pleasure, sensuality and tradition. Exceptional taste, wonderful restaurants, compliments - they want to love you and take care of you. Taurus lives for love: partner will have to accept routine obligations that will balance romantic nature. Taurus is one of those guys who can offer you the ultimate pleasure. His energy is enormous, which affects their partners in a very tempting way. How willing is a Taurus to share his love and passion? It directly depends on how much he’ll get in return. 

Gemini— Meeting style: Intelligence

Fun and flirting of a Gemini certainly can’t bore you. They are certain that the sexiest part of the body is the brain. Intelligent conversation and a great sense of humor - are their main assets. Date with them is like talking to a close friend - the only time that the proximity of interest can go into something more. They have the same enthusiasm and will accept the invitation to a bar and go to the cinema or a museum. Participation in conversation, communication is an important step on the road to great love with this sign. By the way, curious and talkative Gemini manifest themselves in bed - with ‘dirty’ talk and daring games. To them it only remains to find someone who is willing to take endless communication for a long time. 


Cancer— Love Style: Educated

The desire to connect with a partner on an emotional level is more pronounced, and it can catch the other side unprepared. However, if you are looking for a person that you want a serious relationship with, then this guy is definitely for you. If someone openly admits that he has loved you for years – in 99% of cases it’s Cancer. Representatives of this sign don’t play with the feelings of others. Deep conversation over dinner – that’s favorite activity of a Cancer. When it comes to intimacy - Cancer will completely open in bed when they are sure that their partner is fully committed.

Leo —  Love Style: Passionate

You need to love dramatic Leo from the first moment - and that's the only way you’ll be able to win his attention. ‘The king of the jungle is waiting for you to admire him. If you are ready to make praises to Leo and express your worship hundred times a day, you will stay in the game without a doubt and he will carefully take care of all your interests. Still, Leo can’t be called egocentric partner. Besides that, he is one of the few signs that respect monogamy and will not tolerate flirting on the side, even if the relationship has still not received an official status. 

First date and getting to know each other: How do different horoscope signs behave?

Virgo— Meeting Style: Thoughtful

Virgo has a reputation of a reliable, practical and flexible partner and this is obvious when you first meet them. Sign which is looking for constant advance in the direction of love. Fitness or ‘recreation’ are the perfect way to win over a Virgo. Virgo is looking for perfection in all areas, and that means that he or she has high standards in choosing a partner. But when it comes to the first date - Virgos appreciate romantic gestures. On the other hand, Virgo is full of surprises. One of them is modest behavior in public and the flame of passion in bed. But first, you must earn their trust for which they crave. 

Libra— Love Style: Attention

Just one thoughtful gesture (flowers, candies, love letters) is enough to win the heart of hopelessly romantic Libra. Libra is probably one of the most lovable zodiac signs; they just want to be in a relationship and solitude is hard for them. A perfect date for Libra is probably a concert or dancing and entertainment in a bar. This is a social sign on which you can spend time with pleasure. They don’t need the care of a ‘nurse’. After seeing how you behave, they are 100% compatible; they give themselves to the their partner with so much attention that they feel really special, both in the bedroom and out of it.

Scorpio— Meeting Style: Seductive

Passionate (not to say - lusty), Scorpios are not as simple as they look. They are looking for a deep emotional connection; they need a partner who stoically handles strike of love (there is no doubt that besides her it won’t be enough). According to a rule, Scorpios take initiative into their own hands when it comes to closeness. They love meeting people who understand and accept their changing moods and difficult character. It is necessary to accept the fact that they are in charge in bed, and on the first date they will take you to bed. Pretty aggressive behavior may be very interesting for the right partner - you never know what to expect from a Scorpio in the next moment. 

Sagittarius— Meeting Style: Adventure

They are looking for lovers with open, philosophical views, to whom sensual pleasures are not a new thing: sex in the open under the stars, movie in the original language - their soul seeks freedom and independence in all their manifestations. When it comes to meeting people, Sagittarius loves unusual. They will delight you and take you to the fair of organic products. Representatives of this sign hate predictability. The desire to gain new experiences often brings them to the bedroom (or somewhere else), on the first date already. They are not afraid to try something new, exciting and are open to experimenting.


Capricorn— Love Style: Perfect

One of the main features of Capricorn: financial and emotional stability. He is always ready for the long list of achievements. He is incredibly valuable, always strives for the goal knows exactly how and what he wants out of life. They want to see a lover with good taste by their side, the one who is willing to share with them the highest sensual pleasures. Capricorns don’t cheat when it comes to dating. If they love - it's a very strong feeling. If not? They don’t play with feelings of others, even during the first or temporary meeting – they are looking for someone with whom they can build a serious relationship. If the sparks didn’t appear, they wouldn't give you a second chance - they will look for a new partner. 

Aquarius— Meeting style: Exciting

Creative and talented Aquarius love to make love to random places. However, they don’t expect their love spontaneity to be revealed on a first date. In order to show their elove talents (they have plenty of them), they need to feel comfortable with their partner, and that can take quite a long time. Representatives of the element of water, definitely don’t fall in love easily and even, in the beginning, they may seem cruel and cold (read - calm and reasonable). Good news: If Aquarius behaves with you fun and relaxed as an old friend, you are on the right track. 

Pisces — Love style — Sensual

Pisces are very sensitive and loyal people, but they easily fall into a state of self-pity - which makes them ideal ‘victims’ for those who want a relationship just for physical contact. They are capable of traveling long distances to see their partners, so you can feel free to ask them to do it every week. Another characteristic of this sign - they can’t leave. If they don’t like their partner or date didn’t go well, they won’t talk about it, but will simply disappear.


First date and getting to know each other: How do different horoscope signs behave?