Horoscope warns: Three signs that are most likely to stay alone forever

Can you guess which horoscope signs simply can't settle down and enjoy love happiness...

If everyone could choose, not many people would make a willing choice to be alone. To most people ideal of happiness is a harmonious relationship with life partner fulfilled with children. In reality, many live completely different, with them there is no 'we', but only first person singular. And as the time goes by, it seems that it is permanent.

Something depends on life circumstances, and some things are due to horoscope sign in which a person is born. Take a look at which three signs may stay alone forever due to their troublesome nature...


Curious, almost childish nature is characteristic for representatives of this air sign. And it is precisely this great curiosity that makes them explore the world and meet most different people. Being communicative and friendly helps them in that. They rarely have any prejudices and that is exactly the one characteristic that often gets them into emotional trouble. 

For Gemini, it is characteristic too often choose for their partner a person who is emotionally unavailable or a person who is already in a relationship or married. If the first possibility is the case, they can suffer tremendously, but they do not give up because they believe that the other side will change eventually. The big problem with Gemini is that they have their head in the clouds so they can't see things realistically. This flaw is emphasized when they fall in love and enter relationship with someone who is already engaged. They believe that it's enough to be caring and patient and things will turn in their favor. Since this usually never happens, they lose an awful lot of time expecting what they do and end up completely wrecked.


The worst of all is that they want marriage and children, but in most cases they don't choose the right person to realize that. Since they are very sociable and they are literally everywhere, they meet a lot of people, some of whom they find interesting but they are drawn to them only for short. Even if they start family life with someone, their happiness is short-lived, because that person most often leaves this world due to sickness or an accident, and Gemini is alone again. 

Horoscope warns: Three signs that are most likely to stay alone forever


A true representative of a fire sign - energetic, fun and dynamic, so Leo conquers wherever he shows up. They are extremely talkative, so they attract the attention to the opposite sex, which makes it possible for them to have their greatest wish fulfilled- to be adored and admired. 

Relationships that Leo enters are often just about sex, even though the other side often expects something more. Leo is a true heartbreaker and doesn't pay much attention to who may get hurt, even if it's a person they have children with. However, and this is a rule, there is always someone who is fatal for him. Then, he is able to offer the world to this person, makes crazy surprises and demonstrates his love in very unusual ways. As much intensive and full of passion this relationship is, Leo eventually stays completely wrecked, because the other side can't handle his impulsiveness, hasty decisions and excessive adventurism.

Actually, the big problem for Leo is that he would like the person that he loves to be always there for him, and yet he believes to function the best when nothing is holding him back. Regardless all the relationships and flings that come after this one fatal love, he most often spends his old age lonely, thinking about how his life would be completely different had they stayed together. 



Representatives of this air sign are extremely intelligent and eloquent, which in combination with their indisputable charm makes them almost irresistible. However, in their case that is not a precondition to being happy and emotionally fulfilled.

As much as they can give good advice to others when it comes to love problems, that much they rush into disaster when it comes to themselves. They always listen to their heart and often engage in relationships with those who are not suitable for a quality emotional relationship. Even though Aquarius knows this from the start, her hazardous nature makes her stay in that story because she is interested in seeing how things end.  

They can't be tactical at all, and they give themselves to their partner not 100 but 200 percent. Even when they enter the seemingly  normal emotional story, her partner usually has a problem with her open mind and the fact that she sees word different than most people. Once she feels that the other side is trying to tie and restrain her, she may try to adjust for a while, but most often she runs away as fast as she can. She will do it even if she starts her own family, because to her idyllic picture to show to the world is not as important as her own freedom. She doesn't want to play according to anyone's rules, but to live on her own, and in most cases, solitude is the price that she pays for it. 


Horoscope warns: Three signs that are most likely to stay alone forever