HOROSCOPE REVEALS: What does it mean when HE doesn't call! And you just got together...

Every one of us has at least once experienced sitting on needles and pins waiting for a guy to call back after a perfect date.

 But the phone is silent. Stars claim that the reason for this could be characteristics of his horoscope sign.


You can be sure of one thing – if Aries hasn't called you, it's not because he lost your number, or forgot to write it down, but only because he has found someone who is more interesting to him. He is simply not that into you. 

Members of this sign are honest and direct, so they probably won’t play games too much. That’s why you will already know during your first date whether he is seriously interested in you, or he’s with you simply because there is no one better for him at the moment. If Aries is interested in you, he'll call you. If not that same night, then early in the morning. If he doesn’t call by then, don’t expect his call- it won’t happen.


If he asked for your number, Taurus wants to call you but he is too slow and too lazy to do it. He'll wait for three days; then he’ll wait for a few more days so he doesn’t look too intrusive. When he finally finds his courage and calls you in a couple of weeks or a month, you won’t even remember who he is. Even when he’s totally crazy about someone, Taurus will find it very hard to make the first step, so if you think that he might be interested, take initiative and call him first. Just be careful not to be too intrusive because you may scare him and make him run. 



If a Gemini doesn't call you the same day, or the next day the latest,  you can be sure he will never call. This scatterbrain easily loses attention, so for him the key moments are immediately after the acquaintance because he will meet someone new who will tickle his imagination very quickly. Don’t hesitate to take the initiative and call him first. It is possible that distracted Gemini simply forgot under which name he saved your number, since he has a thousand contacts in his mobile, and he will consider it great that you are an open-minded modern woman who is not afraid to initiate a date.


If a Cancer doesn't call you, don't think straight away that this is because he doesn't think you are attractive or that he finds you boring. He just needs a lot of time even to ask for someone's number; for him even that is a big step. He is usually gathering his courage for at least five days, so if he somehow with a help from his friends eventually does call you, it means you made quite an impression on him. In meanwhile, you've already lost both your nerves and your will. Still, give him a chance, because once he relaxes Cancer becomes this attentive and gentleman that every woman would like to have by her side.


Leo loves the hunt and seduction, so he often takes numbers of a couple of attractive women or girls. If you don't hear from him, he probably met someone whom he finds more attractive and more interesting than you. Still, don't get upset because of that because Leo is often superficial and falls only for looks and shine.  

HOROSCOPE REVEALS: What does it mean when HE doesn't call! And you just got together...


Man Virgo is not a player, so if he asks for your number, he is definitively going to call. Before that he will ask you when is a good time for you, until what time you are at work, what time do you go to sleep, so he doesn't call you at a bad time. If he doesn't call you after he promised he would, two options are possible- either his phone got stolen (because he never loses his things), or he's been analyzing the whole situation too much and he's found you a flaw due to which you wouldn't function well as a couple. It would be best to call you the next day, because that way he won't have enough time for splitting hairs.


Libra is a player whose favourite hobby is collecting phone numbers of attractive women, so if he's taken yours as well, it doesn't mean he's going to call. This man likes having more options, so if he hasn't called you, he's probably found somebody else. It is also possible that he is already in a relationship, and he was interested only in a flirt from the start, and exchanging numbers was just a play so he doesn't hurt your feelings.  


With this passionate man there’s no reluctance and dilemma; If he likes you -  he will call you, if he doesn’t find you interesting - he won’t. It is that simple. Frankly, this man is obsessed with sex, so in some cases he may contact you exclusively with this motive. If you want something more permanent, don’t rush into bed with a Scorpio. Be patient and wait to see if he is interested in you or just for a wild game in bed.


Sagittarius is a fire sign, and all the men of that element enjoy hunting, excitement and new experiences. He is charming, attractive and open, so it’s not difficult for him to approach the woman he likes, and the positive thing is that he has good intentions so he probably won’t have any hidden motives. If Sagittarius asks for your number, he sincerely wants to see you again, at least at that moment. He will text you that same evening, and tomorrow he may invite you for a bike ride or a walk in a romantic location. If he doesn’t do it within two days, it is possible that he simply forgot about you because he met another woman, and there is also the option that he lost his mobile phone because he is so clumsy.



You can be proud if Capricorn asks for your number because he took it with the intention to call you. This man is serious and he doesn't want to play games, so expect his call in two to three days, because he estimated that that's enough time not to make him look too interested. If he doesn't call you, it is possible that something that he couldn't have influenced is in question, for example, he lost his phone or an unexpected problem has occurred. In that case, he will be considerate enough to apologize to you later.


Aquarius will have no problem asking for your number, but it doesn't mean anything. With him you can't know for certain if he wants to hang out with you only as a friend, or he is attracted to you romantically. If he doesn't call you, don't take it too personal, because he probably forgot about it. If he remembers to call you, which can be two weeks later, that's where the adventure starts because it will take a lot of time to define the nature of your relationship in the first place. This man is capable of calling you a friend even if you sleep at his place every night; you have a drawer full of your things in his apartment including a toothbrush. The illusory sense of freedom is crucial for him.


This is one of the rare men whose excuses like 'I lost my cell phone' or 'I didn't get the number right' are actually true. This distracted and confused guy is really prone to losing stuff and forgetting, so not calling you doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Only in rare cases, he didn't call you because he is engaged and you were just a flirt, a person in whose company he felt desirable before he went back to his partner.  


HOROSCOPE REVEALS: What does it mean when HE doesn't call! And you just got together...