Horoscope: Why and how men cheat

Why and how men cheat: Gemini cheat intellectually, fiery Aries craves for excitement, Scorpio loves intrigue ...


Men born in the sign of Aries have a too big ego, they need attention and it is very easy to undermine their confidence. Many of them flirt just to confirm that they are still attractive. Although this is a fiery sign, a lot of Aries actually runs away from forbidden relationships. They will consider cheating only if their partner has been unfaithful, which actually testifies about their great vanity.


They are known as extremely loyal horoscope sign, but they can cheat very easily, even if they only assume that their partner was unfaithful. The Taurus decide to cheat if they are getting a little love, touch and attention. Cheating completes the feeling of loneliness that this gentle and loving sign feels. Therefore, nurture your relationship with Taurus and don’t let them feel neglected, and they will be faithful to you.


With this sign lust is not a motivator, they practice intellectual cheating more than sex. This restless sign loves excitement and games that take place in intimate conversations. Also, when the Gemini feel neglected and lonely, they look for a similar spirit so that they have something to do. In their case, it is not true that opposites attract, but only and exclusively similarities.



Partners born in the sign of Cancer are very loyal, tend to feel guilt, so the motivation for cheating is not high. Children of the Moon only have a problem with self-confidence and are under the great influence of a person who comes along their way at the moment when they feel empty and need ‘supplement’. However, it is unlikely that this would happen, and you can expect complete loyalty from your Cancer partner.


Fiery Leo craves excitement. They love to be the center of attention. Some of them are naturally eager for sex and believe that they are the best lovers in the world, so they tend to tempt female sex in order to prove it to them. Leo is incredibly sensitive to a midlife crisis, so it is not uncommon to have younger partners, even up to twenty years younger than themselves, because of their desire to feel young.

Horoscope: Why and how men cheat


Who would have thought that these are potential cheaters? In their case physical cheating is not a necessity, but mental affair certainly is. This sign is also prone to feel guilt. However, the most common reason for cheating is pure frustration that occurs when they realize that the effort they put in the relationship was not worth it. Then, disappointed, they start to cheat and find comfort in meaningless affairs.


Libras love to please. Men born in the sign of Libra have strict principles and take commitment seriously, so they are not included in the list of potential cheaters. However, to Libra, it is difficult to say ‘no’, which is kind of dangerous. But since Libra believes for each love that it is eternal and destined, it is unlikely that they will cheat. On the other hand, don’t let them find new, eternal love while in a relationship with you.


Passionate and mysterious Scorpio has a bad reputation when it comes to loyalty. Since they radiate sex appeal, they will often be accused of cheating even when they are not. Men born in this sign belong to the category of those who yearn for excitement and love intrigues. They have strong physical appetites, which they often can’t restrain. On the other hand, they are very vindictive if their partner cheats on them.


The Sagittarius are special in many ways. Besides the fact that they crave excitement, they never settle for what they have, and so they always wonder whether there is a new, passionate lover waiting around the corner. The problem arises the moment their innocent flirting turns into something more. However, they start panicking when things get serious which is why they really try to be faithful in a serious relationship.


When there is a lack of respect and love in a relationship, a problem arises with self-confidence with the Capricorn. Divided opinions of members of the same sign lead to the conclusion that some see sex as something ‘dirty and exciting’, others say that caring kills the desire for adventure. Another sign which is torn between its own guilt, which makes them prone to self-control when it comes to ‘prohibited’ passion.



The Aquarius long for the great amount of attention and the feeling that they are needed. Actually, the Aquarius are often cheated on because their partners need romance. On the other hand, they don’t need a classic romance because just like Gemini, Aquarius are prone to intellectual affairs, more than a sexual encounter or physical contact. And this actually can be much worse than just sex.


The main motivator of this sign is confidence. Like Leos, Pisces can become unsettled at their older age. When they realize that life is short, they suddenly don’t want to grow old often wondering ‘Where is the magic?’. Also, just like Scorpio, this sign is attracted by mystery and intrigue. Always romantic, they tend to believe that a hot flirt with a new person may be their destiny.


Horoscope: Why and how men cheat