LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR SEPTEMBER 2016: possible marriage for Pisces and Libra, extremely stressful period for Aquarius and Gemini

Love horoscope for September 2016: Discover what's expecting you at the very end of summer and beginning of the fall on the emotional plan, how much will the planets be on your side when it comes to love and if you are going to be affected by Solar and Lunar eclipse on September 16.


Most planets will be in the upper half of your natal chart in September, which means that for you emotional and family relationships will come in the first place. You should be ready to finally resolve some disagreements with your partner that have been there for some time. The position of the planets will be such that you will be extremely emotionally strong, thanks to the western part of your natal chart and the 7th house which is related to love and marriage. This means that certain Aries will decide to get married in this period.


The strength of your planet will be concentrated in the southern part of your natal chart in September, and your career will be less important to you. You will be pretty flexible in relations with other people, especially with potential partners who could lead to a lot of pleasant situations and moments in this period.


When it comes to love, you will be guided more by heart and you will ignore the logic. Still, everything will work out fine and you can expect many romantic moments, and this especially goes for Gemini who is in a relationship or married. However, relationships that are not stable could end exactly in this period, while those in stable emotional relationships will start thinking about having a baby.



September will be quite interesting and challenging for members of this sign, so it would be a good idea to arm yourself with emotional strength and to be more flexible in order to get what you desire. Mostly everything will revolve around emotional and family relationships, and some of you could be surprised by happenings in the third decade of the month.


Single Leos will be thinking about a good time and flirting more than about serious relationship during this month, and they will have more than enough opportunities for that. Women Leos should pay more attention to their intimate health because it could come to unplanned pregnancy.

LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR SEPTEMBER 2016: possible marriage for Pisces and Libra, extremely stressful period for Aquarius and Gemini


During September you will be bursting with confidence and you will magnetically attract everyone around you. This especially goes for single members of this sign. However, most Virgos in this period will not be thinking about a serious commitment to a partner, having fun and casual relationships will be their priority. In any case, they will have many chances to realize their ideas.


During September most planets are located in the eastern part of your natal chart so now it is the ideal moment to realize what you really want in life and to bravely start with the realization of your desires. Your destiny is in your hands only, and Jupiter enters your sign at the end of the month which will bring you extra confidence and many benefits.


Single men born in this sign will try to combine work and love. Married Scorpios could enjoy with their spouse if they don't nag a lot and accept them for who they are. Since this month will be full of passion, it is very possible that there will be (un)planned pregnancy.



To members of this sign it is essential to be mentally strong and emotionally stable during September because they are about to face radical changes. No, don't be afraid because everything will eventually be all right. Your ruling planet moves into the sign of Libra, which will allow your love life to be much better than in the previous period.


During September career will be in the first place for you but that doesn't mean that you will give up on love in these 30 days. The very beginning of the month will be extremely productive for new emotional relationships, which could give you a boost and further inspire you to be more successful at work when you're focused on the career.


Dear Aquarians, this will be a great month for you! Most planets are located in the upper half of your natal chart, which will especially reflect on your career advancement. But this doesn't mean that your love life will be put on hold ...


Solar eclipse could, on the first day of September, bring engaged Pisces either in a relationship or married ones, increased level of stress and problems in emotional relationships. However, true love will endure and survive this test.

LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR SEPTEMBER 2016: possible marriage for Pisces and Libra, extremely stressful period for Aquarius and Gemini