YOU EITHER LOVE HIM OR YOU HATE HIM: This horoscope sign ALWAYS knows MORE about you than you do about him!

So much mystery surrounds them. They have wonderful intensity, which explains why we love them at one moment, and the next we can hate them.

There are many things to know about Scorpio, especially if you are in a relationship with them.

Here are some of their special characteristics.

1. They love deeply

When they are in love, it's with fierce intensity. But first, they must lower their almost impenetrable armor. They very carefully choose who they will give their heart to. Their biggest fear is that they will be betrayed once they open their heart.

That's why they are constantly testing their partners, Scorpio wants to be sure his partner is worthy of him. When he chooses a loved person, that is a serious decision, he plans to stay with his partner and love him until death parts them.

2. They are full of intensity

Scorpio enjoys socializing but doesn’t like superficial conversations. When they meet a person at a party, they can be both introverted and extroverted, depending on the topic of conversation that attracts their interest. When they feel good, they are engaged and in a good mood, and show their great sense of humor.

When they deal with someone, they like to come straight to the core of conversation and talk about deep and meaningful topics. They don’t waste time chatting or blabbing. Don’t ask a Scorpio what he thinks of something unless you are ready for a very direct and sometimes non-tactical answer.

3. They are fun

Scorpio has a sharp sense of humor, which can be offensive to some people, but funny to others. If you are sensitive, it can shock you or hurt your feelings.

Their intelligence and style of humor give you the opportunity to see the irony in any topic that you have discussed. They can shake up every gathering with their shocking comments.

YOU EITHER LOVE HIM OR YOU HATE HIM: This horoscope sign ALWAYS knows MORE about you than you do about him!

4. They are incredibly resourceful and never give up

There is no sign in the zodiac that is more resourceful than Scorpio. They are persistent and will accept every challenge, never giving up until they achieve their goal.

For them, giving up is not an option, especially if they are in a romantic pursuit.

5. You can trust them with your secrets

By nature, Scorpios are very mysterious, they never fully reveal their deepest and darkest secrets. They are loyal and reliable. They do not appreciate curious people who are trying to dig for secrets in their life.

Nevertheless, they have amazing exploring abilities. So, if you keep secrets, they will find out. This gift makes them excellent researchers, detectives and spies.

6. They need to have everything under control

Scorpios are natural leaders who want to take control so that things can take place the way they want them to. Then they feel comfortable and safe. If things get out of their control, it causes a lot of stress. Ironically, their need for control is their strength and their weakness. On the one hand, it allows them to accomplish a lot.

On the other hand, this can lead to a struggle for power in relations with a partner (or authority). If necessary, they will reach for all kinds of manipulation to make sure they got you under control. Even if they set things the right way to make you feel like you're in charge - you're actually not.

7. They are mysterious

At one moment they can seem open and expressive, and then in the next they become silent and mysterious. They are never boring. They are fascinated by the darker side of life and enjoy searching for answers to deepest questions and the darkest secrets of people, places or things.

They love the under world and can be fascinated by crime, death, horror, and even the occult. They enjoy exploring other people, but they will often respond with mysterious behavior if they are not ready to answer the questions they are asked.

When you go on a date with a Scorpio, you may feel as if he knows more about you than you do about him. Scorpios love forensic television shows like CSI.


8. They have a volcanic nature

Scorpios do not break easily. However, when this happens, expect an earthquake of 8.6 on the Richter scale. Due to their controlled nature, they may appear to be calm, but if they are disturbed by someone in a deeply personal way, such as the betrayal of their trust, they will erupt like a volcano and show the anger like you may have never seen before.

Their language becomes lethal, and the other person will feel the famous Scorpio’s sting. If you betray them, they will forgive you, but they will never forget it. They are considered masters of revenge and are known to wait for the right moment to execute their vengeance patiently. Don’t ever double-cross a Scorpio.

9. They have strong psychological abilities

Scorpios are among psychologically most sensitive signs of the zodiac. They are very clever, and they can capture the feelings and emotions of a person to the extent that they know what she thinks before she opens her mouth at all. It seems as if they have built-in lie detectors when someone is not honest with them.

Santa Claus is not the only one who knows if someone was naughty or good. Scorpios come in second place. They are persistent in their quest for the truth, which is why they make brilliant spies.