HOROSCOPE SIGNS IN BAD MOOD: Capricorn doubts existence of happiness, for Sagittarius and Leo, depression is mostly a strange phenomenon

While Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn often give in to melancholy 


Aries are active, fiery and full of energy, so they are often on the verge of exhaustion. In the absence of the expected success, they feel empty and may be subjected to depressive mood. Aries have to afford themselves moments of silence where they can forget about everyday life. They hide their gentle soul behind too many obligations, so they can freely release their emotions without fear that your close ones will think of you as of a weak person.


Your inner peace primarily depends on the behavior of your partner and family. When bad days are coming, you are looking for security, but that doesn't mean that you should let your happiness depend on others. When you are sad and prone to dark thoughts, the best way to establish the inner balance is in contact with nature. Take a walk, breathe in the smell of grass, trees, flowers, watch the birds and animals and you will be better.


You are in constant search for your own happiness, but it often happens that you can't find her. When you realize that you are left empty-handed, disappointment takes you over, and then no one can convince you that your efforts weren't in vain. At such moments, you should start doing something  completely new. Pay attention to someone who can help, maybe a helpless animal that needs your attention.



Because you always have to worry about others and solve other people's problems, you suppress your desires and needs. You are depressed because you can't help everyone around you. Explain yourself, your partner and children that you have a life and that you need an hour or a day just for yourself. Don't suppress all your worries deep inside yourself, feel free to talk to someone you trust, a partner, friend, sister.


You're used to shining, and always be in the spotlight. You expect everyone to take care of you. If this doesn't succeed, don't blame your partner, colleagues, fate. Business success can help you overcome a difficult situation, but it is only a substitute for true happiness. You need a partner who will love you. Entertain yourself with sport, exercise a little, soak up the rays of the sun because they are your elixir of life.

HOROSCOPE SIGNS IN BAD MOOD: Capricorn doubts existence of happiness, for Sagittarius and Leo, depression is mostly a strange phenomenon


You are objective, realistic, wise and practical, many think that you take blows of fate easily by not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by emotions. But you may 'go down', perhaps because you lack peace of mind which is why you'll allow yourself some mistakes. Nobody's perfect, not even you. In moments of depression, talk doesn't help. Try physically exhausting work.


Your permanent desire for harmony is in constant conflict with the struggles that life brings, self-affirmations and conflicts of opinion. Representatives of your peaceful character avoid conflicts. However, you are not aware that it's all your fault. Therefore, you need to say loudly and clearly what's on your mind, because that's the only way to feel better. Music is medicine for your soul.


You know how to deal with depression, because it is the dark side of life that is 'embedded' with Scorpios. Even melancholy is sometimes irresistibly attractive to you. You unconsciously attract people around you, with your dark depths, which you can handle, but many can't. So, don't judge those who are not like you. You defend yourself from a seemingly hopeless situations with your sense of humor.


You are known as an eternal optimist, but you lack a gift for overcoming severe mood out of desperate situations. When you are in danger or experience a business failure, you may be suspicious of everyone, even yourself. Don't let bad mood win, restore faith in yourself. Don't expect material gain to make you happy, there is something much more valuable, inner satisfaction.


Capricorn sees everything so black and often doubts that happiness exists. For some reason, that only you know, you can feel bad things before they come and you can't get rid of dark thoughts so easily. But when you find yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation, you are stronger than others. Try to be more relaxed, hang out with friends, adopt a dog or a cat. Since you can't change the others, accept them for who they are.



Your ruler Uranus keeps pushing you forward and you are constantly encouraged to change something in your life, even to turn it upside down. Your life's engine is constantly running, and therefore it will quickly 'fall apart'. If this happens, you will be exhausted and unhappy, just one step from depression and discouragement. You need the kind of relaxation where you will be able to turn yourself off completely, but you need to avoid total isolation.


You are an emotional person and therefore sympathy and antipathy towards people close to you, have the most influence on your decisions. You are most affected by injustice, it is difficult for you to forgive and forget. Try to consciously forgive those who did something 'unforgivable', until you convince yourself that you are not angry, not even with your enemies.