Alcoscope: You can drink with Pisces if you have money; with Scorpio only if s/he likes you

Have you ever heard of alcoscope? It is an amusing theory that estimates when and how much you like to drink.

Aries – Impulsive Arians like to have fun and sometimes don't know when to stop. Their competitive spirit makes compete who can drink more shots till the end. When they drink, they are entertaining. When they got drunk, you can find out everything you want to know, and what they wouldn't say when sober.  

Taurus – They like to drink small amounts of alcohol, which usually make them tipsy. When completely drunk, Taureans are a walking stampede. They often spill their drinks on others, and can be very unpleasant. They like to be the center of attention, so it is good to take them to a karaoke bar. The fun is guaranteed.

Gemini – They are entertaining which means they can drink without changing his usual behavior. Even when drunk, Geminis are in the mood to talk, but their attention is scattered in all directions. Sometimes they will not even realize that they are drunk. They can flirt with several people at the same time, and in every round, they order a different drink because they do not like monotony.


Cancer – Gentle souls who usually drink for consolation. They will have few glasses of wine after dinner, as well as several beers after work. Just like other water signs, they have to be careful not to overdo the drinking. They are great in party crashing to VIP or secret events. In their glamorous style, Cancers are never completely drunk, but “tired and emotional”. But, there is nothing better than drinking a bottle of red wine with your favorite Cancer.

Leo – Leos like to drink and dance if they can dance at all. When drunk, they are cuddly and sweet, but they never lose the sense of how they behave. They are aware of their limits and they do not want to lose control. When they have few drinks more they flirt, but they never cross lines. The day after they try to make it up for things s/he potentially had done.

Alcoscope: You can drink with Pisces if you have money; with Scorpio only if s/he likes you

Virgo – They are known for being well-behaved, so they either don't drink much or drink carefully. That means that they usually take care which drinks they take. They rarely lose control, but when they do, it is a spectacle. They are funny and flirty thanks to the fact that, when drunk, they do not think much and do not pay attention to details. 

Libra – Libras will often say that they drink for fun and to socialize. They really like parties, flirting and meeting new people. Alcohol reveals the good side in some of them; bad side in others, Libras will flirt with everyone in the room. And, getting wasted is not strange to them at all.


Scorpio – Don't you ever tell Scorpio that s/he had enough. S/he'll get offended and continue drinking until they’re completely hammered. Scorpios like to drink, and if you do not like it, keep away from them. Generally speaking, they are great company for drinking, you will have great conversations and flirt in a special way. They will also remember everything you have ever done, so you should drink only with those Scorpios who like you.

Sagittarius - Proverb "In vino veritas" can apply to them. When they get drunk, they will tell you everything, including their and any other secrets they know. But apart from that, it is interesting to drink with them. Famous party animals such as Frank Sinatra, Keith Richards and Anna Nicole Smith were Sagittarians. They are people who talk to everybody, and who can convince you to do whatever they want. So do not get surprised if, during a spree with a Sagittarius, you end up in a foreign country or at least in an unknown neighborhood. 

Capricorn – They are usually practical, eager for money and social status, so it is not surprising that they don't often attend parties. However, this is the sign under which Elvis Presley, Annie Lennox and David Bowie were born, which means that Capricorns can have fun. They are true rock stars, independent, powerful and charismatic. They are either completely into, or completely out of everything that happens around them. 

Aquarius – Aquarians and alcohol do not go together. When they are drunk, they believe that they know everything. If they came up with an idea, they would not give up until they carry it out. But, it they are throwing a party or planning a night out, they are preoccupied with details and cannot relax. Aquarians like drunken people, they adore talking to them. There is nothing strange in a conversation between a sober Aquarius and an interesting drunk person. 

Pisces – If you're born under this sign, you probably know that you share it with some of the biggest addicts of all time. Not only that Pisces wonder off into this world of dreams, but they can easily get used to it. Who needs such an expensive combination? On the other hand, they are really great, fascinating partners.  With Pisces, an evening can start with drink and end with sex. The phrase „ addictive personality“ can be interpreted in different ways.