What’s your inner strength? (QUIZ)

Everyone has their charisma that makes them special and gives them something unique. If you properly start your inner strength,

you can positively influence the development of your personality, increase your endurance, and learn to accept your weaknesses properly, to fight them and build your happiness. If you are looking for answers to questions about how well you know your inner side and how you can use your inner, hidden energy to live your life to the fullest or the way you really want to, this is a test for you ... Answer honestly all the questions and discover if your inner strength is hidden under the influence of the Moon, the Sun, the Earth, or the stars, and what does it mean.

1. You are a child of:

a) Stars.

b) Earth.

c) Your parents.

d) Earth and the stars.


2. What gives you the greatest strength?

a) The love and attention that people feel for you.

b) The love that you feel for other people.

c) Your fight for most important goals and personal beliefs.

d) Mutual trust, appreciation, sense of belonging and attention - togetherness.


3. What do you think of the painting that attracted your attention at the exhibition?

a) This painting has mysterious meaning, it is hard to interpret it.

b) I would have painted it the same way, it suits me perfectly.

c) This painting is very decorative.

d) The artist and I are on the same wavelength - we feel the same.


4. For you life is:

a) The long and calm river which has its course.

b) Sea storm, with various surprises and wavy changes.

c) A series of opportunities for a new beginning that repeatedly appears.

d) The time of constant change, turmoil, movement.


5. For you emotions are:

a) A beautiful symphony made of gentle tones.

b) A delicious apple you bite with great enjoyment.

c) Closed book, always mysterious.

d) A magical picture in the color of happiness.


6. Which color, in your opinion, best describes the future of our planet?

a) Blue.

b) Red.

c) Gray.

d) Green.


7. You are alone in a bright and fresh starry night and you have the feeling of:

a) Loneliness or insecurity.

b) Power, you feel personal strength.

c) Cold and uncertainty.

d) Satisfaction - you are filled with some strange feeling of security.


8. For you love is:

a) Conquering and attracting another person.

b) Search for another person - your other half.

c) Feeling nostalgia – desire for someone.

d) Call for the joint merging of two beings.


9. You see the end of the century as:

a) A crisis of belief, which leads to some sort of conflict.

b) The opportunity for someone to grab you - awaiting a major change.

c) The period of turnovers, the beginning of a new time.

d) The time of great transformations and changes - new progress.


10. When you see a woman that radiates pleasure, you think:

a) Satisfaction is acquired with time and experience.

b) Satisfaction is a consequence of achieved victories, quality and successful life.

c) Family, friends and personal happiness provide a sense of satisfaction.

d) We become satisfied as soon as we accept ourselves or our ‘true self’ completely ... as we really are

What’s your inner strength? (QUIZ)



Your hidden power is under the influence of the Moon Personality: You are a caring person who thinks about others. When you are sure of someone's affection, you give in to feelings and give yourself too much. Strong side: You are very sensitive and have a strong ability to sympathize with others. You are incredibly capable of providing love and affection for people around you. Weak points: You are emotionally vulnerable and too sensitive. Love relationships: You tend to accept a subordinate position, especially in love. Goals: You are very charming and kind to others and the world around you, but you let the others have the power. It's time to ask for something for yourself in return, and get as much as belongs to you. Confirm your independence by participating in a team sport, in a joint action, in acting, and learn to say ‘no’. Your slogan: With a little love, everything can be achieved!


Your hidden power is under the influence of the Sun Personality: You know how to channel your energy to achieve priority goals and desires. By nature you are very passionate. You are able to put your thoughts and plans into action successfully. Strong side: You radiate energy, you are very brave, decisive and reliable. Weak points: Sometimes you manifest a kind of egocentrism, you want the power and with difficulty recognize true values that adorn other people. Love relationships: You strive for independence. Goals: You are completely committed to achieving what you want from life and constantly compete with others. For the personal well being and of those around you, it is necessary to lead a more balanced lifestyle: to listen more carefully to what others have to say, to be flexible enough to let more feelings into your life. Allow yourself something you have not planned. Your slogan: If you constantly pick the grass, it will never be able to grow enough - the old Chinese proverb.



Your hidden power is under the influence of the Earth Personality: You like to be in the background of your emotions - you are hiding. To achieve this, you need to get to know yourself well. Strong side: You have expressed self-awareness and sensitivity in you. Weak points: You are afraid to give yourself a chance to dream, and you lose a lot because of that, you miss various opportunities to enrich your life. Love relationships: You need independence and freedom - you feel suffocated when someone holds you back. Goals: Nature and all kinds of art, and artistic expression give you inspiration. Whenever you can you relax by reading, writing, or thinking. It's especially important to make friendships with different types of people and to learn from them. Your slogan: You can’t rise without the previous ground on which you have fallen.



Your hidden power is under the influence of stars. Personality: You act based on intuition, your creative power is in harmony with your heart or feelings and with your mind. You learned to accept yourself. You are like a cat that always lands on their feet. You give a lot, but also others give you a lot. Strong sides: You have charisma, you have a pronounced sense of humor and you are on the right path to achieve complete satisfaction in life. Weak points: Your balanced view of life is not clear enough to everyone. Love relationships: Trust and emotional devotion are priceless to you. Goals: Join a group or social project (humanitarian action, fight against prejudice, environmental protection), which will have a greater impact on other people's attitudes. Your slogan: We are here on this planet to discover our freedom and our true meaning.


What’s your inner strength? (QUIZ)