The End of the World: What the last moments in each sign's life would look like?

Some would try to move to another planet; others would spend their last moments making love.


ARIES is always ready for action. When they realize that nothing can be changed and that they cannot save the world, they will turn to passionate sex. They may call the person whom they remember to be the best lover they had, and spend the last moments with him/her. 

TAURUS will be shocked at first, and then try to stay alive. When they see that it is not possible, they will wish to spend the last moments of their lives with their partners. They will go to the most expensive hotel, and although always being concerned about money, they will even think about to pay for it.

GEMINI will be the first to know about the end of the world and do their best to survive. Everyone will call them, asking for advice.


CANCER, being very emotional, will first say goodbye to their friends and families, and refuse to go to a shelter. They will spend their last moments in their loving homes. 

LEOS will probably throw a going away party, open a bottle of champagne and count down last seconds of their lives laughing, singing and drinking, as if it was a New Year's Eve.

The End of the World: What the last moments in each sign's life would look like?

"Apocalypse, you said? Well, of course, I knew it would happen" – VIRGOS will think. They will probably have a bunker full of food and beverages.  Not just anybody will be invited there, only people who important to them.

LIBRA is going to be late for this important event, as usual. They will feel guilt for not being able to go to an important meeting, or a date do. But, Libras are not hysterical; they simply do not believe that the End of the World is likely to happen.

There is no disaster that SCORPIOS cannot survive, so why would it be any different with The End of the World. The last living creatures will be exactly them. They will be ready, and provide support for others.


SAGITTARIUS will defend his city, home and family, if that is even possible in this case. They will organize everything and try to find the best solution. Sagittarius is very self-confident, and many will want to have him by their side.

CAPRICORN will try to travel into space and find a planet where life is possible.

AQUARIUS will throw a party and invite everybody to enjoy sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. When they get awake in the morning, they won't be sure if the information about the end of the world is a dream or reality.

"There is no way that we all are going to die" – is the first thought of every PISCES. They are very optimistic and want to help others first, putting themselves in the last place.

The End of the World: What the last moments in each sign's life would look like?