When we think about our partner (or when we apply to a dating site), it has become customary to make at least a mental list of desirable qualities that we would like to find.

Honesty, intelligence and sense of humor are necessary items for everyone. Preferences regarding lifestyle go from the daily routine, through the choice of food to dreams about the future.

However, when we make such 'lists', we should ask ourselves how many of these items describe us.

Why are we doing this? Because the law of attraction says that we can't attract what we haven't got already. When we clean up our yard, so to speak, only then we are ready to find a person that we would like to let in. If and when you decide to try the game of dating (online or in real life), focus on achieving qualities that you hope you'll find in others. That way you will be fair to all the people you'll meet, and it also shows that you are the embodiment of what you are looking for. If you are looking for courage, don't be afraid.

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Online dating has become the norm in many cities in 2016. It is generally considered safe - as long as you are reasonable when it comes to this. But what if you are a reserved person who doesn't let others learn a lot about you? It is obvious that it will make things more difficult. Summon your courage, learn to find comfort in uncomfortable and believe that everything will be fine.


If you are looking for openness, reveal something about yourself

Some people compare representing yourself on a date with branding. In theory, what makes you unique will also be the most attractive quality for your audience. 'Personal branding' requires you to go deeply into yourself and find things that communicate directly with the people that you hope to attract. The vulnerability is a prerequisite for intimacy.

If you are looking for depth, don't focus on appearance

We all have an immature fantasy of our prince or princess based solely on pictures with good lighting, in perfect angles and sunny smiles. However, when we meet, we don't look exactly as the presentations we served - at least not all the time. Try to look at what lies beneath the surface.

If you are looking for curiosity, ask questions

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How many times have you met someone, and then listened to an hour monologue? Don't be one of those people. Ask questions and show interest. Many of us love to talk about ourselves, but there needs to be reciprocity. If this doesn't happen, some people leave feeling ignored.

If you are looking for honesty, tell the truth

People can lie about anything they want. Age, looks, work - why not? Well, none of us wants a relationship based on lies, so set things straight. Tell the truth always.