If you lived through these seven moments together, you would never break up

The relationship between man and woman becomes stronger after experiencing important moments because that's how they discover common interests. Experiencing important moments and discovering common interests will help you and your partner realize whether you were made for each other and after that nothing will stand in the way of your happiness.

Talks before going to bed

You may not realize it, but talking to your partner before you fall asleep is incredibly important and also one of the most intimate moments in a relationship. Open talks strengthen the emotional connection between lovers and give them the opportunity to exchange impressions, feelings and emotions they experienced during the day.

Besides that, small hours are the best for dreaming and planning a future together. If you don't live together, you can use modern electronic devices to talk.

Meeting your partner's family

One of the scariest moments in a relationship is meeting your partner's parents. This shows that the level of trust between lovers is high and that their intentions are pure and sincere.

Meeting your partner's family will open your eyes and make you look at things from another angle. Only then will you realize how much your partner loves you.


Birth of a child

This moment is much more significant and intimate than the previous one. The birth of a child rises relationship to a higher level, gives lovers a new meaning of life, new feelings and emotions, as well as a new level of responsibility. People sometimes say that the birth of a child can destabilize the relationship between partners and break the harmony, but this can only happen when love between them is not real.

If you lived through these seven moments together, you would never break up

When you realize that doing nothing together is a great thing

Realizing this fact is not a sign of aging or depression. It is a sign that partners find spending time at home pleasant and interesting. Although it is great to lead an active life, fill it with different colors and live the breathtaking moments, it's healthy to slow occasionally down.

Many couples can't imagine life without flowers, surprises and exciting moments. Sooner or later, they become disappointed in their life, because it is not always wine and roses. Partners become a real couple only when they realize that when they have each other - that's all they need for happiness.

When you manage to overcome insurmountable obstacles together

One of the biggest challenges is building a healthy and successful relationship. All couples go through quarrels, misunderstandings and difficult situations. They are crucial in testing the strength of the relationship between the partners.

Couples who have gone through dark times together, respect and love each other more than those who solved their problems with breaking up. If you and your partner are facing insurmountable obstacles, you must do everything in your power to solve this together. Your efforts will strengthen your relationship because problems bring people together.


When you realize that the only one you want is your partner

At the beginning of a relationship, the relation between partners is often not strong enough and many of them find it hard to resist the urge to have sex outside the relationship. In time, partners get used to each other emotionally and physically. If they are satisfied with sex, they don't feel the need to cheat or live a double life. As soon as you realize that you are sexually satisfied and your partner comes first, then you are ready for a much bigger step - marriage.

When you take the side of your partner no matter what

When you are both willing to take a bullet for each other and without thinking to take the side of your partner, your love is real. You still love your close ones, but subconsciously you realize that he is the most important part of your life.

Strong and pure love sometimes makes people blind to justice, honesty and decency. The main thing is not to cross the limits. If you sided with your partner even when it is obvious that he is wrong, help him and explain that what he is doing is wrong.


If you lived through these seven moments together, you would never break up