The most persistent in love are Cancer and Pisces, the least stable are Air signs

Air signs are, by their nature, more careless than other signs; water signs are the most dedicated.

 Loyalty is a characteristic of earth signs; passionate love for fire signs. .

Aries leaves the moment the passion disappears
Arians usually fall in love fast, intensively and with whole their hearts. The relationship with them is dynamic and passionate, and their feelings extremely deep. Yet, they are very reckless in love; fights with them are pretty often, so the vicious circle of arguing and conciliation can last for a long time. Or, until the passion is gone. As soon as it happens, they end the relationship and seek for someone else. They can settle only with someone who is a persistent challenge for them.

Taurus doesn't like to leave
It can be said that Taureans are the real embodiment of loyalty and faithfulness. They won't get attached to just anybody, but when they let someone near them, they intend to keep him to the rest of their lives. However, the important thing in the relationship is sex, and if it doesn't function right, it is possible that they will cheat. Yet, they will never admit that to their partner, nor they will leave him.

Gemini doesn't leave but gives others reason to
Members of this sign are generally very loyal and doesn't like to leave, but they can test their partner to the extremes. Sometimes they torture him/her by flirting with others, and give him/her reason to leave them. The only way to keep them in a relationship is to keep them occupied, for example, to make them jealous for a change.


Cancer is the happiest if s/he gets attached to one person for whole life
Members of this sign do not like suspiciousness, uncertainty, and insecurity in love. They tend to be in long relationships, and it is not rare that they stay forever with their first love. Still, they can be very demanding, jealous and uncertain, and, by that, push away their partner. Generally, they are faithful in marriage.

Leo's relationships usually last from one to two years
Leos are usually cautious about entering a relationship, they do not fall in love easily. But, when they are sure that they have won the object of their desire, they give themselves in entirely. But, it is in their nature that they get bored easily, so their relationships last from one to two years. Leos are serious monogamists, and they can be kept only by someone to whom they trust completely, and who can entertain them.

The most persistent in love are Cancer and Pisces, the least stable are Air signs

Virgo respects the security of long-term relationships
Members of this practical and stubborn sign enjoy the most at the beginning of the relationship when they seduce and conquer their partner. They can be loyal and faithful for a very long time; they usually do not cheat, because they are sign that is not focused on sex. They will settle in a relationship that provides emotional and material security, as well as respect.

Libra's relationships are based on friendship
One of the most devoted signs of the Zodiac is Libra; their long relationships are based on friendship. But, even those relationships have good and bad phases, which, sometimes, can endanger the relationship itself. They will settle with a partner who satisfies them in sex, and supports them socially.  

Scorpio is one of the most devoted signs
Despite the fact that this sign is driven by his erotic energy; it is one of the most faithful signs. Being very charismatic and attractive, their partners will face many challenges. And jealousy. It will end a great number of Scorpio's relationship, and s/he will settle by a self-confident partner to whom they can trust.


Sagittarius thinks a lot before he settles
Members of this sign are hesitant on emotional issues; they are never sure about their love choices. They avoid commitments, and are very fickle in love; they will settle with a partner who let them keep their freedom. They are prone to cheating, and when they cheat, they will do anything to hide it from their partner. 

Capricorn expects utter devotion
Members of this sign are very traditional and find it hard to connect with someone, but if they do, they think it will last forever. They expect utter devotion and faithfulness from their partner; if you cheat on them, they will feel betrayed and leave you immediately. Perfect sex and children are the bonds that keep Capricorn in the relationship.

Aquarius needs a constant challenge
Aquarians are rather restless by their nature, so they do not stay with people who are not amusing enough, or do not present any challenge. Diversity is their favorite lifestyle, and they normally have many partners throughout their lives. Still, they can devote and fall in love, but that breaks if they have to assimilate. They will settle with a partner whom they never feel boring with.

Pisces are the most faithful sign of the Zodiac
Members of this sign are considered to be the embodiment of loyalty and faithfulness, so they would, if they could, stay with one person whole their life. In love, they are persistent, romantic, and devoted; they will leave only if they are so frustrated that they cannot take it anymore.

The most persistent in love are Cancer and Pisces, the least stable are Air signs