Bad characteristics of horoscope signs: Gemini is prone to lying, Aquarius is cold calculate elitist

Each sign in the Zodiac has a dark side, possibility to be corrupted and mean.

What bad traits you have according to the horoscope and what type of malice suits you best?


Aries – Fiery drama queens


Since the Aries are ruled by the belligerent Mars, they can easily lose temper, and they are ready for a clash at the first sign of a potential conflict. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to avoid their haste and fiery temper, as well as their contempt, which happens only when someone else takes their attention away from the current conflict. Only in this case, you can avoid their vengeance because they are able to plan for long how to pay you back carefully, says Elite Daily.


Taurus - Eclipse of the mind


There is a great danger in calm and distant Taurus’s attitude. People who don’t know them so well will say that they are cold and that they never get upset. But that is so not true. The Taurus just have a high level of tolerance. They can withstand a lot of rages, but when they reach the end of their nerves, they literally explode and no matter who surrounds them or what made them angry - everyone will get a piece of their mind. Then it's smart to run.


Gemini - Liar to the core


Gemini has a problem with credibility, which means they will often say something that they don’t even know whether it’s true or not. And sometimes they will lie without regret. The reason for this inability to stick to the facts is in their nature that their truth is something that constantly changes the shape and depends on their mood. Even though they are not generally evil, their lack of self-awareness allows them to behave moody and sometimes inadequate.


Cancer - They will wear your skin as a coat


Cancers can be very possessive. They have a great need for love and nurturing because they are ruled by the Moon, the planet of femininity. When they focus on someone, there is no way they will let them out of their hands. Their need to be held, to be loved is so profound that they will never give up and they will rather have parts of you than let you go.


Leo - Pulls the ends from the shadow


Leos will never confront you directly or enter a conflict with you. They think that above such small situations and that they are generally simply better than other people. But, remember, they will indirectly try to make your life miserable- Leos tend to convince their opponents that they are incompetent and not good enough because they can’t be as perfect as Leos. One of their favorite ways of destroying people is through social networks.

Bad characteristics of horoscope signs: Gemini is prone to lying, Aquarius is cold calculate elitist

Virgo - She will say that she is evil, but she is just insensitive


Virgos are extremely critical, but this should not be confused with condemnation. Criticism coming from a Virgo comes from the need to help people around them. They start with themselves and constantly try to improve, and therefore assume that others want that too and that people are interested in their comments and instructions on how to do it. They will say that they are evil, probably because they were told that by others in the past. But the truth is that they are not, but that they just don’t care and that they are extremely cold.


Libra - He'll take you out to justice


Libras think very much about everything that surrounds them and constantly seeks justice and balance in everything they see. If they experience injustice, they will do absolutely everything to challenge you to the ‘trial’. Arguing their comprehension of justice can be very traumatic and unscrupulous towards the other side. They won’t choose words or actions to punish the ‘culprit’.


Scorpio - They will destroy your soul and leave you empty inside


Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, power and transformation. This is one of the reasons why Scorpio loves the power games and will sometimes play them only to test the loyalty of people around them. Inside, they are sensitive and prone to empathy, but they see their sensitivity as a weakness, and if it overcomes them, they will blame the people around them and plan revenge.


Sagittarius – It is clear that they are evil to everyone, except to themselves


The Sagittarius is not at all ‘connected to themselves’ and that makes them one of the most dangerous signs. Since they are not even aware of what they are capable of, Sagittarius will have extreme reactions in extreme situations, which only they won’t experience that way. They find it hard to look at things from a different perspective, other than their own, and therefore is one of the most dangerous signs of the Zodiac.


Capricorn - He'll take your money by stealing your business


Capricorn will take everything you have. But not through lawyers, like Libra. They will enter your life and everything you do, they will make it faster and better, bringing you to start to doubt your skills and lose self-esteem and self-confidence. But everything they do will be done in such way so that you can’t blame them because no one will believe they are trying to ruin your life when they are simply better than you - in everything.


Aquarius - Cold calculate elitist


Aquarius definitely not sign with whom you can mess around. They are generally independent and turned to themselves, and since they are not least interested in other people, or in what they do, there is a possibility that you have never met them in society. But, on the other hand, when someone upsets them, they lack tact, and they act abruptly. They will never admit their mistake and avoid certain situations, but they will never allow others to forget their mistakes and move on. There can be decades of being friends with them and everything that follows, but it will not affect the Aquarius's list of all your mistakes. It will only grow in time, and they will remind you about it when it suits them.


Pisces - They make detailed plans to destroy enemies, but then they get ‘too tired’ to carry them out


Real Pisces don’t have the will or strength to carry out their detail elaborated revenge plans. People often use them because they always look at the best side of people, and the worst thing Pisces can do for you is to dream of revenge. But, on the other hand, they will tell everyone you know that you have destroyed them.