HOROSCOPE AND SADNESS: Leo is a drama queen, Libra suffers for love, Cancer drinks heavily

Libra has love problems; Cancer is a real masochist, and what does horoscope say about your sign?


ARIES – He can love, but when his soul hurts usually 'the one to blame' is someone who got so deep under his skin that he can’t forget it. And then Aries usually seeks salvation in the company of friends, colleagues, relatives, talks to them, and he only needs them to listen while he’s opening his soul. And not just once, because even though he is hurt, Aries childishly and impatiently hopes that the next day he will wake up with a solution to a problem that's bothering him.

TAURUS– He opens his soul hard, but when he does that, Taurus won’t know how to stop and will tell you about everything that’s bothering him deep inside, of course, if he trusts you enough, but you're unlikely to make him get out of the house. For a moment, he may seem too wounded, at another too practical, while he’s telling the story of his problems, mostly romantic, because he will deal with all the other problems easier, or won’t even show how much something hurts.

GEMINI – Sports spirit saves Gemini from too much suffering, which doesn't mean that they haven't got soul too. They do, indeed, but they can protect it well and put up a wall around them. They won't let feelings break them; they won't suffer, because they won't be able to handle it. They will work like maniacs, travel off somewhere, make more phone calls than usual, but they won't stay alone, because that's when they suffer the most, and they can't take it.


CANCER – Suffering, mainly because of love, is an integral part of life, so Cancer will as a true masochist only feed his pain and suffering. He will go somewhere, spend time drinking or overeating, even though he will want to jump out of his own skin. And when he feels that, he'll go straight to a bar where he used to go with the person who wounded his soul so much and looked for comfort in the company of waitress, friends, acquaintances.

LEO – Drama is everywhere around him, and mostly in his wounded soul, but nobody can understand that because it was only yesterday that Leo was so happy that he was encouraging others, and now he doesn't know what to do with his pain. Will he be able not to 'break', will everyone around him understand how hard it is for him and that it's not only his pride that was hurt? Because pain burns and tears the lion's heart and everybody should know about it, regardless of whether they can help him.  

HOROSCOPE AND SADNESS: Leo is a drama queen, Libra suffers for love, Cancer drinks heavily

VIRGO – Even though people say she is practical and unemotional, that she only thinks of work because she is constantly occupied with her obligations, oh, how wrong they are... When Virgo’s soul hurts she will hardly be able to explain it to anyone, maybe after a while, when everything passes, but will that dull pain ever pass, the havoc in her heart, the sense of hopelessness ... She will suffer inside herself, and everyone will think that Virgo is strong. It's better that way than to feel sorry for her.

LIBRA – What good are all her tactics, diplomacy, and all the restraint with which she could always protect herself so well, now when she is tormented by love problems? No advice nor conversations on the phone can help her there because Libra is torn apart by knowledge that things might never be the same with someone she still loves. Is there anything harder than that? Oh, she knows there is, but that doesn’t help her much while she’s going through the house looking for sweets that would, at least, ease the pain a little. 

SCORPIO - The greatest misery is the love one, and Scorpio knows that very well, but the knowledge doesn’t help her heal the wounded soul and pain that just won’t go away, but only increases. Will it ever stop? If it doesn’t, she will never leave the house or a bar, or she will crawl somewhere where no one will find her, and if they do, she won't say anything. It's hard for her to open her soul, she doesn’t handle her suffering well, and it would be hard for anyone to understand her because she knows herself best. 

SAGITTARIUS– How to get over someone for whom he suffers if he can’t set off somewhere that moment? Then Sagittarius escapes into the world of his imagination in which he goes through photo albums or watches films taken at journeys they went together, so he could ease his pain.  And maybe he will try to have fun, go to a restaurant for a drink with friends in order to forget about his troubles. And in the morning he’s going to wake up alone again with his pain.


CAPRICORN – He doesn't know what hurts more, his or someone else's misery? He is sensitive to other people's misery, he sympathizes with them and consoles them, but when his soul hurts, Capricorn will look for salvation in work, music and spending time with pets. In his mind he will keep going back to the one who hurt him, made him sad, disappointed, and will try to find an explanation. Hardly will anyone know just how much Capricorn suffers because it’s hard for him to open his soul and it takes him a lot of time to suppress the pain.

AQUARIUS– Even though it doesn't look like that, her soul can hurt so much that she loses the sense of reality completely. That's when Aquarius is hiding, she most often doesn't leave the house, suffers in silence and nobody knows where she is. When she decides to get out because she can't stay locked inside too long, she's going to see her friends and what she should have told the person that made her suffer, she's telling them, in order to ease her soul.

PISCES –  When their soul hurts, Pisces suffer and frantically think what they can do and bring back the one who’s tormenting them. And as long as they love, Pisces will, even though they act totally confused, look for a solution for their sorrow, and in their mind, they will be going back to their old loves, they will retrospect both them and himself, in order to find the way out. And so isolated from everything, misunderstood and too sensitive, Pisces will do things in spite of themselves, trying to get over the person who hurt them. 


HOROSCOPE AND SADNESS: Leo is a drama queen, Libra suffers for love, Cancer drinks heavily