Astrological Guide for mothers-in-law: Beware of Aries, Virgo is easy to handle...

Astrological Guide for mothers-in-law: Beware of Aries, Virgo is easy to handle...

Don't worry, mother –in – law is not an evil witch. However, it is good to know some of her characteristic, just to prevent some conflicts that mostly are inevitable.

Not all mothers – in – law are the same.

Astrology gives the best ways of manners and attitudes, as some astrological guide of her personality.


Aries Mother – in –law: In the moment of her approaching your house, you will feel like a soldier to whom a general is approaching. She will, like a hurricane,  enter your house, and will behave uninterested in your private life, but be careful, she is interested in your private live more than you can imagine. Cooking will be one of the primary targets of her attacks because her son is “suffering” due to your cooking. She is impulsive, and she adores being the boss in everything, not just a participant. And that's why it is important to oppose her from the very beginning and to stop this powerful mother – in –low hurricane.


Taurus Mother – in –law: She will be proud of her “favorite one”, but when you least expect, she will remind you of her promise – that means that there is something she didn’t like. She is a materialist, but also a helpful financial advisor. She will “crazily” demand the cleanness and orderliness. If you want to please her with a gift, make sure to have an accent on the attention not on price. She will not be interested in a beauty of gift, but in its value. If you leave her to babysit your children for a longer time, be careful, there is a “risk” that they will become spoiled.


Gemini Mother – in –law: If you leave a good impression on her, it will be like winning the lottery. She is hard to understand because she is thinking one thing, speaking another, and doing the third.

But she is ideal for babysitting as she has a great sense of responsibility. She has a need to interfere in her son's private life because that's what interests her. But, in your everyday fight, she will not always take his side. Not because she loves you so much, but because of her sense of justice or temporary mood.


Cancer Mother – in –law: She is a truly Cancer. Neither rush nor dangerous, but capable of crying crocodile tears for every trifle. Her constant mood changing makes her touchy. Don’t try to lie to her, because she has an incredible intuition, and as for her cooking, just use the words as perfect, amazing, delicious. Otherwise, she’ll put you on her black list. Too sensitive, but everything she does, she does to be closer to her children and family.


Leo Mother – in –law: This Mother – in –law is not a jackpot. She sees an opponent in you, so don’t expect to hear words of praise. It’s important to show your teeth at a very beginning, because she is one of the smartest women of the zodiac. She wants to control consistently you, your house and every step you make, because she just has to be in control and to direct every situation. Her positive side is that she is an excellent pedagogue, and despite the great love she feels towards her grandchildren, she will never spoil them.

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Virgo Mother – in –law: She is simpler and reasonable than other who tries to obtrude. Cleanliness is a key to success. If your house is not clean enough, she will enter as a policeman to do a “cleaning raid”.  She saves kind, and it would be good if you asked her for financial advice – this could strengthen your future relationship.

Astrological Guide for mother-in-laws: Beware of Aries, Virgo is easy to handle...

Libra Mother – in –law: She will always be your right hand, she will be there to support you in every situation whether you need help or not. But when situations get dangerous, she will fly away like a butterfly because she is not able to handle with arguments. She will always be in a good mood, and will spend her pension on expensive gifts for grandchildren.


Scorpio Mother – in –law: In this case, a big factor is luck. Scorpio Mother – in –law can be a real witch and a tyrant who interrupts every your word, and shows you openly how much she doesn’t like you. There will be no divided feelings; she will either love you or not. In both cases, it is important to show her your attitude and to be sincere and direct because she respects that. If you manage to handle it, in the beginning, with time you’ll see how sensitive and kind she can be, and how capable is to provide support in every situation.

Sagittarius Mother – in –law: In this situation your Mother – in –law will be absent. She considers that her son is no longer her responsibility, but yours, so she will not interfere in your life. You will feel relaxed by her side, and due to her interest in the occult world, you will be able to sit with her, light a cigarette, drink a coffee, and talk about astrology, cards and divination. In that case, she will be delighted with you.   

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Capricorn Mother – in –law: She will only intrude in finances because this is a thing that occupies her mind. She is not interested in other things, but she does like to cook, to roast, to knit and to make cakes. But don’t leave your children with her for a long time, because due to her sensitivity, she will probably spoil them. If you need some money, she will always be there. She has it on the pile, and will be there to give you a good advice.


Aquarius Mother – in –law: This Mother – in –law, whose only target is the world welfare, will never intrude into your marriage. She will be occupied with the membership in all kind of charity organizations, associations and churches. If your intelligence is not at the same level as hers, she will love you less, but will respect you in both cases. But if you ask for help, she will just appear next to you with a wish to help you. She will teach her grandchildren to be independent and have their opinions.


Pisces Mother – in –law: She won’t go out from your house, not because of evil intention, but because she has a need to provide help, and feels helpful. The key to success is to keep her distant but to remind her how important and valuable she is. It will make her feel good. This little manipulation will be helpful with her mood changes, but you have to know that she will be useful and gentle towards her grandchildren.

Astrological Guide for mother-in-laws: Beware of Aries, Virgo is easy to handle...