Astro superstition: Gemini is thumbing through the newspaper, Pisces interprets dreams...

We are all a bit superstitious; though the stars say that some signs will not admit it ...

 It seems that they only show off.



All these superstitions and spilling the beans (except in the soup with the ribs in a pot) are mostly funny, perhaps telepathy and telekinesis can do, but - in the movies. Although not superstitious, when his left ear is ringing, Aries is waiting for his phone to ring and then - might hear some good news or a nice female voice. Because we know who the boss in the house is. When bossy, be careful not to overdo, you might have an argument with a loved person.



He likes to turn the cup, when drinks good old Turkish coffee, just to make his colleagues look into his love situation. He reads the horoscope, likes to consult astrology and numerology, and a woman that reads cards make him stunned by what she saw in his past, and what awaits him in the future - it will be great, if true. When he sees a black cat, changes his direction and turns into another street, where finds chimney sweep, but Taurus happily grabs button.



Gemini is thumbing through the newspaper while with one ear listen to the TV on which is weather and biorhythm forecast. He believes in all, mostly unproven, theory, unless someone does not prove that there is room for logic, in translation - earnings. Search for „remote control” to change the program, and the left palm itches him. What does it mean? Win, win! And so he will not scratch, let it itch, he can handle it.



It is not that he isn’t superstitious, but purposely hangs over the front door a garland of basil garlic and a horseshoe - perhaps the neighbor across the street will have no more stare at him while passing. Once again he dreamed the same dream, he took a dream interpretation book and opened at the page where his pressed four - leaf clover is, it's a good sign. He closes all windows, checks the cooker, water heater, locks the door; you never know what can happen, when the house is empty.



He is not superstitious, but secretly is reading the literature of parapsychology and radionics, and regarding an alternative medicine, he mostly knows everything. There is nothing wrong with him (knock on wood), just a little of a backache, from sitting, aspires Leo, but he will, at least, sit on the exercise bike and speed up, while looking out the window. A ladybug on the window – guests will come, it is better to check if there are beer and energy drinks in the fridge.

Astro superstition: Gemini is thumbing through the newspaper, Pisces interprets dreams...


Virgo likes psychology, distinguishes between pure superstition and parapsychology, so reads that kind of literature. Virgo has the cross on the necklace, rosary, icons of saints, and folded bills in a secret pocket (for tough days) – just to prevent bad luck. Virgo does not like to open an umbrella in the house, even to reveal her plans, so the "life does not hear." If you give her a knife or lighter, she will symbolically give you a coin - to avoid an argument. And when to see a coin on the street, if "tails" - she takes it for good luck.



Libra is rational (at least she thinks so because her sign is an item, made of iron), but it is clear that there is something on "this and the other side". In any case, she'll put the pendant of turquoise, only to avoid a spell on her who is so irresistible. That envied colleague wants to know at least something about Libras love life and where is she going to have a manicure, and she constantly looks her nails which means that someone has already gossip. Libra wisely remains silent and smiles.



He does not like when does not know where he stands, and since his love situation is important to him, even more than financial one, Scorpio is visiting psychics, and tarot expert, will consult astrologers and numerologists, trying not to tell them as much, but to hear more about himself, and first wants to hear bad news, and the good will somehow manage by himself. Male Scorpio already ensured himself, through a black-haired lady who was looking at his hand and got him an amulet for protection.



Sagittarius yawns while looking at pretty girls on roller skates and his companion on the seat next to him said that someone said to her: if you yawn, "evil spirits" will enter in your mouth. Or fly at least. Sagittarius considers it funny, but he closed his mouth, though he was not superstitious, although once he found a horseshoe that keeps at home, for good luck. Female Sagittarius already and secretly asked advice to a "white magician", but tells nothing to no one.



Concerned, because of what he had dreamed the previous night, Capricorn is considering how (preferably with an amulet) protect his family, himself, pets and the neighbor's pets. He is preparing to leave for a trip, almost for days, but first will put the clove of garlic in the inner and outer pocket of the suitcase; what is safe - is safe. Reads everything he can get and has to do with occult themes, so when something does not go well with him, although Capricorn – he does not chase in front of the herd, but says to himself, "Who knows why is this good."



He likes astrology, numerology, palmist, and Gypsy tarot cards, and read everything can get on secret societies, Masons and double spies. Superstitious, but will never admit that is afraid of broken mirror, and that in wide detour will bypass the ladder or poles in the shape of the letter "A", to avoid to pass accidentally beneath them. If happen to sneeze then, he thinks – it’s a truth, although he knows that his sinuses are really sensitive.



They do not know what consume first from the rich 'occult supply' because they dream a lot and like to interpret dreams with their friends; and when a neighbor from the fourth floor read the cards, they will listening to her all night; though they shy away from psychics, they love astrology. They may not even want to enter the hotel if they got a room with the number thirteen, and when put on a pair of socks on backwards, they wear it all day - because of bad luck.

Astro superstition: Gemini is thumbing through the newspaper, Pisces interprets dreams...