Perfume horoscope: Flower perfumes for Scorpios, citrus fragrances for Virgos

Did you know that you can choose a perfume according to your Zodiac sign?

Find out which fragrance passionate Scorpio!


Arians are well-known for their originality and their strong character. They get easily excited, and they have very expressed instinct. Arians will never step back, but always make an impression on everybody. So, the best perfumes for this sign are those that attract the attention. Arians are attracted by strong fragrances of black paper and ginger, and also rosemary and cypress. Arians will also go for lemon, orange, and bergamot scent perfumes.


Taureans easily get angry if provoked, but if you leave them alone, they are very calm. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, but also of scents and perfumes. Taureans are hedonists with very keen senses; they appreciate the beauty of every kind.  So, is there a better way to indulge your need for sensuality than to 'dive into' the most fragrant perfumes designed especially for your personality? Taureans should go for flower fragrances with scents of rose, geranium, honey and sandal. It is considered that female Taurus feminine and discreet fragrances.


Gemini is inspired by changes, and is characterized by their irresistible charm and wit. Since Mercury rules this sign, they like to socialize, to seduce, and they adore excitements. Their ambivalent nature gives them an opportunity to find harmony in contrasts. Better than any other sign, Gemini knows how to join different things together, so they should try intriguing and unusual scents that contain contrasting elements. Perfumes for Gemini have to be fresh, but spicy, hot and yet cold. Gemini likes fragrances that are not classical.



Cancers are characterized by shyness and privacy. These emotional people should use perfumes that can satisfy their desires, and be sweet.  Fragrances also can be an emotional form of expression which will reveal unexpected aspects of their nature to others, and it they want, they can be completely secretive.


Cheeky, playful and greater than life. We usually see noble virtues in people who do not hesitate. They are motivated by love for people, but also by a desire to be loved. Leos will be attracted by 'courageous', luxurious and warm fragrances. Noticeable, playful scents that attract the attention are the right choice for this sign. Female Leos like extravagant, designer perfumes. Since they like to be the center of attention, their perfume has to give the impression of sharpness and self-confidence.

Perfume horoscope: Flower perfumes for Scorpios, citrus fragrances for Virgos


Virgos are practical, and sometimes perfectionists. They find a tangible world of emotions to be more valuable than changeable- thoughtful and compassionate. Virgos, unlike Leos, do not like to be the center of attention, so they will choose simple, practical and discreet fragrances. They are attracted to everything natural, clean and simple, but they do not fear to explore something different.  They will go for fresh citrus fragrances. They will also choose those perfumes that have a 'clean' scent and emphasize the natural scent of skin.


People born under the sign of Libra are completely balanced and steady. Just like the other sign ruled by Venus, Taurus, they fall for fine perfumes; they like strong, luxurious fragrances. They like beauty and harmony, as well as pleasure they bring. They are the most adorable sign of the Zodiac because of their social skills and their ability to spread love, and that's something that others often envy. According to astrologers, Libras will be delighted by perfumes that creatively express the balance of different scents. Those fragrances with the scent of spruce, anise and lily will perfectly match their personality.


The most intensive, the wisest and the strongest sign of the horoscope. As if they had a magnetically attractive and strangely hypnotic personality that hides behind the seemingly withdrawn and quiet person. They are resistant and durable, and their will is much stronger than the will of any other sign. On the other side, they are very sensitive and emotional. Dramatic flower scents are what attracts them. Musk is also a good choice because it expresses their sensuality.



These free spirits are eternal optimists among Zodiac signs. Enthusiastic and full of life, Sagittarians are idealists, but they will often surprise and win in those life situations when you least expect. They have excellent communication skills, so they are the heart of every party. When it comes to perfect fragrance for Sagittarians, his best choice are those that make a spiritual and intuitive expression, like sandal tree, mirth, or rose. Just like Gemini, Sagittarians like to be on the move, so they can go for summer, citrus and adventurous fragrances.


Capricorns are the most practical, and the most serious Zodiac sign. They are self-confident, calm, have a strong wills and many other qualities like discipline, reliability and persistence. They know what they want and how to get it. Female Capricorn is ambitious, stable and independent. Her fashion taste is classic, so she likes classic perfumes. Male Capricorns are conservative, ambitious, cold and calm. The right choice for them is vanilla, fruit, or fig fragrance. This earth sign also likes oriental perfumes enriched by spicy scents.


Intuitive and eccentric Aquarius is a very intellectual sign. They are independent, playful and real rebels who like unusual things. They are fast and active, but never too assertive. Just like their fashion style shows, female Aquarians are the most individual sign, so accordingly, they like unusual fragrances. They will be attracted by perfumes with woody notes, as well as all calming, natural, watery and airy fragrances.


Pisces are timid, patient, and emotional. They are very generous and sensitive to feelings of their loved ones. These mysterious individuals are artistic souls who live in their own world. Pisces are independent, so unusual fragrances will attract them. Try ginger, cloves, and rhubarb. According to their romantic nature, they like a lily, rose, and iris fragrances. Sweet, smooth and airy perfumes are the right choice for them. The ideal fragrance for Pisces is the one that will take them to the world of imagination.

Perfume horoscope: Flower perfumes for Scorpios, citrus fragrances for Virgos