YOU FOUND A COIN ON THE STREET? Each has its own meaning, and here’s which one is the luckiest!

Finding money on the street has a much deeper meaning than you thought, and it is especially important if it's 1, 10 or 50 cents. Find out what brings you most luck!

The Chinese believe that finding money is a sign of good fortune, and this belief has spread to the whole world, which is why many people keep coins they found as talismans. When you find a coin, pay attention to what you are thinking about at that moment, because it can be the answer to your thoughts and what is the number on it.
Coin with number 1 is the sign of a new beginning, fresh ideas and announces success, great achievements and progress. With such a coin, angels and souls tell you that great success awaits you and to stay positive.

Twenty-five on a coin tells you to think about sharing with others, partnership, harmony, and communication. It is the unity of light and darkness, jin and yang.

A 50 cent coin indicates that there is a biological and spiritual development ahead of you. This number is the symbol of the Universe, perfection and a symbol of divine power. According to Chinese belief, this number is lucky because it points to the five most important blessings: wealth, happiness, longevity, health and progress.

YOU FOUND A COIN ON THE STREET? Each has its own meaning, and here’s which one is the luckiest!

Number ten on a coin represents awakening, and it is a sign that you have to pay attention to some things and believe in your instincts about some important decision. You have good support of the spiritual world; everything will be resolved the right way.


If you were feeling lonely when you found a coin, this is the message from the spiritual world that you are not alone. If you were in a hurry when you saw a shiny coin, it's a sign that you need to slow down a bit and dedicate to yourself and your free time. If you are worried about financial problems and you find a coin, it's a sign that everything will work out and that people from the spiritual world who love you send help.