BORN WINNERS AND ETERNAL LOSERS: Gemini's life is filled with endless challenges, Sagittarius is one of the lucky signs of Zodiac

Some people always seem to be lucky, right? Find out which Zodiac signs are born under a happy star, and which could have a lot of broken mirrors and ladders in their future.


While your ruling planet Mars loves warfare, it does not mean that you will spend your life-fighting.

In fact, you are destined to win every battle you choose, says The minds journal.

You are smart, motivated and articulated - and that's why your luck is more a reflection of your strong personality than the happiness that your sign bears.


Life always seems to have a surprise for you that waits around the corner.

Although you sometimes feel unlucky, the mere fact that you are still here, that you survive and overcome all the difficulties in life that it serves, is a sure proof that you don’t need luck, but only a lot of resourcefulness to overcome life's challenges.


It's hard to say it, but you're not one of the lucky ones. In fact, your life is filled with endless challenges and obstacles.
However, there is good news: because of your passion for knowledge, you get far more than luck would ever bring you. Who needs charm and good luck when you have such a mind?


Your sign is one of the few who are truly blessed with happiness.

Although there will always be some challenges on the way, you have an innate sense of direction and skills- with which, thanks to your lucky star, you always succeed in heading in the right direction.


You are so wise and determined, so you don’t have to worry about whether you are lucky or not. Your life is like clay, and you are a sculptor, ready to shape fate the way you want it.

Forget about four-leaf clover; you are in charge when you want to achieve your goal.


Luck has always somehow been out of your reach, and you're probably used to this feeling of disappointment. Although it may seem unfair that your life is harder than most, there is a reason for your lack of happiness. You have the strongest shoulders in the zodiac.
You are here to experience difficulties, learn something from them, and then show the world what it takes to overcome them.

Looking from this perspective, you should actually feel happy as well as should others to know you, because they can learn a lot from you.

BORN WINNERS AND ETERNAL LOSERS: Gemini's life is filled with endless challenges, Sagittarius is one of the lucky signs of Zodiac


Hey, lucky man! It's no secret that you are an eternal optimist and that life often happens exactly the way you want it. If you've ever wondered why you usually get unharmed out of every bad day, the answer is - it has to do with your perception.

You can thank your ruling planet - Venus, for seeing the glass half full and for having a lot of luck in life.


Though you are prone to notice negativity in your life, the truth is that you are actually quite lucky. When you put just a little effort into what you want, you can accomplish all goals, and when you need the change of scenery, life goes the way you want it.

Many people are not able to manage their boat quickly and easily as you can, so we can say that you are pretty lucky.


Congratulations, you are one of the lucky signs of Zodiac. Your lucky ruler, planet Jupiter, helps you to make lemonade of all the lemons you get.

Of course, this does not mean that sometimes there are no challenging times (hey, that's life), but you will never be left without a solution to the problem.


Your sign is destined to be the leader in Zodiac, which is why you first face obstacles and difficulties, then clear them for others. You are always able to do so with relative ease.
As long as you are mentally and emotionally involved in what you do, you will be lucky enough to reach the goal.



You deserve a big, warm hug, for, to be honest, you got a short stick when it comes to luck.

Life has never been fair to you, but you are a brave fighter and always manage to hold your head above the water, even when it seems that you will drown in all the bad luck that comes to you.


Once upon a time, the happy planet Jupiter was the ruler of your sign. Although Neptune, the planet of inspiration and mental abilities, is the current ruler of Pisces, planet Jupiter, as a long-lost father, still influences you.

This means that you are not only lucky, but you have two planets to lead you through life, towards great happiness.