Horoscope for cheated women: Aries handle cheating hard, Gemini immediately calls her friends

If she doesn't kill him on the spot when she finds out that she has been cheated on, Scorpio leaves for good, but not before taking everything that belongs to her.

The hurt Aquarius doesn't want to have anything to do with the person who disappointed her, so she is kicking him out of her life and with a kick in the butt.   Pisces start breaking up by gradually cooling their relations and distancing, and Taurus will do whatever it takes to save their relationship. Read what else horoscope has to say about cheated women.


Aries handle cheating hard because they think that only they have the right to be 'mischievous.' When they find out that their partner was not faithful, they will yell, fight, make scenes, and make a tremendous fuss, but this turbulent reaction will be short-lived. She may come to terms with it, but she will probably at some point get her revenge. If cheating becomes the reason for the break-up, a member of this sign that was left won't  grieve for long, she will spend her time going out with friends, flirting and taking up many new activities that she didn't enjoy before that. She is not one of those who hope to get back together, because once things are 'broken,' there's no going back. This is not so much due to hurt feelings, but because the whole story is becoming deadly boring and it feels like a waste of energy. In her mind she's already crossed out her ex and now is ready for new adventures.


Rational woman - Taurus will try with everything she's got to save the relationship, if nothing else, at least because she doesn't like changes. She tends to take the blame and finds justification for her partner's infidelity usually in her actions. She accepts the guilt for what happened, so once the shock is over, she will try to please her partner as much as possible and be more attractive, rather than see things as they really are. However, this way she only rewards him for infidelity and gives him a boost to repeat his mistake in future. If there is a break-up, she'll need a lot of time to recover. Fear of change and loss of self-confidence and faith in people will hold her back in the beginning to move on, but in time she will realize that with the break-up she gained a lot of new possibilities that otherwise she would have missed. In meanwhile, she will comfort herself with food and drinks and socialize with friends. She won't stay friends with her ex because she will have the feeling that she can no longer rely on him.


Cheated woman – Gemini immediately calls her friends and gives them all the details looking for support and advice on what to do next. She can't even stand her partner so she often 'flees from home' in an attempt to avoid escalation of the conflict, but also because she fears what will happen next. She finds consolation in going out for a drink and having endless conversations about her partner with friends, which often ends with sobbing in tears and unbelievable hangover. She often tortures herself remembering all the good things they experienced together and remembered places in which they made memories. If there is a break-up, and that is what usually happens, she doesn't give herself enough time to understand what happened and to heal wounds. She gets into a vicious circle of denial and suffering for what she is losing. Paradoxically, she often immediately rushes into a new relationship with the first person who pays her attention, regardless of whether she really likes him, because she's constantly trying to bring back the feeling of warmth that she lost.



Woman Cancer takes cheating very hard and painfully. What hurts her the most in the whole thing is dishonesty and betrayed trust, the fact that closeness was just an illusion. In the whole act of cheating most painful for her is a betrayal. What this cheating symbolizes is worse than the sexual act itself. For her cheating is a slap that breaks the foundations of everything she thought she was building with this person. She will never trust this man again; she will never see him again as a friend, support, lover, and colleague, and to a woman Cancer, these are all key characteristics of a good partner. Cancer takes every relationship seriously, completely opens her soul and puts her heart into the hands of her chosen one, because she always believes that this is it. That is why the break-up which is almost inevitable after cheating, means great disappointment and loss of hope. She will try to look for a mistake in herself, but when she realizes that it’s the end, she will be heartbroken. She will be crying for days in her room over the sounds of songs that remind her of happier days when she was happy in love. She is also prone to self-destructive behavior because she sees the loss of a partner as a personal life shipwreck. Maybe at a moment of despair she will call her ex, but it will only make it harder for her. It will take her a long time to come to terms with the situation and becomes ready for a new relationship.


Female Leos that have been cheated on suffer mostly due to their wounded pride, so they do things that they could regret. They try not to let their partner see that they are hurt, even if their heart is broken. They act as if nothing had happened while the storm is raging inside them. Since nothing, looking from the outside, can not disturb their "love paradise" Leo quickly switches to denial. If by any chance they do leave him because of cheating, they do it as if it's the easiest thing in the world, and they are telling all the worst about their ex, that they are better off without him and that he didn’t  mean a lot to them anyway. Never in their wildest dreams would they admit that they were cheated on. Even if they tell it to someone they won’t admit that they are hurt because they are afraid to turn out to be weak and pathetic in front of others. The Leo licks her wounds alone, in silence and away from the eyes of all others, trying not to ruin the image of a strong and stable person, with whom no one can play like that.  



Even though she is disgusted by her partner's actions, Virgo is going to, once the initial shock is over, try by all means to save their relationship. She will insist on talking about it and will analyze all problems into details, and will try to find psychological motivation for her and her partner's actions. She wants to know above all why it happened and she will keep pushing until she gets a satisfactory answer. If we leave out that first moment in which she finds out she was cheated on and in which she may react extremely impulsive, she will leave the question of break up at the end, because that is an option that she takes into account only if everything else turns out to be futile. She will make a list of pros and cons for breaking up, and if she sees herself that there are more reasons for the break-up, she will realize that it's the best thing to do. She may stay in good relations with former partners. After termination of her relationship she will start the thorough cleaning of the apartment, detoxify mind and body, and change the diet or improve the quality of her life in some other way. Others won’t see her suffer, but deep down she will be sad and won’t quickly engage in a new relationship. It is possible that she will be severe and too suspicious to every new partner.


For Libra cheating is the end of the world. She is hopelessly romantic and without a partner she doesn' feel complete. It is difficult for her to engage in a relationship, and when she finds out that he cheated, she sinks like the Titanic. It is a hard blow that will take her a lifetime to recover from. The man who cheated ceases to be a man for her and loses all credibility in her eyes. He becomes an ant that she should trample, slimy creature unworthy of even a glance. Libra doesn't stop at that. Her anger and disappointment can easily be transferred to the entire male gender, so she will treat every next guy like dirt if she doesn't decide firmly to spend her life alone. However, in solitude she introspects and analyzes her actions, expressions, words that were said that could have indicated what was coming, and that she was blind for. She cries for days in her room over the sounds of love songs. Still, she will keep a photo of a man who broke her heart forever.


Proud Scorpio can't even imagine the situation in which partner may want somebody else but her. Therefore, cheating is a traumatic experience for her. It shakes the very foundation of her being and brings out a real psychopath. She breaks things and plans revenge that will let him know that he can't play with her like that. She is capable of being driven by a desire to revenge for years, but she can also suppress it. It may take a lot of time until a situation appears in which she will have her five minutes. If she doesn't kill him on the spot when she finds out that he cheated, Scorpio will leave for good, but not before she takes everything that belongs to her. When the passions cool down a little, she begins to suffer, she's sad and disappointed, and her self-confidence is undermined, so she doesn't enter new relationships for long, except the short ones, based on physical attraction.


When a woman Sagittarius is told that she's been cheated on, she may not take it seriously. She will think it's a joke and will laugh like crazy. Even if she gets confirmation that her partner is too close to another woman, she will believe until the very end that it is all harmless and that nothing is going on. When finally confronted with the situation she instantly gets possessed with rage and then she's not responsible for her actions. She turns to her own dark side and you can expect anything from her then. After that she however, reconciles with the situation. She may even consider that it is better that all of this happened because it saved her from further wasting of time with the wrong person. She will convince herself that she is happy that now she has all the freedom of this world and all the time just to herself. She will dedicate herself to her career and it will take her a long time be close with someone again, but she will stay friends with her ex because the initial anger wears off quickly.



Woman Capricorn will take the news of cheating with dignity, but will suffer deep inside. She doesn't enter relationships easily so when in one, she tries very hard to make it work. She is willing to suffer many crises and fights, forgive everything, even the cheating. We're only humans; we are sinful. She will forgive you as long as she believes that she's with a man who is really worthy, whom she respects for many other things, who is still careful in everyday life and who loves her. She will be trying to the very end to save her relationship and will admit being defeated only if there is nothing left to be saved.  If a partner leaves her, she will bury herself in work in order to take her mind off of that, and she will start introducing changes in her everyday life. This bitter experience will serve as a lesson to work more on herself in future so she would become better and more valuable person for a Prince Charming, who will sooner or later come her way. She won't enter new relationship quickly because it will take the time to start trusting people again.


It is difficult to predict how Aquarius will react to the news of cheating, since they are famous for unpredictable reactions. If things haven't been working out in a relationship for a long time, they can use this as a good excuse to put an end to it. They will stay friends with their ex, and when everything is over, they will never mention anything about it. If by any chance they thought that their relationship was good, and the news of betrayal came as a shock, again there are different ways in which Aquarius may react. If it was just sex, they might be ready to pass over it without a lot of noise, but they would still nag from time to time. If it turns out that her partner has some feelings for that other woman, her hurt pride won't let her accept this situation so easily. The hurt Aquarius doesn't want to have anything to do with the person who disappointed her, so she's kicking him out of her life for good, and with a kick in the butt. 


Romantic Pisces believes in eternal love. They are prone to fairytale-like imagining and experiencing reality, so cheating can completely get them out of balance and destroy all the illusions of a happy life together until death does them part. They don't hide their suffering so they spend their days and nights crying, and the only topic they talk about with others is their relationship. They avoid the person who was unfaithful to them and try to treat him as if he didn't exist. Actually, that is how they start the process of breaking up by distancing little by little and gradually cooling their relations. They first pack their things and go on a long vacation with friends until things cool down a little. They often find comfort in large quantities of food or alcohol, under whose influence they often send sometimes mad, sometimes gentle texts to their partner. Encouraged by the smell of freedom, they start looking for a new job in another city, and little by little they are gone forever. The whole process becomes even faster if they run into an interesting person that will give them comfort. New relationship brings back the meaning to their life and faith in love.