HOROSCOPE AMULETS: Objects you should always carry with you!

By studying the character of each zodiac sign, astrologers have come up with a list of amulets that correspond to the psychological characteristics of each sign.

These items do not have to have real energy value like crystals or money value like gold jewelry, what's important is the psychological effect and our perception of things that bring good luck.

Aries - a figure of a ball

This amulet symbolizes strength and loyalty, and it will bring endurance to people in this horoscope sign. This amulet should be put on a table or carried with.

Gemini - keys of antique shape

This amulet can be placed in any place in the house, and it is good to carry them in your pocket. Keys symbolize achievement, cheerful spirit and sharp intellect of Gemini.

Cancer - a figurine of Buddha

Carry this amulet in your pocket, and you can also put it in the bedroom or near the front door. It will bring wisdom and longevity.

Leo - poker chip

We can carry this amulet with us or put it on a desk to improve thinking. On this amulet, there should be clover, heart or a horse.

Virgo - button

It enhances creativity and inspiration, and diminishes Virgo’s obsession with small details.

HOROSCOPE AMULETS: Objects you should always carry with you!

Libra - heart-shaped amulet, as well as all crystals in this shape

It brings Libras happiness in emotional relationships. Keep it on the desk or under the pillow.

Scorpio - metal coin

It brings good luck in traveling and, of course, in the financial field. Scorpios, put this amulet in your room or carry it in your wallet.

Sagittarius - a figurine of a dog

This amulet will improve the financial side, as well as the loyalty that Sagittarius sometimes avoids. Keep this figurine on the table or in the bedroom.

Capricorn – post stamp

This amulet should be held on a desk or night cabinet. It symbolizes good luck on travels and contacts with people who live far away. By collecting stamps, Capricorns express their virtues like persistence, precision and patience.


Aquarius - a small glass ball or a marble 

Everything that is unusual, in vibrant colors and requires thinking is a protective sign of Aquarius. This amulet is carried in a pocket or a bag. It can bring good luck in achieving goals.

Pisces- figurine in the shape of a fish

This amulet should be put in the bedroom or on a desk. It will improve relationships with others and faith in oneself.