Horoscope signs and attracting: A common subject of Leo and Aquarius is creating, for Taurus and Scorpio is value

Even though they are different, there is a secret connection that makes their relationship special.

Astrologers reveal what the opposite signs of the zodiac have in common, and why do opposites attract ...

Astrological signs which are opposite each other, such as Aries - Libra or Cancer - Capricorn, have many contradictions, but also a lot in common. It often happens that the sign which is opposite the one of the Sun, Moon or ascendant, on the other side hides those traits that we do not recognize in ourselves.

These are the qualities that we would like to have, that we admire, that seem important and valuable to us. We easily notice them in other people, which is one of the reasons why such persons may attract us, they inspire us or we admire them. Unconsciously, it seems that only with these qualities we would be complete.

Aries - Libra

A common subject of Aries and Libra is identity. Aries do whatever he wants in order to confirm its importance, its strength and uniqueness. Libra confirms its identity through other people's reactions to its behavior and characteristics. In social contacts and social position they seek recognition and acceptance. Enterprising, passionate and impulsive Aries must retain its independence, but sometimes forgets that he is not alone in the world.

Libra develops charm, sophistication and is willing to compromise in order to maintain unity and relationships that are necessary for determining identity. Aries is an independent leader who doesn't pay attention to others, while Libra in unity and in a relationship may sacrifice their own needs. Subjectivity is faced with objectivity and initiative with a compromise.

Taurus - Scorpio

The subject of Taurus and Scorpio is value. Taurus has a strong sense of the value and beauty of the real world. Scorpio dives beneath the surface of the visible and finds the value in the contents of inner, emotional world. Taurus preserves and strengthens what they have, focuses on tangible and develops their talents.

Gentle and warm, Taurus indulges in his own desires in search of safety and love and may get tightly tied to the material side of life. Passionate and uncompromising, Scorpio intuitively senses invisible energy and wants to rule it. Like any water sign, Scorpio strives for emotional merging, in which they experience the transformation of their own values. While Taurus develops its own values, Scorpio helps others become aware of, control and develop their values. In this pair of opposite signs self-preservation faces changes, stability challenges, and form- the content.


Gemini - Sagittarius

The subject of Gemini and Sagittarius is expansion and development of mental energy, learning and formation of firm attitudes. Gemini occupies their quick and curious mind with collecting data, their analysis, diversity of interests. Sagittarius strives for understanding the purpose and the truth, and turns every experience into wisdom.

Gemini forms their attitudes through direct experience, and they love to share them with others. Sagittarius, instead of details, wants general, the big picture of reality, a deeper insight. Gemini sometimes gets scattered in the width of interests, so they miss the deeper insight. Sagittarius is ready to overcome the logic and approach spirituality, faith. It may be too comprehensive, and lose sight of the details of real life. Skepticism is faced with faith; perception is faced with understanding.

Horoscope signs and attracting: A common subject of Leo and Aquarius is creating, for Taurus and Scorpio is value

Cancer- Capricorn

A common subject of Cancer and Capricorn is creating security. While Cancer seeks security in the emotional field, by emotional connection with others, care, and protective behavior, Capricorn seeks security in the social field, in managing the real world. Cancer is focused on family and their personal intimacy and Capricorn on work and social success.

Cancer is warm and creative, personal and sentimental, and Capricorn is self-confident, responsible, formal, and sets clear boundaries. His discipline and self-control can suppress compassion, creating the sense of emotional coldness. Cancer is afraid of being alone, and that's why he wants to be needed, so he can smother people with his care. Capricorn is often too worried, distrustful and can send the message with their behavior that they are self-sufficient.

Leo – Aquarius

A common subject of Leo and Aquarius is creating. Leo strives for the creative expression of their own personality, wants to emphasize its uniqueness, and Aquarius wants to assert himself by creating something that would be unique and important not only for him but also for the society. Leo wants to be special, important and accepted within the social order, acts self-consciously with the ideal of nobility and pride.

Aquarius is open and understands different perspectives. It is associated with great ideas or groups of like-minded people, but at the same time retains its unique perspective. It is often unconventional, refuses to accept limitations. Leo is warm and lively, and Aquarius can be indifferent, cold. Here, the imagination and spontaneity face intellectual ideals; egoism faces altruism, individuality- the collective.


Virgo - Pisces

Virgo and Pisces want to overcome personal limitations. Virgo wants to overcome the limitations of everyday life with good organization, being too picky and with health concerns. They work on their own improvement and sophistication, but also the circumstances of everyday life. Pisces tend to have subtle, but very deep inner feeling of separation, isolation, the solitude of individual existence. They want to be emotionally connected with something bigger and more comprehensive.

Virgo distinguishes and categorizes, and Pisces unify, makes abstract. Pisces strive for infinite love and understanding, and Virgo strives for perfect reality. This pair of opposite signs reflects fundamental distinction between visible and invisible world, in which they individually face the whole, analytical with abstraction, reason with faith, clarity with mysticism.