How your Zodiac sign affects the future of your child: The child of a Leo is an honest person, while Libra’s kid is a shifty fanatic....

This is the horoscope that reveals in what way your Zodiac sign affects the future of your child.

Find out what kind of person your child will be and how to bring out the best in him/her.


The child of an Aries: A natural-born leader

Aries people possess an enormous life power that they reflect on their children. That’s why their kids are so energetic and hard to be kept out of troubles. They are leaders who refuse to listen to or follow others. Their thoughts, ideas and actions are extremely radical. They are adventurous and brave to the point of madness.

When they grow up, they highly appreciate the fruits of their labor but believe that the respect they get is far from what they deserve. No matter how much they earn, they consider themselves to be poor. They spend excessively and carelessly.

The children of an Aries are born to be in charge. They are energetic and ambitious and can transfer these characteristics to their colleagues. Being overly impulsive, and even reckless, they lack the ability to work for themselves.

Everything they do, they do responsibly and with passion. They rarely fail to finish what they've started. Unfortunately, these kids are prone to vice. So, parents could help in installing good habits and attitudes in their kids by setting an example for them. These kids are probably the most striking example of how childhood habits and attitudes influence their adult lives.


The child of a Taurus: The greatest hedonist

The child of a Taurus is very friendly, as long as someone doesn't oppose an idea they consider to be good. Then they turn from a good to a stubborn and an embittered person. It is extremely hard to prove them wrong, and if someone succeeds, their innate truthfulness will prevail. If you want to make them admit their mistakes, you should have strong arguments. Their will is unyielding.  

They are patient and persistent if they want to achieve something. Although being friendly, they tend to flee into solitude and become selfish. It is hard to get close to them because they set up barriers between themselves and others.

They like power and to earn money. They often inherit property and goods from their parents. More than everything else, they want to be wealthy to enjoy luxury, art, music, comfort. They are hedonists who tend to exaggerate. They relentlessly waste their enormous energy, which can cause them to burn out.  

Their parents should teach them to save, not by telling them, but by setting an example. They should encourage them to work out because they are indolent.


The Child of a Gemini: A real optimist

These kids are remarkably talented, confident and communicative, and have an amazing ability to express themselves. A conversation never trails off in their presence. They are funny and entertaining; people like to listen to them.

They are quick learners who are well informed about a lot of things. Their memory is exceptional; they never forget what they've once learned.

Being kind and polite, they are easy to get along with. They can quickly adapt to different people and circumstances; they like to travel, any change suits them. They can succumb to flattery.

Sometimes they can be nervous and grumpy, worried about everything and anything; that can have an adverse effect on their health. The parents of these kids should tolerate their mood swings. They need to encourage their children, not to criticize them. Those kids should work out and do breathing exercises. They are usually tall, nice-looking people.

Communicative, adaptable, amusing, intelligent! It is not surprising that they are very popular.


The Child of a Cancer: Keeper of Secrets

These children are shy, sensitive and not very sociable. They need time to make friends with other kids, and that doesn't change when they grow up. They are introverts who hardly let anyone get close.

At the same time, they can be strict to their friends; they are very possessive.

Nevertheless, they have many rare and extraordinary virtues. They are loyal, both as colleagues and partners and they keep their promises. People can trust them. The secrets confided to them will never be told off.

A change of address, job position or an occupation is pretty often in the lives of these children, but not as a result of their shiftiness or frivolity.

These kids are very persistent when it comes to realizing their plans. They won't start anything randomly. In fact, there are situations when they are too cautious, anxious and worried. If there is a risk of injury, they are almost cowards. They don't take any risk.

Loyal, reliable, responsible and discrete in everything they do.


The child of a Leo: The embodiment of honesty

Being of a great and genuine character, these children loathe meanness. There is nothing that can make them do something immoral or wrong. They are strong by nature, passionate in love. They would do anything for those they love.

They are loyal friends in better or worse; people can rely on them. Leos transfer their strong will to their children, so they can overcome all obstacles and drawbacks in their lives.

They have their opinions that they rarely change. They are devoted and enthusiastic in everything they do and are recognized as great leaders.

Leos also transfer a good memory to their kids. Only those Leo’s children in whose Natal charts the Sun is in a good aspect will have all these values. If their Mars- Sun aspect is bad, the nature of these kids change. They become boastful and arrogant people, cheating partners, unload friends.

They are short-tempered but ready to apologize if you prove them wrong. They are generous even to their greatest enemies.

The children of a Leo loathe meanness. They won't do anything immoral or bad.

How your Zodiac sign affects the future of your child: The child of a Leo is an honest person, while Libra’s kid is a shifty fanatic

The child of a Virgo: Empathic cynic

Virgos are very reasonable people, so their children become empathic toward others. The other side of their personality is their cynicism, skepticism, and criticism toward anything that cannot be scientifically proven or is opposed to common sense.

They are pretty lazy and used to get things easily. They are ready to help others, but also to manipulate their subordinates. The latter usually causes open animosity towards them.

When they make friends with somebody, they are good and loyal friends. A bad aspect of Mercury in their Natal Charts brings changes in their social lives, new alliances, new friends, and acquaintances.

When they grow up, these kids responsibly seek the ways and means of acquiring financial, social and economic security. They are ingenious and multi-talented; interested in science, especially in medicine and chemistry. They take care of their health to the point of being hypochondriacs. They lack the strength to overcome illness, real or imaginary one.

They are ready to help, but also to manipulate their subordinates.


The child of a Libra:  A shifty fanatic

Libra's kids are very dedicated in everything they do. They devote to their hobbies, occupations or school with such a zeal and enthusiasm that exclude everything else. They are not capable of multitasking; they have to focus on one thing at a time. But their concentration, no matter how strong, doesn't last for long.

After a short period, they suddenly and unexpectedly get interested in something else, something entirely different from what they were occupied with previously.

Then they focus on the new object of interest with the same zeal and passion. In fact, this is the one of their greatest shortcomings, because they hardly ever finish what they have started.

They change their goals all the time and persistently continue to seek ways of reaching them. Two completely opposed traits are noticeable like these children. The first one is cheerfulness (and optimism); the second one is glumness (and melancholy).

That's why they are at one moment joyful and energetic, at the other worried as if they were all alone in the world. They are kind and good- natured; they don't like to argue. They enjoy different kinds of pleasures, art, and music.

At one moment joyful and energetic, at the other worried as if they were all alone in the world.


The child of a Scorpio: A great fighter

The children whose one of the parents is a Scorpio are always ready to fight and have arguments for everything. They won't accept partial solutions in any sphere of life, and always go from one extreme to the other.

Those who represent the good sides of their parents' sign are very constructive, capable, honest and bold. They are great persons always ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. They stand up against oppression and injustice. They are good and loyal friends.

The children dominated by the bad traits of Scorpio tend to become lazy; they refuse to obey and encourage anarchy and destruction. Their nature is unpredictable, their language sarcastic, so their parents should teach them self-control and kindness from the early age.

They have a vivid imagination, clear and sharp mind. They radiate a unique kind of magnetism that makes them attractive and desirable. It seems that army suits them, because of the strict rules and firm discipline. Their parents should pay attention to their sex education and hygiene. These kids could become extraordinary surgeons unless the destructive nature of Scorpio prevailed.

They possess vivid imagination and clear and sharp mind. They radiate special magnetism that makes them attractive.


The child of a Sagittarius: A Future pillar of society

What kind of person a child of a Sagittarius will become mostly depends on which characteristic of the sign prevail on him/her. The child can be an athlete, a gambler, a great hedonist or a trustworthy person.

He/she can be prone to waste money on gambling, to unscrupulously satisfy all his needs, wishes, and appetites. On the other hand, he/she can become a gentle and kind idealist.

If the good sides of Sagittarius prevail, this child will be gentle and well-mannered, and will grow into a person capable of being a pillar of society. In that case, he/she will have a chance to be a state or a church official.

Either way, these kids are always proud and self-confident. In most cases they try to avoid arguments. Sometimes they fight for others so courageously that it makes them amazing attorneys.

They are great interlocutors; they always have ready, fast and witty, answers to any question. Excellent memory and interesting way of storytelling keep their friends awake and interested.

They mostly try to avoid arguments. Sometimes they fight for others with great zeal and courage.


The child of a Capricorn: A real detective

These children have a low level of life energy while they are young, but when they grow up, they become extremely persistent. They usually live to a ripe old age. They are prone to colds, falls and injuries. Capricorn's kids are usually shy when in the presence of unknown people, but when they get familiar, they show their dominant nature and try to impose their will.

They are jealous and always doubt the motives of other people. This is a good thing if they do a detective job. A Capricorn's offspring will follow a trail with an unerring instinct and firm persistence, as long as the chance for success exists.

It is good that they make friends with Capricorns, rather than enemies. They hardly forgive both real and imaginary insults. They are loyal and true friends. They are ambitious and have incredible executive skills due to their extraordinary ability to focus. 

They are natural-born leaders and organizers who don't like taking orders from others. If they're not in charge, they become pessimistic and nervous. They do not believe in marriage, but if they decide to get married, they find it hard to relax emotionally.

Natural-born leaders! Won't take orders! If they are not in charge, they become pessimistic and nervous.

The child of an Aquarius: Family man

The children of Aquarians are of rather shy and solitary nature. They are usually involved in a family business, and always succeed to make their lives better. They make friends in a quiet and modest way.

A family life they lead is almost idyllic. In general, they are sweet, affectionate and ready to change their opinions to keep the peace and harmony. Their affection is constant; they have a strong and sharp mind and intellectual intuition.

They are into science, literature, and philosophy. Extremely persistent in everything they do, they succeed in the long term.

They are usually very popular among their co-workers and are proud to be respected. They either love you or love you not. For those they're fond of, they're ready to do anything. A bad opinion they have about somebody won't easily be changed having in mind that they are extremely stubborn. They are sensitive to mental and energy changes in their familiar environment, without being aware of it.  However, that can have both positive and negative influence on their physical health.

Ready to adapt to their loved ones to keep the harmony.


The child of a Pisces: An ardent pacifist

These children are sensitive to changes in their familiar environment. That's why it is important that their parents keep them away from the bad influence of their friends, acquaintances, relatives... They'll equally absorb both good and bad.

They are reasonable, peaceful people who would rather suffer the injuries than stand for their rights. This is not a result of their indifference, but laziness. Their parents should assign them choirs to teach them responsibility and help them develop work habits.

It is better for them to learn to work hard at an early age. Once they start working, many will be surprised by their efficiency and it will appear as if they complete tasks without any effort.

Sincerity is yet another virtue of the children of Pisces. They are usually reliable and capable of keeping secrets. They are kind and cheerful and have a lot of friends. They enjoy food, luxurious and expensive things, alcohol... They should be taught to control their appetite. If they manage to adopt good habits, they'll be healthy, respected and loved.

How your Zodiac sign affects the future of your child: The child of a Leo is an honest person, while Libra’s kid is a shifty fanatic